Sherrilyn Ifill: We Have To Move With Urgency On Voting Rights Legislation | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Sherrilyn Ifill: We Have To Move With Urgency On Voting Rights Legislation | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund says that voting rights should be one of the top priorities for the incoming Biden Administration: "We have to recognize that this country is still on the path to democracy. Voter suppression did not start with Trump, it's been around for quite a long time. And we have to get on with urgency to the democracy issues that have left us so vulnerable." Aired on 01/18/2021.
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Sherrilyn Ifill: We Have To Move With Urgency On Voting Rights Legislation | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. BREAKING: Don’t miss the series finale episode of “The Apprentice, Whitehouse edition.” After the show failed to be renewed for a fifth season.

  2. I think the left (cheaters) has cheated enough……let’s run them thru the court system and apply jail times.

  3. Unfortunately getting legislation through that doesn’t have bipartisan support, and that’s almost all meaningful change, can’t be done with a bare majority in the Senate.

    1. @madhabitz Nope, they were promising the $2,000 during the run-offs after the $600 payments were out. I want my $2,000 Easy.

    2. @sam-online Aside from out back and forth, I know this has become a gotcha mantra from some people. Bernie bros? Trumpers? I don’t know, but it’s really stupid. Just sayin’

    3. @madhabitz checks were released Dec. 30th. Run-offs were Jan. 5th. Soooo…. I’m not sure why y’all are having a problem with this. I want what they said we were going to get when they were in charge.

    4. @sam-online oh, you mean the time when Moscow Mitch was blocking the $2,000? Ah. I see your game. The thing is, Biden hasn’t been “in charge,” so I don’t know what’s up with that. All of this can be laid on donnie’s and mitchie’s doorsteps.
      I haven’t had a problem with what Biden said, because I guess I always understood his meaning. $2,000 was what was asked for. It always made sense that Biden was talking about getting the remainder out to us.
      Another $1,400 will be a godsend. Stop whining and say thankyou.

    1. @mark Evans Yes i am ok with this. AMERICA IS A COUNTRY OF IMMIGRANST. I am sure there is a legal process in place and a proper immigration procedure for this. I DONT THINK BIDEN AND KAMALA ARE THAT SILLY TO DO THIS WITHOUT LONG AND CAREFUL THOUGHTS.

  4. Thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants are heading towards the border from Honduras Joe’s just going to let them in and give them amnesty I hope everybody’s okay with this that’s what you voted for so I’m sure you are

  5. Under the Constitution, your right to vote arises out of (1) the fact of your citizenship and (2) reaching voting age. That’s all that’s needed for your Constitutional RIGHT to exist.

    All that other stuff about photo id and gerrymandering and removing polling places from Democratic-leaning areas, and everything else the republicans do is just stuff they have invented to discourage and disenfranchise as many voters as possible.

    If the republicans were really interested in “voter id”, they would go door-to-door trying to identify ALL eligible voters to get suitable id and and get them ON the voter roll. But they don’t do that. Quite the opposite in fact. They concentrate solely on voter suppression activities.

    Only one party is really trying to get out the vote, trying to help people get voter id, trying to get them on the roll, and that’s the Democratic Party.

  6. This is an important issue, but must take a backseat to approving Biden’s cabinet, Covid-19, the stimulus bill, and trump’s impeachment to block him from ever running again. There are a bunch of other things which take a higher priority as well.

  7. Based on all the posts I have read on liberal media over the past year concerning “racial inequality” and “racial injustice”, it would seem that America is stuck in the same time as when Robert Byrd was Exaulted Cyclops of the KKK and that all the efforts of MLK and since have all been for NOTHING! I have to believe that our society has advanced FAR from those times when the KKK was the ‘enforcement arm’ of the Democrat Party? With Black CEOs, Black leaders, thousands of Black millionaires and having had a Black President, I believe the liberal claims are quite inaccurate and continue to be used for self-serving purposes. Think For Yourselves!

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