1. jossey bareille Is there any relationship between the donation and the kill? Trump got the money and then ordered to kill a random black man, who happened to resist arrest and take the taser? Does donating to Trump make Wendy’s racist?

    2. @jossey bareille So what?? Trump is the better option than Biden. Biden is everything the left hates about Trump but worse.

    3. jossey bareille who gives a s***?Wendy’s is fire. You kids today are idiots and tribalist. If someone doesn’t agree or think like you you wanna boycott or cancel. You’ve all been brainwashed into communist.

  1. If Rayshard were able to wake up and had listened to the Wendy’s manager, he may have been able to sleep it off. Damnit.

    1. @Darius Manson Exactly. Cop is a moron/psycopath. If I was in that situation I call him an Uber or drive him to his sisters house. If I absolutely needed to arrest him I call for backup before & wait til the arrive before placing cops on him. I don’t attempt to subdue him with my dorky buddy. They are so dumb & yield so much power. Thats why we need immediate reform.

    2. Polls have been way off AGAIN because Trump supporters are understandably very private and hang up when pollsters call them. Thank you CNN for motivating people to re-elect Trump

    1. Well it’s not a deadly weapon. The other cop should have tased him. Also the Supreme Court has a law against shooting a fleeing person.

    2. Notice how they’re bringing up the officers’ misdeeds, but not Rayshard Brooks’ long criminal record.

    3. Libtards in 2021:
      “i dont care if he had a machine gun… His finger wasn’t on da trigger and he didn’t deserve to die”

    4. Ticia o They didn’t shoot him because he ran. They shot him because he turned around and shot the taser at the officer. And it doesn’t matter if it is not lethal, it was assault and the officer was defending himself.

    1. @#1 they ask that on every call. It’s a physical description. Very easy to spot a black guy from a white guy so it’s very important information. Quit digging for racism.

  2. police should have warned him atleast. They knew he was drunk and therefore they had to act different. A taser gun does not kill you, police could shot once or let him run, they had his car.

  3. Do not drive impaired , please . Call a taxi, call a cab , call a Uber , or call family and friends . Don’t put innocent lives at risk on the highways and interstates .

    1. Polls have been way off AGAIN because Trump supporters are understandably very private and hang up when pollsters call them. Thank you CNN for motivating people to re-elect Trump

    2. @C Hoc nah…I’m not intelligent. Just a Black woman trying to survive during this global pandemic in this racist society.

  4. your rights should be taught in school. It would prevent a lot of problems. People think that saying no to a cop is resisting

    1. Henry Perry-Friedman he tackles 2 police officers establishing his willingness to evade law enforcement. And one more thing,HE TOOK A FUCKEN TASER FROM A COP! That is enough reason to resort to deadly force as the suspect clearly shows his intent to use force against law enforcement.

    2. In Georgie a taser is considered a deadly weapon so pointing at an officer…. that’s not a good combo

  5. Very unfortunate , because it looks like he was just going to booking after it was discovered that he was publicly intoxicated and he probably was going home shortly after . Do we agree that he was being arrested because he had been driving drunk ? The attorney for Rayshard failed to realize that at his press conference . You know and I know that someone could’ve died that night because there was an intoxicated individual in the lanes , traveling at speeds of at least 45 mph.

  6. Wow, the next time I am going to drive drunk, pass out in a Wendy’s drive through with the car running, resist arrest & assault a police officer with a taser…I’m not going to ATL. They are simply RACIST!🤣😂

    1. Stop using the race card, he deserved it, don’t make a saint out of that damn thug. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    2. @SmithN’ Wesson wrong! Food for thought, drunk people make poor decisions. People who have seen a member of their own race once put into handcuffs by police have their life snuffed out might have a reasonable fear of being put into handcuffs. Next, tasers only fire once, he had already discharged that taser when the cop shot him. So at that point he was just a dumb drunk running away from a scuffle with the police. Another thought if you’re going to say the cop was justified because the guy had a deadly weapon the taser. Well then in the same breath that man would have the right to be afraid because a deadly weapon was being used on him, correct?

    3. Polls have been way off AGAIN because Trump supporters are understandably very private and hang up when pollsters call them. Thank you CNN for motivating people to re-elect Trump

  7. ok, can someone please explain to me something. He was found operating a motor vehicle while being intoxicated because in the end, how did he get there and then park the car. So should he have been arrested? Please explain the laws to me because if he would have been able to leave the parking lot, he could have killed someone. Secondly, during the arrest, two police officers with their training couldn’t subdue a man without discharging their firearms? The police officer was afraid of being electrocuted so he shot the man three times in the back? Aren’t the tasers one shot only? Ok, if a police officer is wrongfully putting you under arrest, can you resist as that man did? And in the end, a man lost his life on the day of his daughter’s birthday. Whatever answers there are to these questions, it doesn’t matter anymore. My heart and prayers go out to the family of Mr. Brooks.

    1. Mine too.. I wish he didn’t take the taser..but what made this bad, the cop shot him in the back three times…he messed up

    2. Ehhh….do terrorists give you a chance? Nope ..why ?..you look different, or talk differently, or whatever different …do I even know what I am saying?….ehhhh

    1. @Zynn Findo thank you at least you ca recognize trump called these people out.
      The unemployment shows the job creation and improvement for the american people in general. He is trying to improve the lives of Americans but some people hate him because cnn tells you too.

      What about the prison reform obama could not even pass ? Why did obama not fix this systemic racism? Why didnt obama start police reform. And why is it now trumps fault

    2. Polls have been way off AGAIN because Trump supporters are understandably very private and hang up when pollsters call them. Thank you CNN for motivating people to re-elect Trump

    3. reeses pieces not enough, in my opinion, but yes. I’m not trying to be vindictive.

      That is your assessment. You are entitled to it. My personal reasons for disliking Mr. Trump possessing our highest office is not related to CNN in any real way.

      I disagreed with Mr. Obama on a great many things and I’m not sure why he wouldn’t pass legislation on this. My guess is it wasn’t a priority for him. It should have been more important. Credit where credit is due, the President did get something done. Is that the end, bipartisan criminal justice reform? Not something specifically pertaining to black or minority individuals? Does criminal justice automatically mean black? You’re going to need to do better than this.

  8. If a white guy got into a fist fight, and then took a taser and pointed it at the cop and fired you should expect to be shot. It’s also laughable they think black people should be immune to DUI.

    1. B or W, the point is he was going to walk home with no risk to anyone. They could have simply given him a ticket for the violation. However, they were looking to do more than that, and the result is four kids without a father. What ever your politics that make no sense at all. A DWI likely means he won’t drive for while, and that is punishment enough. Why escalate it?

    2. I would kind of just like to sit with a Jewish person to see what THEY make of all this🤔 all this oppression and slavery talk…

    3. Polls have been way off AGAIN because Trump supporters are understandably very private and hang up when pollsters call them. Thank you CNN for motivating people to re-elect Trump

    1. @reeses pieces The bad apple defence. Here’s an orchard full of lovely apples. Some of them will kill you though and we can’t tell you which ones but you go ahead and enjoy!

  9. He wasn’t armed until he decided to arm himself with a stolen taser that he fired at a police officer… Narrative spinning garbage…

    1. Ticia o he stopped fleeing when he made an effort to tase the officer. If it was a gun and still running can you not shoot if someone is running away and shooting behind them?

    2. C Hoc he had a complaint and then went to training in January. He had one instance. You’d be surprise what kind of complaints people submit. This man had if 2,000 hours of training. He’s doing what people want the reformed police officers to do. A drunk person who was so drunk he passed out at the wheel 3 times and was not just sleeping in his car but trying to get food. Then instead of going to the drunk tank, which is the norm, he started to wrestle. Yes on a few occasions officer allow someone to have someone pick them up when a person cooperates. It’s rare. But Brooks looked like he was lying about how many drinks he had. One drink and a BAC of .108…

    3. @Adam Edward Where do you live?? What do you mean you dont go to jail for DUI? Do you have any experience dealing with the law. Unfortunately I do. And yes I dont know of one state where DUI is not an offense that wont put you in jail. It is in some cases more expensive and comes with alot more long term consequences then some felonies. Even that in most states its a class B misdemeanor

    4. Polls have been way off AGAIN because Trump supporters are understandably very private and hang up when pollsters call them. Thank you CNN for motivating people to re-elect Trump

    5. @Adam Edward Just saw the court summons. That is very rare to happen. In most cases when that happens its when another serious crime is taking place at the same time. But when you have calls from potential witnesses to the dispatcher that is in the report. Exapme: If a cop pulls someone over and there was no call and sees me smokeing a joint they can tell me to tap dance on it and go home. If there is a call however its waay harder to look the other way especially when you camera footage has evedince of a crime being commit in this case the cop walled up to the car (even if the engine wasnt running with the keys in the ignition) saw a crime being committed after being called out by dispatch. The amount of documentation for each police encounter is impressive.

      I know because i had to fight my case and i lost because of the documentation the cops had.

      Do you see what im saying??

    1. The video shows that the Cops asked him to drive out of the drivethru and park he’s vehicle. After that the video doesn’t show the location of the keys, it might be in the vehicle, Cops hands or in his pocket….But he was getting arrested right after he failed the field sobriety test. The key comment is false. The sobriety test will determine a DUI arrest.

    2. @Calvin Edward Cooksey, a taser absolutely is a potentially deadly weapon. Not to mention that it’s purpose is to incapacitate. Had it been used to that effect on the officer, then he could have furthermore taken his pistol.

      Clowns like you lack that comprehension.

    1. Then they would have to give all DUI victim’s a ride home. It is not okay to take police weapons and run period

    2. That’s right punk. My father was a cop and had some drunk folk get a ride home depending on the situation. It’s called proper judgment in police work.

    3. @ProgramKing I’m ashamed for understanding the law so little.
      How Georgia Law Defines Resisting Arrest

      For a misdemeanor obstruction of justice conviction, Georgia Penal Code O.C.G.A. §16-10-24(a) states “A person will be guilty of violating when they knowingly or willfully obstruct or hinder any law enforcement officer in the lawful discharge of his official duties.” The punishment for a misdemeanor resisting arrest conviction can result in a fine not to exceed $1,000 and/or a prison sentence up to one year. At the judge’s discretion, anyone convicted of a misdemeanor obstruction of justice crime can also be required to perform community service and/or participate in anger management classes.

      A felony conviction for resisting arrest in Georgia is defined by Georgia Penal Code O.C.G.A. §16-10-24(b): “A person can be convicted of felony obstruction when they knowingly and willfully resist, obstruct, or oppose any law enforcement officer, prison guard, correctional officer, community supervision officer, probation officer, or conservation officer in the lawful discharge of his or her official duties by offering or doing violence to the person.” The penalty for a felony conviction on an obstruction of justice charge is jail time between one and five years and/or a minimum fine of $300.

      Types of Resisting Arrest Charges in Georgia

      Resisting arrest is a criminal charge that involves several different types of actions. Each obstruction of justice action carries with it a unique penalty that is administered by a judge hearing the case. Because of the large number of types of resisting arrest charges, it is important for defendants to work closely with a licensed criminal defense attorney who has a strong record of successfully defending clients against obstruction of justice charges.

      Here are the types of charges that accompany resisting arrest cases:

      Threatening a law enforcement officer
      Hitting a law enforcement officer
      Running away from a law enforcement officer
      Resisting arrest by using force
      Resisting arrest by not using force
      Lying to a law enforcement officer
      Hampering a law enforcement investigation
      Providing misleading information to a law enforcement officer
      Verbally taunt a law enforcement officer

    4. @Ryan J Yeah we never know. Live in a fantasy world of hypothetical to justify each murder. Maybe an asteroid will hit you so hide in the basement

    1. Not one cnn idiot knows anything about the covington kid story.
      These zombies are pathetic. They question nothing cnn tells them

    2. @cj p
      Says the old white deplorable male who supports a racist toddler. Video speaks volumes and its not on only cnn. Its even on your faux news.

    3. @A. Alphbond if the old racist toddler you are talking about the dementia pedophile racist biden, then yes. He has been racist on video more then once.

  10. I usually like CNN, however, after watching a the full police footage, I can’t agree with CNNs narrative of the story.

    1. I agree I usually trust their reporting as well but the way they’re covering this story is not right. The way I see it if you’re going to fight the police you’re probably going to get shot especially if you’re reaching for their weapons.

    2. Christine Ofor he didn’t say they were forcing decisions, he said he can’t agree with their narrative, but they are creating untrue narratives.

    3. @Christain Agustin That’s a child’s interpretation of things. Maybe you’re just young. The cops didn’t have to shoot him. They had lots of choices. Yeah, he was a fucking idiot to grab at the cops taser, but panicked people do lots of stupid things. Drunk and panicked people perhaps moreso. Cops deal with people at their worst as a matter of course. It’s the job. The whole point is cops have to expect lousy behaviour and deal with it, and be the bigger people. They could have let the guy run for the 30 seconds he was likely to run before he was exhausted, and talked him into surrendering again. They might have been justified, but probably didn’t need to taser him in the first place. It’s a fun fact that there have been police making arrests long before there were tasers, and they used to shoot people a lot less, too. Even in the USA, believe it or not.
      In the last 20 years the number of Americans who have been killed by police has doubled, even while all the crime rates, including cops getting shot, has gone down.

    4. I’ve seen videos of a person who murdered 3 people and kept running away from the cops. He was apprehended without a gun. The Boston bomber was apprehended without being shot. We should expect better from them

    5. Jon Z What caused the shooting was not him taking the taser or even running. It was when he turned around to shoot the taser at the officer. That is assault, and the officer has a right to defend himself. He didn’t have many other choices at that moment. Moral of the story: If the cops attempt to arrest you, COMPLY.

  11. Cop got mad he over powered them but the whole thing wuz unnecessary. He shouldn’t have resisted but the cops could of handled it better. Regardless of him resisting the law says u cant shoot a person who is fleeing in the back

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