Are Canada’s natural attractions at risk? 1

Are Canada’s natural attractions at risk?


Some of Canada’s most scenic outdoor landscapes may be at risk of being exploited for their natural resources. CTV’s Dan Riskin reports.

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    1. This isn’t about that type of place. The title is dishonest. Like the content. They can’t be upfront and honest because their position is false.

    1. Oil and gas moves the economy, and humanity, and it has been doing so for over a hundred years so, in that sense, it does move the planet. Renewable energy sources are definitely needed to offset the need for the dependence on oil ard gas but, you definitely need oil and gas, to move renewable energy…ironic, ain’t it…

    1. @Sinister Minister that’s hardly indicative of the health of Albertas environment as a whole. If the NDP were back in power the same problem that existed before Kenny would continue to exist.

    2. This person sounds like an out of touch city dweller (originally from the East) who’s only time spent outside of the city is in the rockies lol.. like clearly you don’t understand how strict Albertas environmental laws are. My company was once clearing land for a pipeline right of way and we accidentally cut down ONE TREE outside of the boundary (it was dead too from a mountain pine beetle infestation) and we had our permit pulled and had to go to meetings and by the time we were back up and running, it was half way through the day. Like learn the full scope of what’s actually happening before you open your mouth.

  1. I am all for resource extraction, Alberta’s oilseeds where I work leads the world in carbon capture and land reclamation. Alberta’s oil is the cleanest and most ethical on the planet. Go big go !!!

  2. If we don’t protect our environment, corporations will sell the last tree and the last drop of water and then move on; as they usually do, leaving devastation behind. They only care about $$$

    1. Well like it said, 2/3rds of Canada hotspot regions that fill all three of those boxes, also are at risk from the things such as deforestation and mining

    2. @Liam Keenlyside all I’m saying is that everything he said is too vague. If you’re going to take time to make a video on such an I’m important subject, it deserves a little more core then what he did. I feel that his piece is a little short and not really researched. My 12 years old has more things to say about this subject then he did. It’s just a missed opportunity to create a true source of education.

    1. You’re welcome. We’re the only ones in this country standing up for the future prosperity of Canada. Like I bet you didn’t know the Canadian dollar is considered a petrol dollar in world markets like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, and so on. If you try and shut down the natural resources industries in this country, you can expect your standard of living to drop drastically. I know this might be hard for your Eastern brain to understand but it’s true. Canada is G7 country SOLELY because of the vast amounts of natural resources we have.

    2. Are you thanking Alberta for the massive contributions to the rest of Canada they have made? Next time you pass by a school or drive over a bridge you can thank Alberta. You’re welcome.

  3. To clarify, its the easern foothills of the rockies. Write a letter to Jason Kenney in Alberta that you care about the canadian rockies, and do not want him to sell out the rockies to foreign companies. Help me protect my province. Thanks.

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