Rep. Anthony Brown: ‘The President Has Abused And Misused The Military’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Rep. Anthony Brown, vice chair of the House Armed Services Committee, reacts to the strain the president has put on the military with his handling of the movement that arose after George Floyd’s death. Aired on 06/11/2020.
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Rep. Anthony Brown: ‘The President Has Abused And Misused The Military’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Donald Dunce said through his press secretary that by renaming the bases we’d somehow dishonor the heroes who died who hailed from those bases. But what we’d really be doing is honoring those heroes. Trump is a liar. He called for the execution of the Central Park four and president heel spur also called John MCCain a loser / not a hero- “because he got caught”… dump the Dunce NOW!!!

    1. @Don Williams So you support a 5 times draft dodger with a rich daddy that was happy to bribe a podiatrist ? Happy to honour the enemy that fought against the USA ? Happy that Trump pardons war criminals ? You are a disgrace to your uniform .

    2. wee huddy man you leftists are actually mentally insane I can’t believe the things you people believe, Donald trump is actually the manifestation of satan on earth and he is responsible for all the pain in the world too

    3. @Richard K Your meaningless ad homin attack doesn’t address in any way , shape or form what I actually posted , you’re just not the sharpest chisel in the shed are you Dickie ?

  2. Trump loves to make a mountain out of a molehill. He will use any means to flex his puny dictatorial muscles. To make other’s do his bidding is what he loves. He loves it more than any intimate relationship(s). He loves it more than his rallies. He is abusive with his power over others. The more he is seen being abusive with his power the more people will see his puny little ego will one day hurt them or imprison them. He will one day make the democratic party itself a terrorist group. He has already used words like terrorist and insurgents. He is painting Democrats and all those who resist or defy his abuse of power as the enemy of the state. He is a bully. The brave people in uniform will have difficult decisions to make. Defy orders and protect the innocent or follow orders and deal with the moral consequences. It will not be easy. I believe people who protest will have to take the hits. Take so many hits that the brave people in uniform can’t in good conscience abide by the orders from Trump. Fighting with equal force will only justify the abuse. To help the people in uniform might mean not protesting Trump’s abuse of power. I believe that action will easily play into Trump’s plan. The military needs to see beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump has become a danger to the American people and our way of life.

  3. I live in the deep south. I’ve gotta tell ya, the militarization of police, natl guard deployment, martial law, etc. Are the things that freak out his hardcore lemmings more than anything.
    Their response is silence.

  4. Apology NOT accepted! I saw the General, General Millie, strutting around, acting all big on the day he ordered the US Army to fight against their own American citizens! A completely dishonorable act, or order, was given, and should require this General be dishonorably discharged!

    1. John Dewispelaere Just keep telling yourself those lies. You are almost up to Senator status. Are you talking about the same Esper that retreated from his conviction and public statement that the army should not have been called up to stand against its citizens, that Esper? Well, my apologies. I FEEL SO MUCH SAFER! Coward Esper serving under Coward tRump. How appropriate! As an aside. Your last name sounds French, and America’s Army looked impressive.

    2. @Shawna Weesner Shawn! Yes, Esper regretted his move, just as The General did, but he is still a tool of The Chosen One and didn’t send the troops back to Bragg because The Chosen One didn’t approve. The names Belgium and what does “Your last name sounds French, and America’s Army looked impressive.” Supposed to mean??

    3. John Dewispelaere No disrespect intended about asking if your name was French, because the spelling was reminiscent of French, but not entirely. It is nice. And I thought the guys looked well trained.

  5. What Mr Brown is saying about the general, was after the fact, and all of the backlash received for the picture stunt. It is a cya ploy.
    The general knew he should not have gone on that walk before he went on that walk. This stuff is taught at West Point for pete sake.
    Come on you guys, think!

    1. Jon I didn’t know that, so thank you. I only help pay the salary of the Coward In Chief who bone spurred his way out of fighting for his country in Vietnam, and called our P.O.W.s losers! I’ll shut up, now.😷🙏🐾

  6. It’s shamefully bizarre to have a president mouthing off against federal military leaders particularly when his record shows he’s a cowardly draft dodger who through brazen grift avoided serving in the Vietnam war not once but five separate times. Now he postures as Commander in Chief imposing military force on american protesters and plays golf on Memorial Day while those in the front line of ‘combat’ against the pandemic crisis bravely forge on risking their lives.

  7. A psychotic fraud like Trump leads anyone dealing with him to a crossroads of morality and will have him asking himself, “Do I really want to sell my soul to this lunatic?” If the answer is “yes” or “I’ll give it shot,” that person will have his own General Milley moment, or his own Gary Cohn moment, or his own James Mattis moment, or his own Dan Coats moment, etc., etc., etc. Once you sign a pact with the devil, you’ll not extricate yourself without consequences to your psyche and, of course, your soul.

    1. “Devil at The Crossroads” It is unreal to watch this play out in real life. Everyone has a price and everyone will pay the price even if it is not in dollar bills. I appreciate your comments. It is so true, soul and psyche can’t be repaired with money or status. Thanks for your thoughtful words.

    2. @JoAnn Holmes So true, JoAnn, and thank you for your kind comment. We’re paying a price right now for compromising our democratic safeguards, and things have been made much worse with the highly corrupt Mr. Trump and his minions in charge. If we survive this, our first priority had better be to repair our democratic system and have true campaign finance reform, getting “dark” money out of the election process. Take care and good luck!

    1. @M Leggieri – “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: There is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to… The Outer Limits.”

  8. In my opinion, milley only apologized because all those retired generals called Impeached trump and barr out on that fiasco photo op. milley at least had the good sense to realise how foolish he looked in his combat camouflage marching along, like a lapdog, behind Impeached trump.

    1. He is not sorry. He did it, committed an abuse of American civilians. I was watching and saw no warnings that 20 minutes before curfew at 7 pm. Milley’s career is over. No sorries for the top brass, the know the rules and he broke them.

  9. Jesus H Christ, trump has misused an abused any an everything he’s ever done his entire life. He should’ve been a convicted felon decades ago

  10. *He believes that he can count on US military to put down millions of Americans protesting.*

    Trump has put US Military, EU, UN, Ukraine and American protesters in harm’s way and only to satisfy his greed for power and republican party is equally guilty for allowing him to do it.

    US military would be making a big mistake to back Trump. *High Ranking Officers has sworn an Oath to defend and protect US Constitution NOT Trump NEITHER Republican Party.* And if US Military High Ranking Officers  doesn’t honor their Oath then US has much bigger problem than Trump.

  11. We are sick and tired of his corruption! When are we going to stand up for the Constitution? The founders put forth the 25th Amendment so we had a resolution NOT only to NOT except, but, oust a President who is unfit by law, and has continuously tried to annihilate our Constitution. If not now, WHEN?

  12. Trump been Abusing the office from the beginning. Shut the Government down, Send her back, Lock her up. Quid Pro Quo, Taking money that’s already alotted, to put on a wall, Keeping peoples in cages, Saying Racist lyric should I go on?

  13. The troops are our children. To people like Trump they’re just thugs to threaten protesters and make more money for the defense industry. These generals generally waited way too long to protect the troops and the People. Not impressed at all.

  14. All trumps presidency and buiness are falling, he’s the worst president nightmare in history, people are suing u for your dog and poney show at that church, may God have mercy on your sick soul.

  15. Trump is that guy on the Titanic who would pull a mother and child from the lifeboat yelling: “I have bonespurs!”

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