Afghan Health Ministry Reports At Least 113 Killed In Kabul Airport Attack


    1. Afghanistan is feudal and absurdly old-fashioned. Their wars among themselves are ancient. Glad America is leaving – Afghanistan needs to sort its own country out.

    1. Go sign up at a recruiting station and find out it’s not easy given thousands of people trying to get through

    2. Seems like those taliban check points are useless. Makes me wonder if the taliban is not working with the Military, but are working with Isis. They are trying to spin this so bad!

    3. Well I’m sorry now they all going to have to be transported naked . 🙈
      Don’t worry the military are professionals , so there will be no grabbing.

    1. But! But! But! Like! Don’t you know… Like! January 6th was like worse than September 11th, Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Like D-day combined!!!
      My humanities professor daaah like told me so!!

  1. Anybody walking through a shopping mall could give a better exit strategy.. After a lifetime of knowing…still the Middle East mentality appears a mystery to US/global “leaders.”

    1. @harry lazard But they all fought against the same enemy in agreement. Let’s not get myopic…global leaders have been on the same band wagon to enter, fight and leave. There was only one, Rep. Lee who voted no war. Blaming just one person backed by millions of Americans is too easy.

    2. @CJ There is no political party hiding place…all…for 20 years have messed up money and lives on war. Remember Bush, “Shock and Awe” bombings. What you see now are grown ups who 20 years ago saw the US blow up their grandmother’s and children.
      America: “Oh get over it…that was a long time ago. Those same people told Bush…”You have opened a door that will never close.”

    3. @The Race Analyst, PHD Proving Hate & Degradation Biden was a senator an VP voting for the war for it’s entirety. The war and the evacuation of our people, equipment and materials are two separate arguments. This post deals with the evacuation which was done under the command of Joe Biden and he’s who’s responsible for this debacle….

    1. It is the fault of the presidents of the last 20 years. We didn’t belong there in the first place after America’s objectives were met. A lot of billionaires were made during America’s stay in Afghanistan. We need to stop the greed here at home.🇺🇸

    2. @Sam k Obama negotiated with Iran. Number one state sponsor of terror. He also negotiated with the Taliban…. Soooooo

    3. @Jessica H After I edjamacate him I will let him free in Portland. He will take the victory royal being the last liberal standing.

    4. @Sam k you have been inhaling too much of your own toxic waste. try taking off your 3 masks before it leads to permanent brain damage

    1. @J GetsCensored he was implying that less than 100 years after that countries children started a war that left the globe in ruin the same groups of children could be up to it again. Teaching history in Germany is basically illegal, and they burned all the books.

      You Europeans especially English natives are all subjects of a crown. Serfdom is in your blood, and when it’s not, the alternate is book burning fascism .

    2. @clarke cronin Now, not all Germans (plural – you used the possessive form) were (where indicates location or direction) bad people. And it’s philosophy. A simple Google search would have told you that.

    3. @Cody I you’re a very ignorant person….

      German public schools are REQUIRED to teach what happened during ww2

      And all he said in his comment was that the person had a German last name and then suggested he was a bigot… for mocking the people who support a human rights violations. Not sure how that makes him a bigot though…

    1. @V Trump received 4 deferments Biden received 5. Rich men make money off wars. They rarely get dirty.

    2. Just like COVID-19…. Ambulances rushing to the hospitals. Full on PPE space suits and doctors running down hallways…….blah blah blah.

  2. Imagine the Biden administration giving the Talibans a list of Americans and Afghani nationals that helped us for the past 20 years still in Afghanistan. They basically sign a death warrant to all Afghani on that list.
    Hopefully the Americans will be able to make it out.

    1. @coffee chocolate got those blinders on i see…brake them tunnel vision glasses you will see really clearly once u do!

    2. @Larry Jensen “There is absolutely no evidence that we have Taliban any list” yet, you provide evidence that we have given them list. Biden’s response would lead one to believe that we have given the Taliban list. Biden always tells the truth? Lol what are you on? Of course, you went on about Trump and some KKK crap. Who’s in power right now? Wake up.

    3. @coffee chocolate You need to check history time line and the Taliban pack. The pack can be read free at Cambridge University Press. The Taliban would not come to the table without the release of prisoners. At the rate the Taliban were moving they would have freed the scum anyway. At lease we got some afghan troops out. At the same time Putin and the CCP were sweet talking the Taliban. Why do you think he brought them to camp David.

    4. @Captain ” the Biden administration giving the Talibans a list of Americans and Afghani nationals that helped us for the past 20 years still in Afghanistan.”
      He did not say that. He said we coordinate with them on a transport by transport basis. But time will tell. If there’s anything to it the MSM will pick it and give us the facts. Right now it’s just a politico knee jerk and a shed load of right wing sites blathering about sh*t they know nothing about other than what they read in Politico – just like me and you

    5. what else do you expect from the people who support the party of the slavers – the demoncrats are a stain on america

    1. @Illegally-Blind This happened just after noon yesterday. Its out now, it seems kind of slow. To me it does feel like they would’ve buried if they could’ve. I did see several catchy but meaningless headlines that others tried to carry, also.

  3. Here we go with the spin. The taliban was working with the U.S. military? Now its Isis and not taliban ? Sickening!

  4. Rumsfeld: People we are missing 3 trillion dollars
    Pentagon people: uh, maybe it us under the twin towers. We will turn them upside down to find it.

    1. @Roman I hear Trump supporters acting like they care so much about foreigners but when they start the mass migration you’ll hear republicans on Fox News!!! They’ll take out jobs!!!😭, they’ll commit terror. Lmao like where do you expect these people to go even if this had gone safely and the Afghan government didn’t let its people down? Mannn let’s get real

    2. @Rolls Royce Network your reply has NOTHING to do with what I or anyone else in these comments said. Wanna try again?

    1. @J Breezy Biden made the decision to pull out the military before evacuating citizens, allies, and equipment. Do you think Trump is still president? 😂😂

  5. Ironically, Joe Biden is now the world’s number one issuer of ACTUAL Assault Weapons without a background check… Let that sink in.

    1. @Stone Men
      I had to read that twice! At first I was like “Did he seriously say ……oh wait….” Then I saw how you spelled it…😁👍🏻. Eyes aren’t what they used to be.

    2. And even more ironically he surpassed his mentor Barack Hussein Obama with his Fast And Furious fiasco 🤦

  6. Msnbc viewers: “I’ll still vote blue no matter who!!!”

    Remember folks, elections have consequences. Everyone warned of bidens track record. But… mean tweets…. Own your part in this.

    1. @Chris Debarra . Buyden has been killing a 1000 people every day on average since he go into office and he abandoned americans in afghan like a traitor. own yours

    2. what else do you expect from the people who support the party of the slavers – the demoncrats are a stain on america

    3. @Rolls Royce Network fox is just as fake as msnbc, but for once they can genuinely declare their disinformation played no part in this. Msnbc, cnn, and brain dead viewers who believed the propaganda and helped put joe in office are to blame for this one.

  7. Not one headline in the breaking news section has “Biden” in it. One could only imagine what they might be if someone else was in charge when this happened…..

  8. Biden says “i was instructed to call on these specific reporters”. Are you kidding me? This man is out to pasture.

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