Reflections on a year of racial reckoning | CITIZEN by CNN 1

Reflections on a year of racial reckoning | CITIZEN by CNN


CNN's W. Kamau Bell, Laura Coates and Sara Sidner join Don Lemon for a discussion about race in America and the future of police reform following a year of protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.

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    1. @Judith H No one is making you stay…. if it’s so much better anywhere else then go there!

    2. I think like everyday I see five videos on here talkin about race trying to get everybody divided. And you say it’s everyone else that is the problem

  1. The narrative in the African-American community must change. No longer should we be focusing on “racism.” We need to focus on POWER and CHOICE. We all have the POWER to choose how we are going to react to the things other people say, think or do. We can either (1) be a lifelong victim and cry racism, or (2) choose to rise above and be our best regardless of the hate in someone else’s heart. Playing the victim through the narrative of racism is NOT going to change a thing. I am all about EQUALITY for all. But, as a mixed African American/Caucasian man, I will NOT entertain this victimization narrative that permeates through the African American community. It is NOT leading this Country in a better direction towards equality.

    1. @Rob MM NOT TRUE. We ALL have the power to choose. Stop playing into the victim narrative. That is the beauty of free will. That we all have the power to choose. Our own individual power to choose is completely independent of others’ actions, thoughts and words. Ask any POW. They chose (in their mind, body and spirit) to endure the atrocities perpetrated on them. They chose not to let the torture, etc., tear them down. The power is within all of us.

  2. there was a shoot out at the George Floyd Memorial maybe address the real issues this is an absolute joke

  3. It’s amazing all these killings in these Democratic cities by these White Supremacist has to stop

    1. They don’t mention the robberies and car jackings their either. Doesn’t fit the narrative…

  4. Bell and Lemon loved blacks so much, they both married white people and moved away from blacks

  5. Cool story, when are we going to have a year of racial reckoning over crime stats and the highest offender rates?

  6. Coming from the man Don Lemon who said last year on CNN the biggest threat to America is single white men

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