1. Why oh why does it seem like…

    Their brains took retirement.
    Yet, their mouths just decided to keep on working?

    1. @Lee Smith What? A fatality rate of 0.1%? No, that’s the fatality rate of the variants of flu we have become accustomed to; COVID-19 is 20 times deadlier than all of them.

      The latest tally of U.S. COVID-19 fatalities is 589,207 out of 33,044,068 reported cases (Johns Hopkins University numbers) = a 1.8%, not a 0.1%, fatality rate. How many more Americans will die before the week is out? How long will it be before 1,000,000 Americans will have died?

      Do you think we are out of the woods? The virus is mutating; vaccines may prove to be not as effective as some of us may hope. In India the virus is getting out of control; yesterday the BBC reported that if COVID-19 cannot be held in check, by August India may witness 30,000 dead a day: morgues and crematoria are already overworked.

      Wash your hands; sneeze into a handkerchief; wear a mask.

  2. It’s another 2 weeks before we hear “rudy who? Oh I barely know the guy, I took some pictures and people tell me great things, but I barely knew him”

    1. @Robert jameson aren’t you scared ? declaring war on animals this is no joke and you know what’s coming next … soon you’ll be begging for trumps return

  3. I have not talked with Rudy for years. Last time was when he was a mayor of NY. Since then, I can’t remember being in the same back room with him.

  4. Well he would be scared, but I’m not able to give him any credit for memory, seeing he forgot his oath within moments of taking it.

    1. Trump: No, I don’t know Rudy Giuliani. Well, I fired him because he was too dumb and farts too much.

    1. @Rick Karsan nope, don’t miss him at all….neither does anyone I know. In fact, my neighbor just took his Trump stickers off his truck today. sorry, not sorry.

    2. @Rick Karsan And your alternative data to the polling is what? Do you think Biden does not have significant reason to be popular, especially after the tribalism and anti-intellectualism that Trump evoked?

  5. Another thing “like nothing we’ve ever seen before” nobody’s dancing to that old tune any more surely?! I’m sure he ‘wishes him well’ though

  6. Well we all know that crooks of a feather, Commit crimes together, And when they get caught, They’ll try to plant doubt !


    2. @ma,ma gee’s gospel Ok, I guess you are not open to facing reality. I am over arguing with people that are fully indoctrinated by MSM.

  7. The fact that after the clip you can audibly hear the one guy mutter “jesus” in exasperation is absolute gold

    1. @Sky Delight And they worship false idols like Ayn Rand and worshipped their golden calf while one-half million people died of covid.

    2. @Chris Brunton if he keeps his same number all that can be recovered because everything is backed up in the “cloud”. There is no wiping anything especially with a government issued phone.

  8. Of course its unfair in the other guys eyes. He’s scared he will be exposed! Which indeed he needs to be!

  9. Another big burly man with tears in his eyes said “Sir, Rudy was treated very unfairly and late night comedian will be having a field day.” I am also waiting for the “coffee boy” analogy.

  10. Rudy will always be remembered by the hair dye streaming down his face, the press meeting at “Four Seasons Landscaping” next door to the dildo shop, and the 35 frivolous lawsuits filed and dismissed for lack of evidence. It will be hard for future attorneys to live down to his reputation.

  11. Is it just me, or is the fact that this happened to the “Stop and Frisk” guy seem like poetic justice?

    1. @CharlyDeamen The simpleton? Do you realize why the police have become “militarized” in some regards? If you weren’t so damn smart you might be able to observe the obvious that the criminals have become increasingly more violent and dangerous. Idk, maybe that’s just another one of those systemically racist “Right-wing conspiracies”.

    2. I remember when every picture of Cohen showed the crybaby with tears in his eyes. He’s such a loser.

    3. NYC is now an open sewer since Rudy left. Then again it’s a blue city. They deserve all the crime they get

    4. @Cleen Carma I live in Bed Stuy & the neighborhood is way better today than it was under Guiliani, there have been several buildings restored and more continuing, I go out and feel safe. Some businesses were affected by the pandemic but overall things are better than when Guiliani was major in my neighborhood. This is also true of my former neighborhood of Kingsbridge in the Bronx. Vast improvement.

  12. The power blackout in Florida has been caused by Mar a Lago’s huge document shredding program. 😀

  13. ‘Nobody has ever seen anything like this before and it’s unfair ‘ Well Rudy is lucky, others have been shot dead sleeping in their beds when law enforcement are executing a search warrant.

  14. Omg they’re going to find so much porn on Rudy’s computer. Soon as the handcuffs go on he will start to sing as well.

    1. Maybe Hunter’s porn. What do you think this raid is all about? Or is that too much critical thought for a liberal?

  15. It’s another 2 weeks before we hear “rudy who? Oh I barely know the guy, I took some pictures and people tell me great things, but I barely knew him”

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