Remarkable aerial video shows volcano spewing ash 1

Remarkable aerial video shows volcano spewing ash


Seismologists in the Democratic Republic of Congo reported 92 earthquakes in a 24-hour period around the Mount Nyiragongo volcano, which erupted a week ago. CNN flew above the volcano and captured stunning images. CNN's Larry Madowo reports.

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  1. Our prechure and and loss ov cloudes, ozone layer, is way more important so I hope we have more vulacano outbreaks!!Maybe this reportage was a way to settle the cheeps

  2. Looking forward to all people in Congo that there’s no casualty’s, I hope they survive to the end during eruption. God bless all the children, families, and all animals.

    1. @Paul Ferrante listening to WHAT? Man has ZERO to do with volcanic activity. ZERO. It would be more helpful if we could stop being your level of stupid.

    2. Like what? Volcanoes have been been around for billions of years. Long before humans ever existed.

  3. don’t live near a active volcano, this disaster has happened many times and yet nobody learns from it.

    1. not everyone is fortunate enough to choose NOT to live near a volcano. just because your parents gave you a safe upbringing doesn’t mean it’s
      possible all around the world. geography is just one of the things preventing that for a lot of people

    2. @C Macd ^^ that too, such a huge reason as well that i can’t believe i didn’t mention, thank you.

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  8. my favourite statement on this particular demonstration of the planet not giving a ….
    what we do and how minuscule we are in the grand scheme of things,
    was one made by the local “governor” saying that “the situation was under control”
    a volcano…under control….right

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