Remembering The Tulsa Race Massacre, 100 Years Later 1

Remembering The Tulsa Race Massacre, 100 Years Later


Trymaine Lee joins Ayman to report on the destruction of 'Black Wall Street' 100 years ago during the Tulsa massacre.

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  1. Biden told Corn Pop he sees nothing wrong with what happened. Corn Pop said he now believes Kamala Harris on her stating Biden was a racist and had assaulted women. Corn Pops motto is Making Biden Better!

    1. You know that the new racists are the Republicans. Which includes all southern states and the KKK, white supremacist groups and Nazi’s. It’s funny how things have changed.

    2. @2003-4x4Runner G You are out of touch with reality. Come back down from your vitriolic high.

    3. I guess you weren’t paying attention in history class. Those racists became Republicans after 1964.

    1. @Deus Ex Machina the witch doctor draft dodger bone spur guy cult leader liar dad did attend a Klan rally in New York in 1927.

    1. Meanwhile, you throw a temper tantrum when you can’t celebrate the 4th of July the way you want. Hmm….

  2. REMEMBER: The ruling political class who perpetrated this massacre in Tulsa were ALL Democrats!

    1. @palillo2006 except when he tried to ban flights from China yall called him racist. He literally invoked ww2 laws to increase treatment etc. And not only THAT but we were talking about employment. You’re contradicting yourself. If the solution to stopping the virus was shutting everything down how was everyone supposed to go to work? And if everyone was gonna go to work they were gonna get sick that’s why we saw a whole bunch of essential workers catching the worst of it. Are you dumb?

    2. @Cadillac Kadafi and that’s the thing I dont think they’re doing it out of evil but to prevent people from destroying the proof. Which still fits into my argument. Are we that intimidated by statues and memories? Our present traumas are more vicious than any statue. The disappearance of them will do more damage than them staying up.

    3. @A piece of hair It’s a hundred years ago when the politics come up. But when it’s about reparations the subject is treated like an antique crown.

      It can’t be both ways. If one was in the past then so was the other. If that doesn’t suit then they are both relevant at the same time.

      It’s not difficult math.

    1. Because the mindset of the Confederacy was so demonic and convincing of its barbarism. The Klu Klux Klan had a grand march in Washington D.C. during the roaring 20s and The racist film Birth of a Nation was shown in the White House. The determination of the mindset ingrained in the institutions of America is to not allow Black people to thrive to the fullness of their potential. To prevent the rise of a Black Messiah through the lineage of Judah. A Confederation is in fact formed against a prophetic people as written about in Psalm 83. Food for thought.

    1. @Spokane Valley Freeway wasn’t the 1960’s, it was the 30’s and the way the two political sides are today is most important. So just like this video should do, keep the past in the past… brainwashed much? The only reason this is being brought up is to keep the “racism, reparation, and hate” talk going and going. Keeps us emotional and divided. Why don’t you try to look at it from this angle of psychology? They focus on the bad because hate sells… it’s takes the brain longer to absorb negativity and we linger on it instead of positivity. How many videos of “remembering this [positive subject]” posted by media can you remember or have seen? ZERO without searching in Youtube because it doesn’t SELL the way hate does.

    2. Yes Dixiecrats! Shout out to Lee Atwater’s Southern Strategy. Republicans and democrats are the same.

    3. @Sumtin wrong
      1. Bayonne mosque shooting – Anti Semitism
      2. Halle synagogue shooting – Islamophobia
      3. Bærum mosque shooting – Islamophobia
      4. 2019 El Paso shooting – White Supremacy
      5. Murder of Walter Lübcke – Neo Nazism
      6. Poway synagogue shooting – Anti-Semitism
      7. Christchurch mosque shootings – Islamophobia
      8. Pittsburgh synagogue shooting – Anti-Semitism
      9. October 2018 United States mail bombing attempts – Donald Trump Supporters
      10. Murder of Blaze Bernstein – Neo Nazism
      11. 2017 Finsbury Park attack – Islamophobia
      12. 2017 Portland train attack – White Supremacy – Islamophobia
      13. Murder of Timothy Caughman – White Supremacy

    4. @Sumtin wrong – guess what… I HAVE A BUNCH MORE!
      Those are just a few… hold off your stupidity for a bit… till you forget and ask the same damned question again.

  3. We cannot burry this story. It’s a part of our history! We who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it! And just because you pathetic trolls don’t want to keep it REAL. Oh it’s the past. The past ALWAYS comes to haunt you! You can’t white wash it away!

    1. @dark14life CNN is calling now. They are doing a head count before they lock the pen for the night.

    2. @dark14life Who got killed besides the girl shot by capitol police and the officer that had the stroke genius? That’s right, no one!

  4. I’ve been watching news for over 50 years and not one time do I remember any of them broadcasting this. But we all know now they are trying their damnest to devide this country more and more. Sick people, these news channels

    1. @Bridget Lee Black people had white slaves back in ancient times. Are they gonna pay up? Or was too long ago?

    2. @Elizabeth Westlake thanks captain obvious. The point is that’s ALL you hear from news outlets. They want a race war, education is nothing to do with it. It’s about tearing open old wounds..wake up!

    3. @worford21 really?
      Where’s the History on your country’s people fighting off the natzis twice to save the world?????..they never talk about the good our country’s done only the bad stuff to incite hatred.

    4. the gop fanbase wants to start this so that they could eventually lead down the road to their ultimate goal which is “forget jan 6 it was long ago”

    1. @Shane Peterson the gop fanbase wants to start this so that they could eventually lead down the road to their ultimate goal which is “forget jan 6 it was long ago”

    1. @きりと戦士 It was the opinion a lot of New Yorkers had at the Time due to the brutality of the offense and credible confessions. Most documentaries leave out their confessions.

  5. Self Sufficient Professional
    Proud Black Brilliance
    What’s wrong with that
    Hate is destructive

  6. What about the current border issue?
    Nope let’s just focus on the issues that happened 100 years ago because dealing with current situations doesn’t matter. Biden will just ask for people to deal with it in 2121, a hundred years from now.

  7. Why don’t they mention the cause of the race riot? It started with a black man being falsely accused of sexual assault and a complete lack of due process. Almost as if telling the full story would conflict with MSNBC’s support of the MeToo movement.

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