Rep. Adam Smith Discusses Challenges For Afghanistan Evacuations 1

Rep. Adam Smith Discusses Challenges For Afghanistan Evacuations


Rep. Adam Smith, House Armed Services Committee chairman, discusses evacuation efforts in Afghanistan after a deadly attack at the Kabul airport and what challenges the U.S. could face as the August 31 deadline to withdraw.

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Rep. Adam Smith Discusses Challenges For Afghanistan Evacuations


  1. whatever happened to the principle that partisanship stopped at the nation’s shores and the parties united when Americans confronted problems abroad?

    1. @warpedjaffas1 One term Trump… And it burns them. Look at them here on MSNBC trying to convince themselves. It’s hysterical.

    2. Republicans just want the war for profiit to continue. They will happily slaughter all Americans for their owners in the MIC to make a buck.

    3. @warpedjaffas1 Trump executed plans and terrorists- Biden executes Americans, our allies, and our service members.

    4. @Richard MacLean Trump executed plans and terrorists- Biden executes Americans, our allies, and our service members.

  2. with the Afghan economy in a shambles, the Taliban have an interest in maintaining the process as otherwise the international spigot will be cut off and they know it.

    1. Not sure if it’s in a shambles
      They’ve got a trillion dollars worth of lithium reserves that China and rest of world want

    1. Karl Foster. you seem to have high regard for self, Mmm just like tRUMP, well you better get up early in a morning before you have effect on me, good try but no dice WHAT A SHAME.

    2. @Geff Joldblum – Trump is the one who made the agreement with the Taliban. You can spin that till your blue in the face, Boris – it’s still the truth.

  3. Taliban , now looking at two terror groups and their other major problem, the Northern Alliance who are all against them, while trying to maintain order and a resemblance of normality in running a country that has changed dramatically since they were in charge , one that is totally 100% dependant on aid etc, while at the same time trying to meet the international communities basic standards/ norms to qualify for aid help, which also must insure their safety if they decide to operate inside Afghanistan , you can see why the Taliban will have to play ball at some point , which brings us back to some of those within the group and on the outside fringes that are unhappy with this new look , as for any future involvement of the US/coalition in their reaffirmed ongoing war on Terror in Afghanistan , that will for sure create divisions within the Taliban

    1. Mountain. When our President said ..” we will hunt you down “… who is laughing at this empty .. hollow threat ? Who ?

  4. Ladies and gentlemen let me just see what questions I’m allowed to answer and from whom . Then I’ll get taken back to my care home and eat ice cream

    1. What challenges Republicans just wanna keep sending money to the Taliban so they can continue with sharia law. How’s your Taliban trophy husband? ISISK MAGA

  5. “The taliban said they would help fight terrorists, and I believe them.” – Stable Genius, announcing his peace deal in 2020.

    1. Trump executed plans and terrorists- Biden executes Americans, our allies, and our service members.

    2. @N W why is that so difficult to uderstand WHEN WE ARE LEAVING, and the Taliband is going to fight their own enemies.

    3. @Lee and tRUMP doesn’t understand the whole history of Afghanistan why don’t go and help him , it will be like two peas in a pod or should I say a pair of dunces.

    4. There is zero fault on Trump with this pull out. You people are acting on feelings and commenting with an emotional state or reaction.
      No one gives a FK about your feelings. He’s still rent free in your heads, it’s frightening at this point…..get over it!

  6. “Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was INSTRUCTED to call upon, Kelly O’Donnell from NBC.” – Joe Biden at his last press conference
    Tells u all u need to know

  7. Go investigate the military. It didn’t start the withdrawal preparation after Trump made the deal with Talebans.
    No moving of date!! Let ppl feel and see tge results of incompetence of responsible ppl.

    I believe media reported that Talebans would allow all those who want to leave with proper documentation.

    Btw DO NOT open any Embassy here or in AG!! It would be the most foolish & immature act.

  8. Republicans, 2001: We must pull together to oppose these devastating terrorist attacks!
    GQP, 2021, after a vastly smaller attack not on American soil: Biden must resign!

    1. Trump executed plans and terrorists- Biden executes Americans, our allies, and our service members.

    2. @Scientific Methodologist 400,000 Americans died under Trump in large part because of his failed response to COVID (worst in the world), lies, and super-spreader events.

  9. All of a sudden MSLSD IS SILENT. What happened to the 15 to 20 propagandist reports everyday about January 6th? Did something change?

    1. Propaganda is lies, the reports on the Jan 6th were facts, get educated or go to sleep for a few years.

  10. There is no need for Congress to rush back; McCarthy’s demands are little different than two members of Congress inserting themselves into Kabul, taking up the resources and time of those involved in rushing to get as many Americans and refugees out of Afghanistan. Let the administration deal with the exit. Afterward, do your oversight. Know your priorities.

  11. A classic, “Trump caused it but blame Biden” saga
    As of January 15th 2021, Trump had SLASHED our Troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 without removing American Citizens 1st.
    Biden inherited a DISASTER created by Trump January 20th 2021.

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