Reactions to New Curfew Measure in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - Dec 8 2021 1

Reactions to New Curfew Measure in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – Dec 8 2021


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    1. Why are people thanking the government for something that was taking away from them, that rights should never been taken away in the first place, only in Jamaica we sees this there shouldn’t be a curfew hours its about time the government do away with it now

  1. A my the only person that picked up that the clothes vendor didn’t want to say 2 but ended up saying “making 2 ends meet? Lol

  2. Some people are do hard to please if hin did close it for Christmas u guys would vex not even God cant please some people

  3. Yaaayyy…Pharaoh giving us more time 4 Christmas..go kick bolders…im tired of my ppl..stuck on stupid…I have developed such a hatred 4 politicians…idk how ppl vote 4 these demons..

  4. Seems like a Andrew in charge of people life and freedom now lol, he is dealing with his kids🤣😅🤣😂

  5. Work from home is a good thing most people are more productive working from home also they keep themselves safe from the virus in the work places and environment also everyone enjoy a work life balance and is a sustainable life. We believe work from home should be the new norm.

  6. Some people are very contrary and insist on being selfish . At least the PM free up some time yet opposers with hatred can’t comply without a curse on the PM guidelines , hard to please either way

  7. I don’t think it should be business as usual for work places or schools, I think individual days should be considered to be face to face and other days from home, so that if this should occur again we would still have the online medium active, or it could be some persons could come in, on some days and some on other days.

  8. 🙄my god it look like the priminister of Jamaica 🇯🇲 have fully control 😳 over people lives now he get more power 🔋 my god

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