Rep. Clyburn: Senate Needs To Take A 'Look' At SCOTUS Voting Decision 1

Rep. Clyburn: Senate Needs To Take A ‘Look’ At SCOTUS Voting Decision

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-SC, weighs in on the Supreme Court's decision this week on upholding Arizona voting laws, why he says Congress needs to act after the SCOTUS decision and why he says the For the People Act is more crucial following the Supreme Court's ruling.

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Rep. Clyburn: Senate Needs To Take A 'Look' At SCOTUS Voting Decision


    1. @Ronald King my group? shut up kid, rules were changed during covid about mail in, just going back and making sure votes are legal,, your group has a problem with that. wow

    2. @Robert Emery disagree, how are they restrictive so voting is easy ands secure , so what is the problem just partisan crap from the left as they try to make voting become controlled by the federal government which has grown to large as it is, I dont watch crap partisan tv of either side. you should try it and read and study more stop letting them tell you how to think

    3. @David Goldman lol what a klown. Democrats are trying to control elections, he says, as the republikans are passing hundreds of laws explicitly designed to be restrictive and controlling.
      Some first-class projektion, komrade. Dear leader will be proud of you.

    4. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen Mitch filibustered all of Obama’s picks and removed the filibuster for trump seating as many judges for the moron and federalist society in 4 years as Obama seated in 8 years.

  1. Supreme Court says Arizona limits don’t violate Voting Rights Act. One has to assume that it is a distinct and undeniable harbinger of things to come. “PACK THE COURTS”

    1. @Richard the Weaver You sound like Senator Man-chin when he talks about doing things in a “bipartisan way” Where’s that gotten us?

    2. @Gary Campbell isn’t that what the GOP is actually doing tho!? So, fair for them but not anyone else?

  2. In a true democracy, everyone has the right to vote. From a layman’s perspective if your leader’s decisions affect or impact your life you should have the right to choose your leader without fear or conditions and that is the strength of democracy. Democracy equates unity behind the chosen leader, but when leaders inject fear, divisions, and hatred into society unity falls apart and democracies slide into chaos.

    1. @Ralph Sims she says hi btw…….she also said she aint gonna let you out of the basement though

    1. @Ralph Sims – The facts do not bear you out on that though. The GQP are a party of mostly bigoted folk. The non-bigots have almost all left now. YOU still in?

    2. @Rene Jean you obviously have this cartoon like idea of what a conservative is…….I don’t blame you the media propaganda machine feeds off of feeble minds. Like I said though back in my childhood yes the Right had more of the religious extremists/bigots. However today it’s the Left that is ONLY concerned about your identity and not about the merit of an individual. That is racism by definition. The Left is also guilty of bigotry of low to no expectations. Assuming that you have to save minorities who are not capable of picking themselves up (according to you) is not helping them or anyone else.

    3. @Tony Castaneda so making it harder to cheat in elections is going along with the “big lie”??

    4. @Ralph Sims oh please. exactly when did you begin to follow politics?? Since Hannity & the other guy have promoted far right views??(blocking the other guys name).

    1. Amy Barrett I think that’s her last name is one the one’s . He appointed her remember that when everyone at her appointment celebration caught Covid 19

  3. The Supreme Court will NEVER have any credibility until the Dems add seats to nullify the ones stolen by the republicans..

    1. @rob falter WASHINGTON—Refusing to back down from the line of questioning in hopes of getting a detailed answer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell repeatedly pressed attorney general nominee Merrick Garland Tuesday about his legal philosophy when it came to the issue of seething personal vengeance.

      “Now, Judge Garland, how would you feel, hypothetically speaking, about the Justice Department using its power to just “absolutely wreck the life of someone who may or may not have Brazenly Wronged You on the public stage, say, oh, I don’t know, five or so years ago?”

      asked the seven-term Kentucky senator, who spent much of his allotted time at the confirmation hearing inquiring whether the circuit judge prefers to seek recompense immediately or follows the “dish best served cold” school of thought.

      Why do you suppose Senator McConnell would ask such a question?

    2. Rob Falter, if the Democrats increase the number to fifteen, the Republicans would have to increase the number to nineteen. That’s the same argument as they use against the filibuster, but the point is the Republicans can do it any time they gain the majority. That makes it more imperative to do so first, and immediately. They can pass the legislation that’s necessary without the Republicans being able to block it. The Republicans did it with judgeships after blocking the Obama appointments. If they have an agenda they would have no qualms about eliminating the filibuster then. The Democrats have “played fair” for to long, their duty isn’t to the protocols, it’s to the people.

    3. @John DiGiacomo they did not increase the court to 15 under trump although they could have. they did not attempt to do away with the legislative filibuster under trump although they could have. they also do not smear democratic nominees to the supreme court. you may not like the fact that garland got no hearing but they did not resort to the lies and smears democratic senators did to bork , thomas , and kavanaugh. democrats have ” played fair ” ? only in a fake news universe

    1. @Marie-Flo Reddy In our more recent history, you mean possibly Johnson (was he complicit in Kennedy’s assassination?), Nixon, Reagan, HW Bush, possibly Clinton (for his betrayal of blacks & working poor), GW Bush & Trump? Two were Democrats & five (all the rest) were Republicans.

  4. Free and fair elections would spell the end of white christian dominance in America.

    And the Republican party knows it.

    1. @Harlan Moochie Reminds me of Jesus’s words ” give Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and God what belongs to God”

    2. @Matthew O’Reilly Jesus Never taught any form of physical self defense, neither did he plan, or suggest any armed revolt against Rome.
      kjv Matthew ch 5 tells a completely different story.
      {now, before some militant minded individual, references Luke, concerning the purchasing of swords.
      Please study the entire context of the scriptures.}

    3. @Marie-Flo Reddy YOU GOT IT !
      you may wonder why moochie finds your reply soo exciting…Well, because I have been doing little else but trying to apply that scripture, to the foolishness of attempting to combine Spiritual Church with Secular State, for about 5 years.
      And you are the First to also mention it…
      wait,…maybe You and I, are just not seeing things correctly…? ; )
      thanks, i needed that,
      be safe and be well,

    4. @Billy Pardew what State are you in, race & political affiliation. That makes all the difference in voting “rights” but I think you know that

  5. The fact that the Justice pointed to a PROVEN lie and talking point of the ‘defendants’ (Republican states) as his rationale for this is disturbing. You must be vigilant about fraud … but gerrymandering districts, reducing polling stations, cutting voting hours, etc. are not attempts to defraud voters?

  6. This is the guy that got Biden the Democrat primary by making homophobic and anti Semitic comments about the other candidates.

    1. @T = Wonder Bread. You take out everything good, make it white, put back a little and call it “enriched”.

  7. All the Republicans that were complicit with the insurrectionist and who are against democracy are still working in Congress to dismantle our institutions and democracy so we need to fight back aggressively the same way they are because standing by and thinking it’s going to go away is not going to work.

  8. This was one reason McConnell wanted to get his people in the Supreme Court.
    Bernie sanders should have been president.

  9. Biden must expand the High Court immediately–well ahead of midterms–or we can kiss this country goodbye.

    1. @ursamagick MT democratic Party do not have that kind of guts and they never had. It has always been a problem with the Democratic leaders because they always want to get along with the republican party because a lot of Democrats are Southerners and racism is part of their childhood.

  10. He endorsed her because it’s the status quo she’s taking corporate pack money so does he he doesn’t support Medicare for all he’s been taking pharmaceutical money for years let’s be honest. Nina Turner has a lot of support just like Bernie Sanders did she’s not taking corporate pack money so she won’t be beholding to anybody.

  11. Voting for “electable” candidates. How about NOT coalescing in an organized way against candidates that refuse to be bought by lobbyists and corporations? We might try that just once and see how it goes.

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