Rep. Moulton: The U.S. Military Represents The Absolute Best Of America

Rep. Moulton: The U.S. Military Represents The Absolute Best Of America 1


  1. No single president operates inside a vacuum. The decisions and actions of one president can have profound ramifications years, even decades, later, under the tenure of another president. An excellent example of this is how Donald Trump’s deal with the Taliban, made in February 2020, exploded into tragedy and chaos under the Biden presidency in August of 2021.

    1. @Cody Russow Apple favored livestock dewormer…hilarious 不不不 how can you argue with a guy who dewormed himself with livestock serum? 不不不 you can’t, cause he’ll be sick as sh1t or dead.

  2. “The buck stops with me.”
    — President Biden, 08/20/2021

    As president, Biden took responsibility for the chaos of the Afghan withdrawal.

    ‘No, I don’t take responsibility at all’.”
    –Trump 03/13/2020

    Trump deflects blame for coronavirus testing debacle, and the soaring number of infections.

    Personally, I like presidents who don’t dodge drafts or responsibility.

    1. @Francyne Lane I’d like to remind everyone what Joe Biden told America in April about our withdrawal from Afghanistan:
      “We will do this responsibly, deliberately and SAFELY in full cooperation with our allies.”

  3. Biden actually had the guts to end Bush Jr.’s Forever War. Bone Spurs certainly didn’t. He punted the responsibility to the next administration when he could have done it himself.

    1. @Adam Parisi Fact Check ; Trump surrendered to the Taliban leaving the troops there in grave danger ! Fact Check ; Trump made fun of gold star parents . Fact Check Trump said our military were suckers . Fact – Trump led domestic terrorist onto the nation’s capital ! Fact Check- Trump lied to the citizens of the United States in denying covid – Fact Check- Trump was recorded trying to bribe Russia to lie about Joe and Hunter Biden. Fact Check- Trump was recorded trying to get States to lie about the election results. Fact Check Trump made more money for himself while being president then any president in the history of the United States. ” UNITED WE STAND DEVIDED WE FALL “

    2. @Adam Parisi Did Trump end the war during his four years? NO. He was too busy lying about COVID and everything else while holding super-spreader events.

  4. YOU learned alot. 13 are dead. I, me, mine was spoken so much. This isn’t about YOU. its America- Afghanistan’s and whats best. You sir are a jerk. Step aside.

    1. @Trixie Elle This guy is a brat demanding we prioritize his friends over others just as deserving. He does not have a clue how horrific that is.

  5. Hey Seth!
    Thanks for bringing back some of those Afghan interpreters whose lives are now in danger?
    Oh what’s that? You didn’t help save any?

  6. Maybe the children in boots.. but thats not whose calling the shots & youre kidding yourself if you think the generals are _even_ a net positive to America

  7. As a Massachusetts voter this mans overwheening hubris disgusts me! He should not have gone! It was a publicity stunt! People who,needed

    1. Yep, you called it. Worst acting ever. There is no way they can spin a positive for Biden. This is f*cked. Impeach this fraud now and his entire cabinet including KamalToe. Twenty years of CIA money laundering, opioid growing, and carnage of our service-members.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone revert so fast to platitudes and banalities on why a western military is where it shouldn’t be like this guy.

  9. It’s okay to say no. The marginal indirect benefits for some people could have been replicated without force.

  10. Staying past the 31st wouldn’t nearly be as impossible if it weren’t for all the free, high tech weapons that are pointed at our troops. It’s free stuff, shoot all the missiles and fancy weapons, then go back to what you had…which was effective for decades.

  11. Why are you giving this traitor air time. He is and has been obstructing the process pushing his favorites over others who are just as deserving. I hope they take away all his committee assignments and let him commune with MTG.

  12. The “Absolute Best Of America” is a global terror campaign waged for our corporate state? They’re not there so “others don’t have to be” or for the “afghan kids” or women – they’re there for Raytheon. Moulton knows this and so does so the actor pretending to be a journalist, who doesn’t even push back on it. And we’ll be right back after this message from our sponsor, Raytheon.

  13. Moulton and Meijer were tired of being up staged by Tucker and Doocy all little men trying to be somebody.

  14. Isn’t this the same guy that that went to Afghanistan for a photo op taking up resources that could have been used to save others? What a sleazy politician!

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