1. Such a hypocrite! An election can’t come soon enough! Total embarrassment for all of Canada.

  2. How about transparency in the Prime Minister’s office, Justin? You can’t even publish a memo without redacting most of it. How about you show some integrity and resign.

  3. About as transparent as the non disclosure agreement everybody signed when he had to leave a teaching position half way through a year in Vancouver

  4. ‘from here, we soar’…not sure when that motto was initiated, but ‘so much for that thought’.

    1. @Lar S that is total crap. Have you seen how much effort has gone into helping Female Canadian Soldiers? Heck some of Canada’s Top Male Soldiers have been brought down for various allegations. We have a whole commission dedicated to helping Female Soldiers to address their treatment, while in the military.

  5. He should be concerned about his carbon footprint. Everywhere he goes he has to have 10 rcmp and 10 snipers in with his detail, not to mention his own liberal cheering section. He has the largest carbon footprint of anyone …. even Joe Biden has a smaller one.

  6. I certainly wouldn’t leave him alone with my child! He would just ‘experience’ it differently!

  7. Considering no one really cares what Justin really thinks, he’s getting that campaign style mike shoved in front of him a lot these days so he can grandstand and bafflegab his tiresome word salad to his heart’s content.

  8. Look who’s talking!
    The master of transparency and honesty.
    Or I should say the master of hypocrisy.
    Just resign. Sit down, get lost, hide somewhere. Shame on you.

  9. I’m more concerned about how this person has the ability to consistently beguile a nation and the world.
    Time to resign JT.

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