Top US general: Iran tried to kill US troops, some officials believe they purposely missed

The top US general made clear that he believes Iran meant to kill US troops in the ballistic missile attack on US forces in Iraq, rebutting a belief among some Trump administration officials that Iran intentionally missed areas populated by Americans.


  1. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Great way to start the new decade right guys ?? Ugh

    1. @looes74 looes74 You ever wonder why we call democrats unamerican? This is why. You’re practically chanting “death to America”, you fucking traitor.

  2. And Iraq had WMD we promise. We’ll even put cameras on soldiers so when the find the smoking….. Ok it was a lie and so is this.

    1. Christopher Walker Thank you. These stupid people are just not able to keep up! They can sure vote for trump though, can’t they?!?!?

    2. @Tim Link Why are so many servicemen who served in Iraq suffering from chemical exposure if there no chemical weapons?? And it wasn’t Obamas fault he left the middle east in shambles. He just wasn’t very bright.

    1. @Austin Giguere yep same one, because it is mostly shia which the u.s used to repress the surge. Its also been the main go between for iran for awhile

  3. Remember , it was George Bush who got us into this mess by lying about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Here comes another president pushing the military/industrial complex agenda.

    1. @Perry Walton Hey at least Obama picked up the tab for the missiles Iran used last night. He did drain his bank account and ship the cash to Iran right?

    2. Garry Cartwright it’s was all a lie. It was actually a war to set a US base of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION to prep for WW3???

  4. His General obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about come on man everybody in this Administration contradicts each other

    1. @lucky C bro A big time “Real American” Trump supporter..We are resetting the world order away from you Treasonous Socialist Rats & your allies in China, Russia, N Korea, Iran and the Socialist in Europe..Elections have consequences, America wins and the Treasonous Socialist Rat Party loses..WINNING WINNING WINNING. .TRUMP-2020

    2. @Buck Browning let me guess you’re a big military supporter but you never served. Laugh out loud be best

    3. @lucky C bro That’s true, but many in my family have over the last 250 yrs..I’m 25 and am traveling the road of self-employment..And yes I’m a big military supporter, American Military not our enemies.

  5. All I heard from the president this morning was him breathing through his nose at the mic.

  6. BULLSH*T!

    If Iran wanted to kill people they would have aimed for barracks and the like!
    This guy is full of it!

    1. Satellite images show they destroyed us fighter jets ! THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT IS LYING ABOUT WAR AGAIN! Not a SUPRISE !

    2. he’s one of the idiots who have that dumbass option to kill the iranian commander & then CLAIMED he was SHOCKED 🙄 by his choice. 🤦‍♂️

    3. Yeah and they didn’t send their best military weapons either. If they were serious they have drones and cruise missiles that are more accurate. CNN is Fake News. Bet the 4 Star General is an Obama appointee.

  7. Trust is very important… when trust is broken multiple times without having any remorse… everything that person or entity said will be ignored by public.

    1. What I am trying to say is that the gov should always remain truthful all the time,… lying should be one of the impeachable offence…

    2. @Jasper Dale Samaniego if lying was an impeachable offense, then we’d be kicking every entire person out of Congress.

    1. Howard Ross Russia can’t feed its people?? Have you seen the people living in tents in LA??

    2. @Howard Ross – I hear China sends Iran tech that can bypass US patriot systems and that they’ve given it to Iran. You know how they couldn’t stop those attacks on Saudi oil because the drones were too low? Well, now this strike and no defense sy again? Or if we believe the defense…they cant have them everywhere. Meaning our base was wide open for anyone.

  8. Here we go CNN being biased again making everything about trump taking his word back this is a good thing we don’t need war

  9. Top U.S. general who gets a kick back from the MID whenever they make a sale. file his statement under the U.S. governemnt b.s. excuses folder.

  10. How is CNN still making “news”? What companies would ever want to pay to advertise on their channel? I may need to look those companies up and boycott them.

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