Trial of former Minnesota officer Kim Potter continues with emotional testimony | USA TODAY 1

Trial of former Minnesota officer Kim Potter continues with emotional testimony | USA TODAY


The manslaughter trial of former Minneapolis police officer Kim Potter continues on Friday.
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Jurors heard opening statements from prosecutors and Potter's defense team Wednesday. Prosecutors say Potter committed first- and second-degree manslaughter in the death of Daunte Wright. "This case is about the defendant, Kim Potter, betraying her oath, betraying her badge, and betraying her trust," Prosecutor Erin Eldridge said. Defense attorneys say the shooting was an "accidental and mistaken discharge," according to court filings. "She made a mistake. This was an accident. She’s a human being. And she had to do what she had to do to prevent a death of a fellow officer,” Potter's defense attorney Paul Engh told jurors.

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  1. I do believe this was an improper discharge of a firearm however Officer Potter is a trained officer the mere weight of the weapon tells the difference. She should be held responsible for the life lossed

    1. Yes, a trained officer with nearly 2 decades of experience who took a man’s life after being entrusted with as a public servant with life or death decisions. None of the other officers fired a lethal weapon. There is no way you can escape accountability for “accidentally” killing a citizen.

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