Royal expert: Harry has ‘bone to pick’ with British society

Royal expert: Harry has 'bone to pick' with British society 1


  1. Well after his Mother divorced his Father (totally his fault for infidelity too) she no longer had security either but still had paparazzi parasites stalking her that’s how she died trying to escape them chasing her for a photo op so I think his concerns are reasonable.

    1. Quentin Crisp (1908-1999) “She [Diana] could have been Queen of England [sic] – and she was swanning about Paris with Arabs. What disgraceful behaviour! Going about saying she wanted to be the queen of hearts. The vulgarity of it is so overpowering.”

  2. Has he given away all the money and property he received from that British society?


    Then tell him to shove off.

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