3 Men Charged With Federal Hate Crimes In Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery In Georgia | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

3 Men Charged With Federal Hate Crimes In Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery In Georgia | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Three Georgia men previously charged in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery were indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury and charged with hate crimes and attempted kidnapping.
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  1. What about the officials and investigators who tried to sweep this under the rug ?. They should be investigated too.

    1. @eme eme An increase of crime and other violence in the pandemic, where the economy has been ravaged, joblessness and desperation the highest in living memory? What a surprise. Idiots like you will only see things though the prism of race, because you start with an ideology that disallows you from looking at evidence objectively.

    2. @Gogetter 1 Brown because thanks to blm happened de-policing of black neighbourhoods. Meanwhile blm founders are buying mansions in 97% white counties keep donating

    1. What crime did he commit that the other five house lookers didnt? Being black? Because he was the only african american in at the house………………….. oops, you’ve really dug yourself a hole there.

    2. A white guy being upset because white men are being charged in a hate crime, don’t worry, you’ll get yours someday

    3. @Roscoe 1891 or maybe he will be on the opposite side of the barrel. That ole saying comes to mind it’s not funny when the rabbit has the gun……

    1. YT keeps killing the citiations, I’d advise using duckduckgo, murder spike in US for search it is throughout media, just not on TV much

    1. It’s true but it’s true I don’t know why all this happened this is not right they have to pay for it

    2. I find myself asking people that more and more often. One interesting thing is the blue lives matter people took all the red out of their flag, when red represents honor…

    1. @Wasted Trojan still they had no proof he had taken anything. They’re common citizens not cops. They had no right to shoot him. There was so many other ways to handle the situation. Also he wasn’t armed, you never shoot an unarmed person who isn’t trying to hurt anyone

    2. @Ford Prefect No, we mock him because he attacked people who were lawfully arresting him
      We laugh at you because you only defend him because he’s black, which makes YOU RACIST.

    3. @Lily Warner people who attack people deserve to be executed on the street. If you run and attack a man who has a gun, then you have chosen your own death. That was his choice, and he paid the price for it. You have to be racist to disagree with me.

    4. @Anakin Skywalker they absolutely have the right to shoot him, as soon as he attacked them. Do you not realize how stand your ground laws work? If you get attacked, it is your duty to stop them from attacking you.

      Seriously don’t understand the law, or you’re pretending that you don’t because he’s black and you’re racist.

    5. @Sean Winters lol when did he attack them? I though he ran away and then they chased him and shot him? When did he “attack them”

  2. What about someone who hates leprechauns and opens fire at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade? Would he/she be charged with a hate crime? And please don’t say leprechauns don’t exist, that is a micro-aggression and a form of denial.

    1. If someone shot up a St Patrick’s day parade because they hated Irish people i think that would be a hate crime, yeah. Not sure about the leprechaun thing, since I’m not a lawyer. Still, seems odd that you’d defend these killers by comparing them to a hypothetical mass shooter

  3. They make it seem like he’s an angel an angel is out saving the world 24/7 that’s a beautiful angel for you

    1. That’s exactly what due process is for. Thank goodness for yokels not being allowed to write legislation or make laws.

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