Razor Wire, 7 Foot Fence Surround Capitol As Security Concerns Soar Ahead Of Biden Inauguration 1

Razor Wire, 7 Foot Fence Surround Capitol As Security Concerns Soar Ahead Of Biden Inauguration


NBC News’ Ali Velshi reports from Washington, D.C. where seven feet of fence topped with razor wire have been put up around the Capitol as security concerns soar ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Aired on 01/18/2021.
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Razor Wire, 7 Foot Fence Surround Capitol As Security Concerns Soar Ahead Of Biden Inauguration


    1. @opinions in ASMR if you knew anything your would know illegal immigration is down 60% at the southern boarder.

    1. @D Williams You can support your hero in a couple of ways.
      You’ll have to find out which days are visiting days tho at the penitentiary that’s going to be his new home

    2. @WEST NORTH I’ve actually replied to you twice already so if you’ll excuse me I have more important things to do. Read my replies and be gone…

    1. @Tv Confusion by overturning a free and fair election. that I remind you, was considered the “most secure and fair election in american history” by trump’s very own appointed fbi leader

    2. @lander seven You can’t reason with these lunatic devils. Their King really activated the most prideful blood thirsty nature of these idiots. He unified them from all classes based on their common thread of racism, and for the few of them self hate.

    3. @lander seven , U way off ; too far GONE if U actually believe what U think U said. Trump has PROVED, beyond any skepticism PROFICIENCY as President.

    4. @Elijah Boydstun ,bi-done, hisself confessed : “We half Puto two- gather da most ex-Ten-civ v-ODOR fr-ODD organ-eye-say-shun in his-Tory.”. FBI guy words ain’t worth a jack!

  1. LMAO, and yet they had 12 security guards for a protest outside congress while debating whether to verify the election results with an audit. You can’t make this kind of thing up!

    1. Oh, they have always believed in walls and guns… Just not for the common person or people who politically oppose them.

    1. @The Truth Hurts You! , bi-Done is the real PHONY Precedent select that will confess: “We half Puto two-gather da most Ex-ten-civ v-ODOR fr-ODD organ-i -say-shun in His-Tory.”.

  2. What are they so scared of with biden being the most beloved canaidate in the history of the usa with 80 million votes???? Riddle me that???

    1. Doesn’t matter how beloved or popular you are, there is always some extremest phyco that wants to go after a president, and after what happened on Jan 6, they had to increase security. I just solved your riddle

    1. Exactly, did you Trump cultists forget what happened 2 weeks ago. If the capital police member did not lead the crowd away from the door way leading to Senate floor the crazies with zip ties might have taken Mike Pence and strung him up. If BLM protestors stormed the capital you Republicans would have had kittens and called them terrorists and wanted everyone shot on sight. Because the faces were mostly White they were handled with kid gloves, politely being shooed away down the capital stairs. No rubber bullets or tear gas so Trump can have a photo op with the Bible upside down

    2. @Matt Ryan The threat is BLM and ANTIFA and anarchists. Trump supporters are not going to the inauguration you twit.

  3. Brought to you by the party that wants to silence anyone that does not agree with them, just like Germany did some years back.

  4. Nothing says “I’m the most popular president elect ever!” Like personalizing the national guard and making sure they’re all Democrats.

    1. Uhh, of course, i mean, youre over exaggerating it, also, shouldnt your protector atleast your ally?

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