Reddit co-founder: Paid family leave is good for the economy 1

Reddit co-founder: Paid family leave is good for the economy


Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian took parental leave when his daughter with Serena Williams was born. He argues that paid time off increases productivity saying, "this idea of a work life and a home life being separate is a total farce." #CNN #News #Business


  1. When you give rich people money, they put it in offshore bank accounts and let it sit there forever. When you give poor people money they spend it and stimulate the economy.

    1. @grandma k. I know E. Germany used to be socialistic and that is NOT the same as it is in the US. You can have socialism and capitalism side by side like we do and I bet you do too in Germany.

    2. @Lloyd Bridges then you didn’t put your money off shore, or create an LLC, the rich do NOT pay a lot in taxes if any at all, that is why don’t have companies here and hide the money elsewhere.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Not happens but they have put a stop to most of it..I follow this stuff, and I’m sixty years old.

    4. @grandma k. ..America pumped LOADS of money into Germany post WW2… you wouldn’t even HAVE a country had SOCIALISM not rescued you… …ie try reading books instead of burning them..

    1. I wouldn’t call a confusing website that hosts r/thedonald with a gorgeous little girl, but you anthropomorphize websites however you want.

    2. @Leutrell Bodden Day of the NOPE. Never gonna happen. Try learning to live yourself and others with a blindfold.

    3. @Lib Warrior every day is day of the NOPE. You can creep online, but we put you in your place yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  2. The sad thing is that this only applies to salary employees and not hourly even if you have been with the company for years. And that’s who really needs it the most

    1. @Susan Reed Sounds like Trump is the opposite of what you really want, I’m curious, what makes you support Trump dearly?

    2. not exactly, it could work like vacation time. Paid leave could be the pay per week over the average made by an hourly worker over thw past year or so

    3. A tip : watch series at Flixzone. I’ve been using them for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

  3. Is a very sad fact that most mothers and fathers are not allowed enough time off of work without penalty after their children are born

    1. Single women should choose to work OR me mothers. I shouldn’t have to pay for their decisions.

    2. @Angela Peed I shouldn’t have to pay for their children. I wasn’t the one who chose to make them…

    3. @Black Lies Matter is it? Because your taxes go toward educating, housing, feeding, Healthcare, incarcerating, and burying your fellow Americans. It would be money better spent to helping OUR community do better. You know contribute? But hey selfish is a choice too.

  4. Here in Denmark we have 52 weeks to divide between us. We can take them simultaneously or we can stretch some of it and place it only on f.ex Friday’s. The employer gets a refund from the state and we have a maternaty-fond for the selfemployed ones too.

    1. @Black Lies Matter You are brainwashed. You are not the only place the world who pays. You’ve been listening to that fool Donny. But you are the only country that treats it’s citizens with contempt, a country that does not respect its citizens and give them maternity, paternity and even a decent amount of holidays., It’s ignorance, Americans don’t have a work life balance, which in turn would make you more productive whilst at work. A greatest place, not.

    2. We, here in the US, are enveloped in greed and abuse so we live in hell. We were further ahead in the 1960s in almost every area.

    3. @Drew P Ballsak in fact, if you factor in healthcare and college and so on, the average danish person pays less “tax” (which covers healthcare, colleges, childcare and so much more) then the average American.

    4. @Black Lies Matter Virtually no person comes here for the crap welfare system. They run from very bad things. Come on. Get real.

  5. Funny how it becomes important when it affects THEM. We’ve been dealing with this for years Mister. Welcome to OUR world. .

    1. I left your world years ago because I got tired of being held responsible for your poor life choices.

    2. @Black Lies Matter Wow- I guess you must really hate people that have cancer and living off your dime collecting SSDI-
      Because it was their poor life choice to have cancer.
      Think of all that money those mentally handicap take from you.
      They are the ones that made the life choice to be handicapped…
      lazy jerks

  6. Paid family leave is a no brainer especially for families who earn less than $150K a year — minimize the stress and financial burdens

  7. I was born in ’85, my Mom was able to take 9 months off full paid leave… Oh right, I’m Canadian 😀

    1. @Eric Orton As a Brit would choose Canada over America any day. I couldn’t imagine anywhere worst to live than America. They’re worried about someone else getting some of their money. Not realise how it makes Society much worse off, for the hole country. Don’t get me started on Healthcare.

  8. OMG. I did not know that was still not a thing in America. My colleague’s wife stayed home with her kid for a year and after that he got to stay home with his daughter for another 6 months. Full salary paid by the country.

    1. We are still fighting for basic needs in this country and people still don’t get it when they come here calling it the greatest country in the world. The United State still discriminate, still refuse to pay livable wages, refuse free education, refuse healthcare and will hire foreigners over qualified Americans for lower wages or to discriminate. Then people come here and look down on the working poor but it’s systematic racism and discrimination in play at its best!

  9. The painful thought for me here is: “Would my father have stuck around and my family remained together if he did not have to work so hard to make ends meet?”
    For context? I’m the second and youngest child in my family and my father left when I was 14 months old.

  10. Unfortunately me and my husband didn’t have this luxury. I almost died twice, lost a child, miscarriage and almost lost my miracle child. My husband came back and forth to the hospital but when they released my miracle child from the hospital and I wasn’t released my husband was fired because he had to take care of our children. We didn’t have anyone else. This is very important!

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