Rep. Brady Says Biden Needs To Start Over On Infrastructure Talks GOP Counteroffer | Stephanie Ruhle 1

Rep. Brady Says Biden Needs To Start Over On Infrastructure Talks GOP Counteroffer | Stephanie Ruhle


Congressional Republicans are set to unveil a counteroffer to President Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan as he continues to push for its passage. House Ways and Means Ranking Member Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) discusses the new bill and tells Stephanie Ruhle there's consensus that "the president needs to start over on this." Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Rep. Brady Says Biden Needs To Start Over On Infrastructure Talks GOP Counteroffer | Stephanie Ruhle


  1. Producing successful American policy is a complex and time consuming task. Republicans cant be bothered to govern and instead have adopted one policy: just oppose any Democratic policy.

    1. They also have another policy: always do whatever their corporate donors want them to do. No matter who it hurts.

  2. USA big companies moving overseas to avoid paying taxes is what all big companies do to all the countries they come from so ALL big companies need to pay their fair share of taxes, trades people, small business and workers can’t use these tactics not the tax loopholes. Taxes pay for schools, hospitals, ICU’s infrastructure etc etc taxes aren’t bad as long as there’s transparency, responsibility and accountability

    1. Texas electric grid is a good example of the private investment in infrastructure this tool is talking about. American internet access is another good example, the big internet providers promised to connect everyone in the country to the net several decades ago. They are no closer to universal connections now than they were then.

  3. Republicans while Trump is in the WH “own the libs”. Republicans with Biden in the WH “libs are mean and will not work with us”.

  4. So basically he wants to sell our infrastructure?
    The things that we literally recognize are too important to leave to any individual or single group?
    Sounds like a great idea /s

  5. omg, this repub is blowing smoke, so many corp bought the stock back with tax savings. They did not create any jobs. RAISE THEIR TAXES TO PAY FOR…

  6. Ruhle is VERY sharp and doesn’t let this tool get away with much regardless how many times he regurgitates talking points.

  7. Doublespeak. Bet he was one of those R’s blaming the wind for the fail of the TX electrical grid last winter.

  8. This is why congress can’t function, lies, misdirected and misguided understanding, and fake concerns from another Texas representative.

  9. Interview the CEO’s of large companies and get a view of their opinions. Just recently I watched a news op interview with a CEO
    (I can’t remember who or what company)
    I DO remember he was okay with the increase in taxes for the good of the nation in improving infrastructure

  10. I love you Stephanie Ruhle. You are such a badass. “You haven’t seen a good plan in Washington. You don’t have to wait to see it. You can write it. You’re in office.” She basically called him out for being useless, like most Republicans. They complain and spout out lies, but they don’t do anything to make people’s lives better.

  11. When he says “user fees” to pay for the infrastructure bill, he means that he wants to tax the poor and the middle class rather than raise the taxes on corporations.

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