‘Tense Moments’ As Republicans Attack Liz Cheney During GOP Meeting | MSNBC


  1. Ah, when they fall on one another and begin to feed. Makes me realise why Romans loved watching lions eat slaves. Bring me another platter of roasted doormice and peeled grapes.

    1. William H WTF? Random, uncalled for BS. Who cares what someone else’s sexuality is anyway? Jeez

    2. @Emily Maiden morons like him who seem to think sexuality is something that shouldn’t be talked about unless it’s not hetero. I think hes just repressing his own sexuality and trying to look tough.

    1. They Are Real Americans…You Do Not Have To Agree With Everyone…At Least Republicans Still Have Their OWN Minds.

    1. @Michigan Wolverine no they didnt start the kkk as a matter of fact, the identify as Republicans

    2. @Manuel Ortiz People here believe the lies from the DCP new networks, so just trying to open their eyes to the truth, and I don’t watch fox, I gather my news by holding a wet finger into the wind and let my feelings decide whats right.

    3. It Has Just Started…The Silent Majority Will Be Coming Out By The Millions…Democrats Have Already LOST.

  2. The person who is eventually going to bring some sanity to the Republican party has not been born yet😬

    1. @Norman Peterson why did the liberal media stop talking about it like how jussie Smollett was lynched by MAGA hats in MAGA country? Why did they stop reporting that Nick sandman was a racist?????????????????

      Questions that need answers.

      What’s it like being on the wrong side of history?

    1. William H You are not a true American. You don’t support the 10th amendment, making that comment. Along with the 1st and 6th amendments, who were also violated by Trump and his administration in Portland. On top of that you pass the 9th amendment with your comment. Being a republican you probably only know the 2nd amendment. So not a true American, just a wannabe. The Bill of Rights isn’t written to pick and choose from, they are all equally important.

    2. @William HRepublicans do nothing of any value to speak of, so all you’re left with is talking bad about Democrats. Why don’t you grow a spine and a pair of eyes so you can stand up and actually see what you have been denying while slithering on the ground.

    3. @randal gibbons I’m not a Republican you imbecile I support the people’s president… Democracts support Defunding the police.
      tinyurl.com/y8fr4x82 🎶

  3. One thing the GOP does well…………………..ATTACK WOMEN…👉they are threatened by strong women👈……..

    1. @S O You’re right you snot nose liberals are doing a good job of showing your true colors with all the riots . I don’t do the smiley face thing thats so liberal !

    1. @Doris Rivers how about you take your president to a island for the insane and let us that want to better our communitys and children alone its time the dead weight be cut out. Later

    2. People are tearing the country apart im not a democrats and never will you go to a island with PELOSI and get lost

  4. It’s really satisfying to watch them eat each other alive and watch their lousy party disintegrate.

    1. The problem is you need a good opposition to hold the ruling party to account. If the GOP collapses the Dems would be just as bad, the entire system works only for the big money donors.

    1. @S Hyle hoping and praying will not help . I am of Brown skin and many of the people of colored skin have jumped parties and will be voting red.across the board . Not just white people .. Why do you think so many are leaving those democratic cities . Cant tell you how many of my Hispanic people have left cali to come to Arizona . You listen to the news and they are leading you like a lost dog . In November you will see that the left has lost much of the base they had . People of color are tired of the false promises they make . 2016 was not bad ! 2020 will be the end !

  5. If Abraham Lincoln returned today, he would be disgusted by what has become of his Republican party. 🙁 (Reagan also). 😔

    1. Matt Thompson your self righteous elitism on abortion’s isn’t helpful. Calling anyone a sheep is revealing too. We all like to feel better when we go to bed at night, that we’ve made a difference. Takes longer to turn the tide on abortion numbers than you’d like but helping the living: mothers and babies and drug users with education, jobs, healthcare will go further than judgmental rants and name calling about it.

    1. @Carol Rapson I understand where you’re coming from!

      But we know Trump for sure would sacrifice his kids, except maybe Ivanka 🤣 .

      Maybe I should have said sacrifice their poor uneducated supporters children?

    2. Communist democrats will eat unborn babies so they don’t have to love them and feed them

    1. @Barbara Roberts if they resort to being a bully, they are not and never have been a “alpha male”.

    2. @Tyeler Nowell Their are MANY insecure alpha males in our country..they are actually weak and afraid, so they lash out and try to intimidate, dominate and bully others to fill that void of insecurity…it makes them feel in control and powerful in the moment, but it is only a temporary quick fix, as their “real issues” are never being addressed or resolved.

    1. God You Brain Washed People Are A Sad Bunch Of People…Can Not Believe You Believe These LIARS…Proven Over And over Again…All Lies For Power.

  6. Liz Cheney, a right-wing conservative, being attacked by other right-wing conservatives is what I call good news.

  7. Don’t ever want to see any measure of a Cheney in ANY HIGH office ever again.

  8. Absolutely no sympathy for anyone named Cheney, she is dealing with the party her father helped create.

  9. Instead of turning on trump, they chose to turn on the female. I could never understand why a woman would want to be part of this cult.

    1. Can’t agree with you more , LInda. If a woman respecter herself and her constituents, she would never belong to the RETHUGLICAN party.

    2. The cowardice of the American male is eye-watering to behold. I noticed it ever since they attacked Vietnam, always only ever waged war on small, impoverished 3rd world countries and mostly from the relative safety of the air.
      I saw the video of those brave “police” beating up on the Navy veteran, true American ‘heroes’ they were, real ‘patriots’.
      Mind you, the US has bred things like Laura Ingraham and Kayleigh McEnany so it’s not all one sided.

    3. Because they are cowards. Starting with tRump and his bone spurs to Stephen Miller to William Barr to Mitch and Lindsey. All cowards who look for what they perceive as the weakest of the herd. They chose the wrong one this time. You would have thought they would be more careful after Sen. Tammy Duckworth gave them a thrashing.

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