Reggae Icon Donald ‘Tabby’ Shaw Killed – Mar 30 2022

Reggae Icon Donald 'Tabby' Shaw Killed - Mar 30 2022 1


    1. better if i heard sickness take him way i would feel better but not to them hipower rifle use and ripped up the elder height a wickness but no sins go unpunished rip my icon from the soils of Jamaica we will missed missed you condolences to the families and friends

  1. What is the message the government is going send to all these criminals we the people of Jamaica need a think twice before you commit your crimes because your pay is not going to nice

  2. If his son is the cause, that boy must rot behind bars. Look at the man his father is and because of his actions he is now dead. Jah Jah, R.I.P king.

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