Rep. Bass On Biden’s VP: ‘I Would Love To See Him Appoint Woman Of Color’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Biden: “I will have an administration that looks like America.”
    t’rump: **retweets white power video**
    America: “Dude, do you even want to be re-elected at this point?”

    1. @Diego Iniguez Yes I mean the Joe Biden voters who are patriots who support black lives matter movement that has worldwide support. No evidence of any antifa protesters at all. Just another conspiracy theory by Trump.


    2. @Uncle Ed But herw we are today with Trump having tear gas thrown into a peaceful crowd of protesters for a photo op with a bible, unleshing the military on his own citizens, committing high crimes while in office which Republicans covered up. You people have nothing to go after Biden with at all.

    1. Trump has made USA a better place ! The dems are feeding people lies to divide us ! Unity USA ! Trump 2020

  2. Having a Cabinet that looks like America would be nice. Having one that isn’t beholden to Wall Street, Oil, Pharma, or the military/prison industrial complex would be amazing.

  3. just make the vp out to be worthy of replacing Biden if matter what color or gender…

  4. I’d be happy to see ANY intelligent, educated, compassionate, wise, diplomatic, ethical, honest female – no matter what she looks like. Biden needs to stop dragging his feet and make the choice known!

    1. @Astrobrant2 – Clinton outshines everybody and anybody as for experience and qualifications. Perhaps Rice down the road but we don’t have the luxury of time being on our side. If Clinton is picked on day one, no minute one, she could be headed to mend fences with our former allies and current adversaries with some exceptions. We do work hand and hand with some of our adversaries. Russia for one. Who has been putting up our Astronauts and bringing them back? That is just the tip of the iceberg.

    2. @Uncle Ed Never. No republican can remain standing in the senate and the house. Everyone of them who’s up for election this year must be voted out. And every republican up for election 2 years from now needs to be removed from office as well. Republicans have shown the entire world that they cannot be trusted with anything. They must all be tossed out in all the upcoming elections till there’s no republican left in office who supported this president.

    3. @JSTR I don’t think Clinton’s qualifications are any better than Susan Rice’s. Have you looked at them?
      Clinton has a lot of baggage, some of it unfair, but some of it not. As far as I know, Rice is squeaky clean.
      And again, there is the age problem. Clinton is 72. Rice is 55. A good choice of VP for a very old President is someone much younger to give the administration the best chance of holding the White House.
      I don’t hate Clinton, but I’m betting that at least a couple million Democrats do, and Republicans would go ape if she was on the ticket. I think she would hurt Biden’s chances.

  5. Republicans seem to be incapable of restraining themselves from verbally, physically, and sexually assaulting women.

    1. Yes like the Governor of Michigan 2 months ago, storming into the Capital bldg in Detroit with guns

    1. @Grim Reefer – Thanks for your support Mon Ami. Yes, let’s look for experience and qualifications. Biden is going to have his hands full ‘locally’. Clinton could tend to the foreign affairs side of the house and make amends. She is respected by our allies or what used to be our allies but perhaps not necessarily liked. They can and will overcome that minor hurdle.

    2. @JSTR However, she is very qualified for the position, but her reputation has been tarnish. It could hurt Biden becoming the 46th president and it may not be worth the chance of losing to dimwit Donald. America can’t handle another 4 yr of that insane man!

    3. @Grim Reefer – I understand your point of her reputation being tarnished but is it really? Granted she is no saint nor is she a virgin. Just as with the other politicians she also is no position to ‘cast the first stone’. Now having said that, she is still the best qualified and most experienced. People have to set aside their personal likes and dislikes and concentrate on what is really important. Keep their eye on the ball!

    4. @JSTR She testified under oath and they could not find guilt. I think she would be a very good VP, but I hate Donald and he must go at all cost. Hilary’s reputation could ruin that. Even through that reputation was labeled on her and not by her own faults. It is not worth the risk.

    5. @Grim Reefer – I agree with you and it is unfortunate. I still think that she would fit the bill perfectly. Perhaps if enough people get on the Clinton bandwagon, it could end up a reality.
      Oh yes, thanks for your support Mon Ami.

    1. I know my vote is for Biden and BLUE all the way down. I am not even a Dem, I just despise out right traitors!

    2. 🗣OF-COLOR🌈 VOTES✌❗MATTER💯%❗👏👋
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  6. I don’t care what’s between their legs, It’s what’s between their ears that counts. 🙂

    1. @Uncle Ed BS! It’s bunker boy that’s the proven sexual predator. You full of BS and another pathological liar.

    2. @youknow thething You’re full of BS! If you look at the history of US President’s the Democrats have been much more successful than the Republicans.

  7. Biden has at least 5 women of color that are all more competent than him and will be much better than Pence!

    1. They would be much better than Biden. One of them should be running instead of Biden. Biden has done nothing for this country. Obama did everything in that administration. Biden is a joke. These 5 women have done more in less time as politicians than Biden has done in a lifetime. Please tell me what he has done. Him alone. Feel free to Google. This is yet another election year I wont vote. Dont like Trump, or Biden or Hillary. Last person I voted for was Obama.

  8. Gov. Newsom was doing a great job early on by setting metrics based on science. Unfortunately, conservative parts of California put political pressure on him to allow more local autonomy. So anti-maskers and just morons not following simple physical distancing guidelines have caused the rise in Covid-19 infections.

  9. Yes, a black women as vice, I know I would love doing that. I personally feel we should have a black women for President, but we need to just get someone in office that isn’t a total nut case. The only problem with black person or a person of color is that we spend so much time politically screaming at each other that nothing ever gets done except calling each other names. We are such a stupid company.

  10. I don’t think it’s known yet who the 4 are on the short list. I would like him to select a strong woman that will stand up for the American people. Someone like Mayor Bottoms (not sure if on list). I love that she stood up to Governor Kemp. The people of Atlanta are lucky to have her as a leader. 💙

    1. 🗣OF-COLOR🌈 VOTES✌❗MATTER💯%❗👏👋
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  11. if you watched Andrea Mitchell as of the recent few weeks, I think shes losing it in terms of concentration.

  12. FLORIDA Please come out to VOTE BLUE!!! We need to remove our Governor Ron DeSantis… he has proven to NOT have our best interest COVID-19 is ravaging thru our state and refuses to do what us absolutely necessary for us to over come the pandemic!!! Wear your Masks for your Health and the Health of other’s!!! 🙏💖🇺🇸

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