Rare: Go Inside Biden's White House As He Corners GOP On Popular Spending | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

Rare: Go Inside Biden’s White House As He Corners GOP On Popular Spending | The Beat With Ari Melber


Go inside the West Wing of Pres. Biden’s White House in this exclusive report by MSNBC’s Ari Melber, as top aides prep Biden’s first address to Congress. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and other senior aides recount the President’s approach to speechwriting, rallying Congress and the nation for a key spending package, and the historic nature of Biden’s address.
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    1. Because for some reason, its better to vote blue for higher taxes, less freedom, more wars and rediculous gas prices. Do you have any clue what your personal policy preferences are?

    2. @Danielle Hartnell yes, a more fair tax structure including fair corporate taxes and fair tax burden on the wealthy, access to quality health care, reduce barriers to the vote, restore crumbling infrastructure, re establish the rule of law in the justice department, return to balance in the judicial system, root out structural racism and domestic extremism in all public institutions including the police and military, and reform campaign financing. Those would be a good start. Any more questions?

    3. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! That’s a pretty good burn. Unfortunately you’re suffering from Election Fraud Delusion. EFD is a syndrome brought on by hours of continuous screen time in your moms basement trying to decipher Q fantasies.

  1. “Sleepy Joe” is more prepared, intelligent and eloquent – a lot more, than most of his critics

    1. So, getting punked and robbed by a senile okd man is your cup of tea???? ….Interesting, but not surprising

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! You’re obviously very confused. The booting already happened. We dumped trump. The country’s on the move again. In the right direction at last!

  2. We have not even started yet no jobs still no jobs where are the jobs who cares about men or woman what a mess

  3. “It’s about frigging time, isn’t it?”
    😆😍👍🏼 Jen Psaki once proves why she is the perfect spokesperson for Joe “big effing deal” Biden

  4. Oooooh you make it sound soooo exciting lmao! You could go to your local senior living center for the same effect! Go on bingo night they give out free potato chips!🤣

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