1. It’s Pareidolia look it up!
    Okay I will for you…
    _Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects such as shadows, flames, tree bark or clouds._
    But crazies like Qanon and other cults no doubt are going nuts over it.

    1. More than 100 million people died because of communism.
      Torture. slavery. hunder. Mass murder.
      Kiddie fondler democrats should be careful talking about “cults”

    1. Pssstttt… cuck


      MAGA breaking news
      “SEVEN DEMOCRATS Announce today in the Senate that they want Nancy Pelosi to send the articles of impeachment over NOW”
      The Democrat Senators are turning on Nancy Pelosi’s fake impeachment. President Trump is winning Biggly
      Fake news CNN will never report this. Watch Fox News get the truth!

    2. Trump 2020 Fox said 12 missiles were sent to multiple army bases. Technically only part of that is true and the second part I’m only agreeing with on a technicality.

    1. there’s a guy in black hood and cloak tapping on trumps bedroom door with his scythe every night.
      Is you in there boss, time has come.

    1. 3 Things Fishing
      You don’t think republicans have abortions, you delusional ignorant bigoted hypocrite?
      Whilst them good Christians put innocent newborns, small babies and children in cages because their skin is brown. It’s ok to kill them that way tho . Your repulsive, depraved sick baby killers. It’s ok to harm born babies and children, denying them of love, freedom, cleanliness, medical services nurturing, the love and security of their parents. So fuk you! Your a self righteous pig. They live and die horribly in those inhumane conditions, baby killer hypocrite! 😡

    2. Didn’t CNN get sued then setteled for a quarter billion dollars for being fake news? Hmmm seems Trump was right about them.

    3. I see CNN’s ratings decline in that picture.
      I see pedophile democrats worshipping satan (muhammad).
      And I see democrats planning another *_Scream helplessly at the sky_* event when Trump wins in 2020

    4. @Why do birds poop on the kaaba? You see only what you want to see.
      Sucks for you that you can’t see reality.

    5. This will be satan’s calling. Trump is the one that sold his soul to satan. To become president. Now his time is coming up to be in hell soon. 👹

    1. Oddie bro id just like to say thank you.. For all the times i picked you and made my cousins mad cause they couldnt beat me… you with a gold gun unstoppable..
      At one point i wanted to be you i started wearin a top hat to school until i was laughed at unmercifully… Still didnt stop me from respecting the legend that is you sir !!

    1. @D C Hahaha! That’s why I spelled it inside apostrophes. ‘imaginitive’ Doing so denotes a dubious interpretation. That said…you’re still right! ; )

    2. @D C you’re kidding right? If people weren’t so serious they would realize that some of that stuff would make a fucking sweet HBO show

    1. American Gamer the space force don’t have weapons equal or greater than the technology the Old ones have. Did you ever see the video of the Chariot flying and Iran couldn’t shoot it down

  2. This shows just how Human Beings see what they want too see; an Astronomer in the video saw the same Eclipse that the photographer saw, – a Religious Fundamentalist will see … Hmmmmm ?

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