1. No mistery to him that means you are under his spell he just deceive the people and accident happens all the time to anyone that’s y it’s called accident

    2. Based on the report over the past week on the CULT Leader and is members. The man is as evil as they come, he targeted the venerable people in the community. He took Photos with politicians, entertainers, athletes, law enforcement, etc., to show-off. I life, Gullible people are easy to Brainwashed…Blessings to my Home Land, stay Calm 🇯🇲

    3. @Lorna Beckford exactly. He’s the “take a picture with me” type, so he could name drop. Typical groupie behaviour. fraudster who died in an accident, the end.

  1. after all of what happen and was said who in their right mind would believe he was working for the True and living God …. Smh

    1. The police shud a just left them mek him do dem weh him waa do…case dwm nah learn still believe ina tht wicked man

  2. Dont think he is dead. On the stretcher he didnt look dead, his neck didnt look broken, there wasnt a scratch on him, just saw a little speck of blood yet the car MASH BAD BAD. Also they kept the mask over his mouth which is so strange while transporting him to hospital. And whyyyyyy use that route? Why not the big, pretty, fast and convenient highway

    1. Oh, so you think 🤔 he is going to Rise-up on the 3rd day (Wednesday)? Bottom line, God doesn’t like ugly, deceitful people 🙄 Sorry to hear about the Police Officers…Blessings to them🙏

    2. @Lorna Beckford definitely not rise up. But it all seems very fishy. It just feels like he got off too easy but I suppose that is up to God. Terrible dictators have died peacefully in their sleep and it makes you wonder. What is really disconcerting it that this seems to be even greater confirmation that many powerful people in our beloved country serve Satan in every sense of the word. Really looks very strange.

  3. Any of his church members who think hes working for God is evil just like him God give all of us eyes to see and ears to hear

    1. He spoke about false prophet” so people who don’t or never read the bible” will always believe in fake things they’re seeing” and that’s what happens to those people” and most of them believed in witchcraft” so they was happy for a leader who BRAINWASHED THEM

    2. So true, 90% of the CULT leaders and members have been Drinking the Brainwashed Kool-aid for quite some time, and they have adopted the CULT Leader’s evil ways…

  4. It doesn’t matter how he was transported, from it’s his time to DIE, it’s just his time!! That’s If he’s truly dead, because something is VERY SUSPICIOUS about this whole thing

  5. People need to seek GOD for the SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT. 🙏 Put on the FULL ARMOR Oof GOD so YOU MAY ABLE to STAND AGAINST tje TRICKS of the DEVIL(Eph.6)

  6. 1 Timothy 4:1-2 KJV
    [1] Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    [2] Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    1. Depart from the faith 🤔 he was not even apart of the faith or true follower of Jesus Christ to begin.

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