Rep. Barbara Lee: Time To Get Rid Of AUMF, 'It Is Not Needed' 1

Rep. Barbara Lee: Time To Get Rid Of AUMF, ‘It Is Not Needed’


Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) discusses the decision by the House to repeal the 2002 Iraq AUMF. 

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  1. “Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime.”
    Joe Biden

  2. The atf is another alphabet agency that has outlived its existence. So many mistakes and bad decisions and now trying to usurp power from congress, thats just a step too far and it needs to be ended.

  3. Every time a liberal voter goes to the grocery store or gas station they are beginning to want the military to remove joe Biden from the white house ASAP.

  4. GW Bush’s first term: Started an endless war that created ISIS.
    GW Bush’s second term: Created the worst financial crisis in 100 years until…
    Stable Genius’ only term: Failed pandemic and an even worse financial crisis that 2008.

    republicans sure are good at presidenting!

    1. I’m sorry but your very confused on your history, George Bush senior went to defend Kuwait, America knocked Iraqi forces back and then America left, even in Bush seniors journal he spoke on how he was getting pressured to take the leadership out and he wrote “the last thing I wish to do is leave a vacuum in the middle east”.
      Now his son jr on the other hand you can definitely point fingers at for lies!
      Bush junior had Democrats and Republicans lying for him to keep America there.
      Reagan was said to be the one that would start ww3, didn’t happen however.
      Bush senior defended Kuwait and oil supplies from Iraq.
      Bill Clinton was spanking the wrong woman while his wife was putting children in mines that they still make money off of in Africa.
      Bush jr attacked a country for attacking America but then decided to intentionally lie to move the war from Afghan to Iraq.
      Obama got America twice in debt and screwed health care.
      Trump spoke to openly and hurt people’s feelings.
      And Biden, well that poor guy needs more than just an evaluation, Biden out of all of them I actually do feel sympathy for because he’s to lost to even defend himself.

  5. I would think this is something every American can support. The President shouldn’t be able to just deploy the military on a whim without congressional approval.

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