Rep. Dean Calls Sen. Graham’s Argument To Cancel Trump Impeachment ‘Flawed’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

Rep. Dean Calls Sen. Graham’s Argument To Cancel Trump Impeachment ‘Flawed’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC


Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Pa., called Sen. Lindsey Graham’s arguments for canceling the impeachment trial “flawed.” Dean said, “There’s no healing without recognizing and uncovering” Trump’s lies. Aired on 01/18/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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Rep. Dean Calls Sen. Graham’s Argument To Cancel Trump Impeachment ‘Flawed’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC


    1. Don jnr said “we know who you are and we’re coming after you”…
      Sounds like the son of a mob boss

    2. @Baby Teano Sadly, white nationalists are part and parcel of American! It will take a lot of education to overcome all those years of hatred.

    3. At this point, this is exactly how I feel. I’m born and raised in rural Mississippi; I was surrounded by these types of national terrorists from the start of my life. There’s a spectrum in the Deep South… you have the very small # of non-racist/“progressive” Gen X, even smaller amount of Boomers like that. Fortunately starting with Millennials and now Gen Z things are getting *better*, but obviously not enough. All the rest other than those small portions of the population are prejudiced and racist on a scale from quietly murmuring a slur while driving or using micro aggressions to the type of people who stormed the capitol. And the most disgusting thing is that the latter would’ve been the ones, before Trump was in power and able to beef up this part of our country’s population, to have said that the concept of breaking into a sacred government building AT ALK let alone to hurt anyone or destroy anything would be absolutely treachery. And they’d still feel that way had it been non-whites or non-Americans who had done the job.

      I remember when Trayvon Martin was all over the news. My mother had just passed or was on hospice and near death. I remember sitting on the porch with my aunt and stepfather, both loudly and wildly racist and considering themselves to be prime examples of “patriots” (my aunt is so insane she’s the type to post art of Jesus guiding Trump’s hand to sign paperwork on Facebook), and they were discussing Trayvon.

      My stepfather made a comment along the lines of “all the N****** should just be strung up from the light poles” and my aunt agreed and they laughed and laughed. Sickening.

      I said “that’s really tucked up, and mom would be repulsed by you two” and went inside.

      I knew that within days I’d be going back home to Memphis and probably never return to my teenage home, even to reminisce, because I wouldn’t be continuing to have a relationship with that man. I went back once to get my car title and he seemed so confused to my coldness. I bet he didn’t think twice that night when I snapped back at them and went inside; I’m sure he’d even forgotten it.

      I lived in Memphis for years, and as ironic as it seems for me to say this on MLK Jr. day (RIP to a true patriot), Memphis has become a city that is painted by media to be much worse with crime and much more divided than it has been more recently.

      Memphis, like New Orleans, has its terrible moments from the past—and there’s a severe disparity between “nice areas” and “bad areas” aka not enough help and support given to marginalized communities (and gentrification has become a problem), BUT during my time there I felt a sense of warmth and love and community (at least in midtown/Cooper-Young) that was far different than my upbringing.

      I’m in Houston now and it’s a mixed bag. 4th largest city in the country, and a blue city in a red state. But, just like Memphis, despite being majority POC, the racists are still alive and well—they’ve just all moved to the suburbs to “get away from the city” aka because they’re racist and want to be able to be in predominantly white neighborhoods.

      Our police chief was on national news the other day talking about Texas being a hot bed of these terrorists, and that Houston—to my surprise—isn’t at all excluded. He said that they’re going to treat this week as seriously as possible and hope for the best but prepare for the worst…

      I truly had no clue Houston could possibly be that bad in regards to racism, simply based off the fact that the city is such a large percent POC—and such a diverse pool of cultures. That’s my white privileged showing, 100%.

      Houston is still the south and the terrorists are still around, they’re just quieter and they commute into the city for work and go home to their “safe” mini-mansions and little boxes in the burbs.

      I realize not all extremist Republicans/terrorists are in the south, but if you aren’t from here or haven’t visited… I think you’d truly be shocked.

      And it’s such a shame because 100% of the culture that white people in the south (and rest of the country tbh) love so much is derived from the creativity and minds of POC: soul food and “country cookin’” (THE BEST), blues, jazz, rock n roll, even COUNTRY music has ties to the black community. And Rap, let’s talk about rap. Every camouflage hat-wearing, tobacco chewing, hunting red neck I went to highschool with would blast the most aggressive rap from their Ford F150s in the Walmart parking lot on a Saturday night.
      And then call a black person any of the slurs you could think of 2 seconds later.

      Sorry for going off…. even my parents were racist, although they’d not admit it. But micro aggressions, stereotyping, joking, etc. is still racism.

      I feel very fortunate to have had the experience that I had as a teen and in highschool, as I went to a highschool in north central MS that actually was pretty dang chill when it came to race relations. There still was a lot of self-segregation say in the cafeteria—but also plenty of tables with black and white kids together. My senior year I was yearbook co-editor with one of my closest friends, a black girl. The yearbook award for cutest couple went to an interracial couple; which I’m sure made every white parent in the county want to burn the yearbook for showing such a scary sight ().

      It feels ABSURD to type those things in an attempt to show my school was “progressive” in the mid 2000s, but that is what progress looked like in MS in 2004-2008.

      (Oh, idk if this exists nationwide but also… in the south, there are schools called “private schools” or “academies”. They aren’t generally these fancy beautiful mini ivy-league schools or fancy boarding schools like you might assume. They literally existed to be an alternative to public school for racist wealthy white parents to send their kids to to keep them out of public school and away from black people and, to a lesser extent, the poor. Often the “private schools” give an immensely subpar education (they even get to bypass state-wide mandatory standardized tests) , have religious classes, have very small student bodies, and the buildings are often made from that weak metal siding that would’ve even survive a small tornado. But the rich parents would still pay LOADS of money monthly (like, a lot). I just checked and the three academies in and near my hometown charge between $500-600 a month for admission + a load of other yearly registration fees. To get a subpar education, but to be segregated…. sad.)

      Sorry for renting and idk if anyone will read this. It seems off-topic but my final point is that after living 30 years and tolerating Republican family members who aren’t “that bad” or saying that not all republicans are bad has gone out the window since the attack.

      I realize not nearly all republicans would do such a thing, but logging into Facebook for the first time in years showed me that they’re willing to at least defend it or compare it to BLM protests… And seeing stats on the news of how large of a percentage of republicans support the terrorism… and, perhaps most importantly, to see how criminal the GOP/Republican politicians are have led me to now being in a headspace of if someone is a Republican and tells me that that I’m not willing to even give them my attention or have a relationship with them.

      I just can’t do it anymore. Silence is compliance.

      There’s no reason that the congresspeople that we already have pretty solid proof on them helping plan and prepare for the attack shouldn’t be AT VERY LEAST suspended/barred from the capitol until any probe or investigation on them is over… Boeber led group tours (while they’re banned for Covid) the day before and helped disclose Pelosi’s location and she still gets to March right into the capitol.

      Any Republican that still voted against the election results once they returned to their chamber after the attack, and any Republican still in support of Trump in any capacity should be penalized and punished as traitors to the nation.

    1. @Ruthanne Perry they got a major problem because we need a independent investigation because of the conclusion with the investigation that’s why we have the recused act in the investigation like taking the 5 amendment

    2. @Andrew Frazer they have a major problem because it is all on tape the Congressmen who gave the tours and everything everyone did and said plus the fools uploaded to tweeter and other medias

    1. @Junie Bugg This excuse of unity is ridiculous-as in worthy of ridicule. These individuals must not be coddled or placated. That is not unity, that is insanity. Each and all involved must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. @divine1052 you summed it up perfectly. Trouble is these dumbasses can’t or won’t read. They’re not smart enough to know how stupid they are.

    1. They also claim to be fiscally responsible, conservative, yet they always tear through budgets, and toss away money to their already wealthy friends leaving the Democrats that get office after the bill and the task of building a surplus again.

      They also claim to be prolife, but that’s only when it fits their agenda. They are pro war, pro medicaid for the few, and pro suffering, but they don’t want people to be able to have abortions so that makes them pro life. Even if people can’t get a safe abortion so they risk their life to do it themselves, which is why we have abortion clinics in the first place, to save lives.

    1. @Paul Drusbasky Technically, MSNBC is just reporting what happened. The GOP did the “Hit Job” on themselves. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Lock ’em all up! Imagine what Miss Lindsey would be saying if it was a Democrat.

    2. @Hopsta His previous attorney Roy Cohn was an attorney for his dad and the mob!! Cohn & his father taught T**** alot. Yes Putin taught him a lot including how to destroy our Democracy, starting w/Freedom of the press!

  1. Holding TRUMP accountable for his attempted coup means you have to also hold the REBUPILCANS for their support of the coup keeping ” THE BIG LIE ” going.

  2. The slime of Graham is obvious when looking at his never ending ethical flip flops over his years at Congress.

    1. Lindsey must be on video getting absolutely throttled. It must be some really perverse things they have on him, and it may make the man off himself.

    1. Pathetic what we graduate from Jr. High School these days , I think most High School grads for the last 20 yrs think Civic’s is a cheap honda , not a class one had to pass to graduate once upon a time .

  3. I guess the President and irresponsable Congressmen should not be held accountable for their actions? Not even for inciting insurrection while average citizens are charged and arrested?

    1. “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump said

  4. There cannot be healing without holding Trump, his republicans goons, and conspirators ALL accountable for attempting to overthrow our democracy and disregarding the constitution. We need justice.

    1. There is every reason to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for such attacks on our People, our nation and our govt. Less than no reason not to!

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