Reinforced security in Washington ahead of inauguration 1

Reinforced security in Washington ahead of inauguration


More than 25,000 National Guard soldiers are expected to descend on Washington and new barricades have been installed for inauguration.

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  1. I wonder if one of those guards will go rogue during the inauguration? …yea I just saw “Outside The Wire”

  2. This is a violation of the posse committatus act !!!! Remember your oath soldier, all enemies foreign and domestic, here let me help you……the enemy is on the other side of the fence, you know the ones destroying the constitution you swore to defend!!!

  3. I am seriously afraid that an atomic bomb ,from nowhere unknown ,falls on that crowded place at the morning of that day of 20th of January.
    Just imagine what will happen then .

  4. When the open chit chat of civil war goes underground, that’s when it gets serious. When it becomes asymmetric warfare, they will not hit you where you’re strong. But they’ll hit you where and when you’re not expecting.

  5. When
    a government needs soldiers to protect it from the citizens you know
    there’s something very wrong about that government…..

  6. What is wrong with this picture? UNITED states “home of the free”. More like home of hipocracy.

  7. You better get used to this kind of thing. This is what the Democrats are bringing to the party. Are you happy now? If you are, it’s not going to last long.

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