Rep. Andy Kim Reflects On Capitol Riot Six Months Later 1

Rep. Andy Kim Reflects On Capitol Riot Six Months Later


Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ) remembers the events of the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.
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    1. @Tony S You all were coming in and now you’re backing out! Its hard to talk big with a shot… in your mouth! This is my country and this is my land!!

    2. @Tony S Actually the fact that Democrats are physically weak is SUCH A BLESSING!! Most Democrats couldn’t rip a wet paper towel in half!! 不不不不不不不不

  1. Just dont understand how a Congressperson can share that experience of assault of Congress with all those colleagues and then share space with those Congresspersons that deny the need to investigate the cause, the greatest inciter – Trump.

    1. On the left. Nobody on MSNBC has a mirror. We could talk Trump, I hope he is history. Can the country survive the LEFT essentially? No question I would take anywhere from 1972 to Oct 2016 as a better era.

    2. @Nick Dionne trump is not a politician. Biden is. So yeh, politicians never take responsibility for their actions.

    3. @Aaron
      Trump is pure politician. Selling himself and being the center of attention is all he cares about .

    4. @Aaron That’s what makes me laugh more than anything. These idiots go on and on about Trump being corrupt and not paying taxes, while simultaneously making excuses for career politicians. It’s insane…

    1. @SLL L rush never held anyone at gun point or was a violent criminal in and out of jail . I know the democrats like criminals more than they do conservatives and thats why crime rates are going through the roof and homeless encampments are everywhere cos nobody really cares about it

    1. Just like the tour of Portland so many went on. They got a whole new wardrobe and new shoes, no cost to them. How genorous of the businesses of Portland.

  2. Let’s not forget that one of the leading members of the North American neo-fascist movement is Jordan Peterson, who has called Hitler “brilliant” and an “organizational genius”; who has defended Adolf Eichmann, one of the Holocaust’s chief logisticians; who has come to the rescue of the (now-deceased) neo-Nazi, Ernst Zundel. When it comes to neo-Nazism, there must be zero tolerance.

    1. Then I have to insist tit for tat, 4 year prison sentence for everybody that thinks that the 4 year impeachment up to last November is okay

    2. @Nick Dionne Peterson: So, the Germans had no idea what to do, you know, and Hitler was a canny, canny person with a brilliant, brilliant sense of drama. He was a real, he was a master of dark fire, that guy. And I think his unconscious fantasy was: lets see how much we can destroy before we die in the purifying flames (Peterson does a fist pump). That was Hitler. And so, and he was a compelling person and the fantasy that he had in the back of his mind… it was a very hard thing to escape from. Thats why the Germans became Nazis! This was like magic that had emerged. And it was black magic.

    3. @Troy Parfitt Well my response to you is gone…

      You’d be wise to actually follow Jordan Peterson rather than take his words out of context.

  3. Im reflecting too, reflecting on why those who funded, incited and abetted the insurrection still havent been held to account. Oh well have plenty of stories about the morons who allowed themselves to be played, but I doubt get much whether your nation of laws will bring anyone who matters to book.

    1. Lets be clear that the crime committed is nothing short of Felony Murder. That is the legal principle that if you wittingly involved yourself in a Felony, and a Murder was committed during the course of that crime, then you are just as legally responsible for the murder along with those who directly did the murdering.

      So Donald Trump and everyone else need to be arrested and tried for these Felony Murders.

    2. @Da Hawk Felony murder charges have to have intent. You’d get laughed out of court trying to prove the intention.

    3. @Da Hawk I’m with you on this. This was a coordinated attack- with anyone getting in the way getting injured, or murdered, it made no difference. I want to know who talked to who. Who in the Congress, Senate, Justice Dept- wherever on the INSIDE talked to the OUTSIDE. These are the things I hope the committee can prove. But we may never know or have enough proof in the end. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, because it doesn’t take one to know what happened. There’s already evidence of I believe a representative opening a door for these A-holes. But that’s just 1.

    4. @Karasene 13, today people use ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a blanket dismissal, as though it is inherently loony. But conspiracies do happen, and this was a glaring example. I do agree that tons of stuff was done publicly in plain sight. I do hope the deep investigation reveals plenty more smoking guns.

    5. @DJ Jones: “Felony murder charges have to have intent. You’d get laughed out of court trying to prove the intention.”

      The classic example of Felony Murder is the person who drives the getaway car in a bank robbery. They need not have intent to harm anyone. They need not so much as touch a gun, nor even step foot out of the car. But if a guard got shot by any of the robbers and dies, this driver will be charged with Felony Murder.

      By this same standard, I don’t see why Trump and dozens of others should not be found guilty of Felony Murder.

    1. It was frightening. The insurrectionists had bombs, automatic weapons, nerve gas, and even nukes. If they wanted to topple the govenment, they needed all that.

    1. There are few real Republicans. The party has transformed into a neo fascist party
      Call it maga
      Call it Trumpism
      It’s not the GOP

    1. I think your constitution is out dated for this century and he used being a president’s privilege to avoid this, just thinking out loud, I hope he gets jail time for the corruption and destruction he has done to America 綾 and democracy but especially the people

  4. 9/11 and January 6 are forever etched in History as the days America was attacked by Terrorists both foreign and domestic.

    1. @Sam Harris
      9/11 was a much worse attack of course, but it was from a foreign enemy. On Jan 6 it was actually Americans who did it. That does not sit well with most people

  5. we are not in the process of splitting apart. we have a fascist infection of one of the two parties thats all. look at the video of the low end type the trump people are. just bullies and nuts.

    1. The progressive left has ALWAYS been the FASCISTS. FDR praised MUSSOLINI. FACTS DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. HILTER USED THE DEMOCRAT SLAVE PLAYBOOK to commit genocide. Thats reality. Your sheets are starting to show again 鳶鳶 democrats created the Kkk also. 弗

  6. Lock up all who participated in this awful destructive and deadly insurrections, including the initiator riot in chief Trump.

    1. In return are you ready for your 4 year prison sentence for supporting the 4 year impeachment effort before last November?

    2. @Sam Harris
      Impeachment is a Constitutional process. Is the Constitution illegal now in your circles? Is that why you are trying to defend the Jan 6 attack?

  7. Sincerely wished Rep. Kim was picking up those bottles for DNA identification of the insurrectionists.

  8. *1st FDR Economic Freedoms:* Employment, food, clothing, leisure with enough income to support them. *2nd FDR Economic Freedoms:* Farmers’ rights to a fair income. *3rd FDR Economic Freedoms:* Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies. *4th FDR Economic Freedoms:* Housing, Medical care, Social security, Education

  9. 2:49 I think if everyone had done their jobs leading upto it they would have been fine ..but the prob was WH was behind it

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