Rep. Barbara Lee On Joining Lawsuit Against Trump: ‘We Seek Accountability’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. I, too, agree that CHUMP and ALL those that participated in the riot on January 6, 2021 should be charged with the murders of those who protected the Capital. Their actions were AGAINST the business of the United States. “LOCK THEM UP!”😠

    1. @ironhorse

      Lock up who? I think Biden is doing a pretty good job of it already. He has crammed more kids into cages already than Trump did his entire term! Or are you not talking about kids in cages?

      Wait werent you guys against kids in cages? What happened? You suddenly don’t care anymore because it isn’t Trump doing it?

    2. @Ricky Kendrick Lock up the Trump crime syndicate and all the sycophantic congress that aided and abetted him!

    3. @ironhorse the doc oh yeah? What crime was it trump committed? I get it, you really don’t like him. Fortunately your dislike is not grounds for a criminal offense.

    4. @ironhorse the doc if you are going to call for trump to locked up, are you at least going to be consistent and call for bidden and Harris to be locked up as well? Or is a trump hater showing a little logical consistency just to much to hope for?

    5. @Ricky Kendrick You ask what he should be locked up for? Seriously? The murder of 550k Americans to start off. You say there is a problem at the border but that has been through Obama and Trumps administration. Did you call for Trump to be put in jail then? Did you donate to his scam or were you lucky enough not to get stung with recurring payments? Did you pay your taxes and did you pay more than Trump though he is a billionaire? I think he should be arrested for his part in the insurrection. I think they should open an inquiry into how Epstein really died given that Trump was accused of sexual misconduct with a 14 year old at one of Epsteins parties. Mark Twain said it is easier to fool someone than have them admit they had been fooled. Let go of your ego.

    1. The above presentation was mental instability, emotional psychosis and ignorance. Was literally giggling through almost everything she said, lol. To seriously applaud these clowns puts you in as much desperate need for medication as they are. What planet do they come from?

    2. @Favour Bridgette Totally agree. Problem: neither exist in this video, outside of what is being manufactured solely in the heads of some seriously deranged people.

  2. Gag me with a Florida State spoon. Methinks the Joel Greenberg prosecutors aren’t interested in just Matt. Why stop there? That selfy Greenberg took had a third character. Stone. I think all these jokers know a great deal about the mechanics of Jan.6th. Forget it, Jake, it’s Orlando.

    1. Keep investigating. There’s several rings of influence. Corporations, cartel, mafia, panama paper violators, royal Saudi family and 2030 Neom, gcc, mnuchin gulf fund, and then little shoe shiners like epstein dershowitz and George nader

  3. Litigation is what rumpster has used against honest people his whole life. Time to turn the tables. Sue, Sue, sue

  4. The DOJ need to sue Trump and his fellow inciters for the full cost of the January 6th insurrection including security and prosecutorial costs. Yes, all those billions of dollars.

    1. ok but they need to also do the same to blm and their supporters for the 4 years of nightly lootings and riots

  5. But YESSS. THEY DO get away with it. If WS ended tomorrow, it would just be renamed something else

  6. I was “duped” by former President Donald Trump and am now unable to provide for my daughter and disabled wife.
    “I was following Trump’s directive”. As a result of this experience, I have learned not to be so gullible
    and will not be so easily duped again. – J.Hughs (Capitol rioter).

    1. @DJ Pomare
      I notice you labeled him wrong. You mean Capitol protestor. I get it. It is an easy mistake to make.

    2. djt duped J. Huges and OTHERS for four years. If he were too stupid to see thru djts lies over the course of four years….TOO DAMNED BAD. DO THE CRIME….DO THE TIME.

    3. @Sydni Downey The charges against the Capitol protestors should be dropped, just like the George Floyd protestors.

  7. “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Greek Proverb

    1. @Favour Bridgette I think a more fitting description for modern white supremacy is “Any white person who disagrees with a person of color, on any topic.” That seems to be the most fitting description for white supremacy, in today’s society

  8. Black America trive to rise and go forward regardless of who ever where ever and how much hate we indure.

    1. The HATE is coming from those who benefit from the publicity and it is NOT from the public. It was NOT from President Trump either. As the public gets educated with the TRUTH the power of those abusing it for personal & political gain weakens. Evil hates the light and LIARS hate the truth and both Transparent Scrutiny & Equality of Truth are HATED by the corrupt. This is why the Democrat administrations fight so hard against both! FACT Obama imprisoned more journalists than ALL presidents combined & 90% of our cross media is owned by six monopolies who are liberal political activists.

  9. These rights were very hard won. Americans have gone to war to help other countries have a democracy yet, we cannot stop the erosion of our democracy in America. It’s so sad and ironic

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