Rep. Charlie Crist Says New Florida Voting Law “Doesn’t Make Any Sense Whatsoever” | MSNBC

Florida’s Ron DeSantis is the latest Republican Governor to sign a restrictive new voting law into effect. Making it harder to vote has been a priority for Republicans in state legislatures around the country. Congressman Charlie Crist (D-FL) says the move may have been made with an eye towards the 2022 midterm elections. Crist speaks to NBC’s Joshua Johnson about the new voting law and his bid for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming gubernatorial race.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rep. Charlie Crist Says New Florida Voting Law “Doesn’t Make Any Sense Whatsoever” | MSNBC


    1. @psycobleach46 tullis Well, because the election was rigged, even though you voted for Biden, it is moot because they cheated. So there’s that right. The fact I cant send any links without youtube censoring it is an obvious affront to the first amendment. And you can stick your fingers in your ears and close your eyes to the clear fraud all you want, doesnt change the FACT that there was fraud and that Biden is illegitimate. But its omay. He had to be installed to open peoples eyes to the lefts corruption, which thousands are waking up to everytine Sleepy Joe speaks!

    2. @Smellyweasel23 ! on the point of you not posting your links, it is NOT going against the 2nd amendment, YT is NOT government-owned and they have a TOS that you agree to when you created your account. There was NO fraud even trumps own people said there was NO fraud, the only corruption going is from the right.

    3. @Smellyweasel23 ! my pillow guy is a loser and has NO evidence of fraud, he was NOT around the machines or ballots he did NOT do any auditing like the states did. so now you are against voter suppression?

    1. @Some One Yeah, progressives are disconnected clowns. They live in a bubble of anti-capitalism while sipping from their starbucks cup.

    2. @Luis Rosales nobody dumped masses ballots in the middle of the night. That was another Trump lie. Signatures are checked when voting. Normally during registration and/or while getting your mail in ballot. The only time that happened was a man in Philadelphia voting twice for his mom and he was voting for Trump.
      The lawsuits I’m talking about is not from everyday people but from organizations who know everything about these type of lawsuits and believe it or not DeSantis apparently doesn’t know all he needs to know about voting laws.
      Not to mention I have seen you on threads arguing with people and I don’t waste time with people like you because you never listen to reason.

  1. Of course it doesn’t make sense. It can’t . They are trying to disenfranchise people for being poor, black, latino, etc. without actually saying it . And that is impossible. The more language you try to bury your true intent under, the less sense it makes.

    1. And in the process, disenfranchising their own base. As 35 % of republican voters voted by mail in 2020 in Florida.

    2. Yes totally agree suppressing colored peoples rights to vote truly low and disgusting to think they would stoop to this level

    3. This is a serious question, what exactly is your problem with the bill? I have read it and nothing in it restricts voting. Also don’t you think something should be changed so we don’t have another 8 years of people crying fraud?

    4. Please explain how this suppresses the vote of poor, black and Hispanic voters. Please be specific.

    1. Not when it comes to coup attempts and treasonous aspirations of a successful one. They will plot that all day long.

    2. He just made it harder for 35% of Republicans to vote . And this clown thinks he is fit to run for President . Pathetic !

  2. I’m a progressive independent, but I don’t know very many like-minded Floridians. This helped open my mind to Crist though. I’ve been hoping for Nikki Fried, but I recognize it will be really difficult to win as both a democrat and a woman. Sounds like Crist is actually about individual freedom, rather than DeSantis claiming so, yet restricting both individuals and businesses.

    1. Yeah what a nut. We have proven election fraud and people want to do something about it while the Democrats who want to protect their advantage with cheating exploit minorities yet again in 2021. Worse. Some of you morons buy the BS.

      I’m not saying this is the answer but clearly the only reason people oppose it is because they cheated and bills like this might make that harder.

    2. Fellow liberal Independent here, though I no longer live in Florida, but I did for 28 years, and Crist is one of the few FL politicians I had – and still have – any respect for, along with Bob Graham.

      DeSantis, Scott, and the rest, are self-serving tools.

      Scott was a known criminal before he was elected governor, and frankly, should be serving time. HARD time.

  3. I think this governor Ron DeSantis of Florida graduated from Trump’s University. The way he sign and hold up the bill like Donald Trump.

    1. @Elarton Taymes Trump put a travel ban in early January 2020 Democrats ignored that ban, Pelosi on February 24th a whole month later was out on the streets saying Corona virus is not a threat come to China Town, so who ignored what. I mean the lack of intellect you have is hilarious, you read a couple of smear tactic headlines and think it’s true 🤣😂🤣😂 and that’s why we call you program sheep 🐑💯

    2. @Elarton Taymes It requires critical thinking. Demagogues from Faux News give “ready-made” sound bites that are appealing to those who don’t want to do the thinking on their own. These ideologies are not difficult to understand, of course, but they require understanding of basic concepts as well as historical contexts.

    3. @S J Not likely, since he’ll be dealing with a massive wave of indictments and convictions.

    4. @Thats not funny And they STILL haven’t learned a damned thing. For at least 40 years and counting.

    5. @Barbara Jolley Right there with you.
      My husband was born and raised in communist Warszawa.

    1. So the governor of Florida lied on television about signing the bill? Of course he did. He is a Republican.

    2. @Whicker Securely protected by the identification we produced *_the day we first registered to vote,_* not one we have to produce each and every time we vote. I am a registered voter in Florida who has voted by mail since 2010, and we have had vote by mail as an option since 2001. You do not have to be “absentee” to vote by mail in Florida, you can do it from your living room. It is you who lacks knowledge of legitimate voting.

  4. The time has come for the Republicans to embrace the reality that the American people simply do not want them in office.

    1. @RaidersACDC 489 name three things and you cant say “hunter bidens laptop” or “Hillarys emails”.
      take your time…

    2. C. Cadon

      Russia collusion hoax
      Fast & furious gun running
      IRS targeting of consecutive groups

      Let me guess non of that happened right

    3. @RaidersACDC 489 Yes there is “Democratic Drama” like tan suits. That was a big one. Oh, wait, that was still Republicans making drama over a suit, for goodness sake

    4. @HSP The Show Yes, keep believing everything CNN/MSNBC tells you. They been so accurate the past 4 years. 🤣🤣🤣🥲

  5. I will be voting for you Charlie Crist and I will be telling all of my children and my family that live in Florida to vote for Charlie Crist send me a sign so I can put it in my front yard so we can get rid of the freaking Liars

    1. So now you make political decisions for your family? Crist is a flip flopping moron who’s been on politics in Florida for 20+ yrs. He represents my district & has done nothing here

    1. @Liberal Dumbfuck lame response, and evidently accurate username, with the exception of “liberal.”

  6. Wow, if you’re bedridden, disabled, or elderly and you can’t make it to a drop box, you can’t vote. How the F is this legal?

    1. @Whicker if your not smart enough to obtain an absentee ballot…. no no no. if your too lazy to obtain a verified ballot then you lack integrity!!! people are lazy, follow whoever gives them a handout.

    2. @Whicker You’re the one lacking the knowledge. Florida has had a vote by mail option since 2001. You needn’t be “absentee” to vote by mail in Florida.

  7. Does that really surprise anyone?! He has many lawsuits right after that news cast!!!

    1. Does lawsuits won’t go anywhere and you know it…it’s just a waste of time and our governor has better things to do than think about those distractions

    2. @rhonda drop where is that happening???….because in Florida…nobody is restricting anything

  8. happy mothers day to all you gurls and guys mons too. vote blue from now on.

  9. The more you try to suppress someone’s vote. The harder they will fight back to vote you out. In Trumps own words, ” every vote counts “.

  10. Sounds like young healthy people who have a handle on the latest tech skills will be the only ones voting.

    1. @SkyGemini amen I have said that all along. The milliniums are going to clean their clock just like they did Walstreet. Had them crying on tv!

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