Studying Past Disasters To Predict The Future | MSNBC

The politics of pandemic restrictions and re-opening has been anything but smooth, and a new book out this week might shed some light on why the pandemic has been so rough. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke to author Niall Ferguson about his new book “Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe,” and the lessons that governments should have learned from the study of past disasters in order to have a better pandemic response.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Studying Past Disasters To Predict The Future | MSNBC


    1. Democrats were never in the majority of leadership when crises have gone down in the United States. Always republican, and always a day late and a dollar short.

    2. Don’t get bogged down in this Dem vs. Rep debate. That’s not the real problem, If you haven’t noticed, the entire medical and scientific community has been hijacked during this “pandemic,” and one person is standing in the middle of it all.

      Tony Fauci

      Never has one person’s incompetent opinion been the LAW of society. Nobody dared to challenge Fauci, and if anybody did, they’d be labeled “anti-science.” No matter how many times Fauci has been proven wrong, or flip-flopped on something as moronic as wearing a mask (or two masks), all the sheeple look up to him like he is God himself.

  1. One incompetent person in the wrong place can destroy anything!!! THIS is the thing we have to learn again and again; so sad…

    1. Unfortunately politics and political appointments seem to be immune from the imposition of obvious and necessary corrective action. If “Eric’s Father” was the CEO of a large corporation charged with dealing with the burgeoning pandemic he would have been sacked by early March 2020. So yes, you are correct but it is not about the learning, it is about having the guts to take the remedial action. The last time something major happened and the correct action was taken was Churchill becoming Prime Minister in the early part of WWII. Since then, reluctance to impose an emergency political reset during a crisis that is being politically mismanaged has been the overriding mindset.

  2. Susan Collins once said that the president has learned his lessons. But the lesson is idiots never learn

  3. This is exactly the conversation I was having with a friend… We’ve had zika, Ebola, swine flu k, bird flu ect.. the difference is in all those occasions America was working proactively in other countries to stop the virus from spreading. This time nobody stepped up to replace American leadership when they gave up by electing Trump

  4. Anti – fragile!
    Someone made fun of me being a “Goat”, meaning the resilient mountain goat (Capricorn), in their Mother’s Day post.
    I guess they were acknowledging that I am anti fragile. Challenge strengthens. I do even better in difficult circumstances. I will take the “goat” reference as a compliment.

  5. What about the conspiracy theorists that spread dangerous lies, and how to deal with them

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