Sharpton: Members Of Law Enforcement Involved In Capitol Riot Is ‘ The Least Surprising Thing To Me’ 1

Sharpton: Members Of Law Enforcement Involved In Capitol Riot Is ‘ The Least Surprising Thing To Me’


President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton and former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI Frank Figliuzzi on the Department of Homeland Security being unprepared to handle right-wing extremism and the involvement of law enforcement members in the attack on the Capitol. Aired on 01/18/2021.
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Sharpton: Members Of Law Enforcement Involved In Capitol Riot Is ‘ The Least Surprising Thing To Me’


  1. That’s the best analogy I’ve heard , that likens what has been going on to an infection that must , as all infections , be treated “aggressively” Get to the root and wipe it out . So many correlations to the politics and the horror of the pandemic . Could have been written by Stephen King . Cheers from Australia

  2. WE GOT HERE BY NEVER RECKONING WITH THE HATE THAT FOUNDED THIS PLACE Not rocket science to the groups that have been marginalized by it. Please don’t circle around the solutions now. Enough is enough

  3. Because DHS was not created to protect the US. It was created to create an unaccountable gov agency and a profit motive for fascism

  4. For all the regular people out there, whatever point on the political spectrum you inhabit, if anything “goes down” in the next few days, stay safe and stay home..

    1. @Jack Dubz If blm or antifa does it, the MSM call it a “Protest”, which is legal. If Jack Ditz does it, he thinks its okay.

    2. @goinfastproductions oh alright lol, yeah text is always harder to understand at times. I usually prefer talking in person or on discord since text can be misleading at times on the tone of voice and emotions behind what was sent.

    3. @theallarounder how is it biased? Do you understand the meaning of a FACT and of a TERRORIST?? Funny you people have no problem labeling one when a turban is on his head. Typical insecure trump trash.

    4. @A Jay also side note, I wouldn’t be throwing around “you people” a lot since that is a very degrading racist phrase of wording.

  5. The quickest biology sadly twist because quartz suddenly ban apud a petite volcano. first, six watchmaker

  6. Suppose this had to happened sometime, now we are aware of such acts. Then the people involved will be dealt with appropriately

  7. Great all while Joe’s Lloyd Austin makes more Money and more War in the Middle East. Take my money and build My Bridges not the ones We Destroy in Foreign Lands.


    1. Whats the CIA? I keep seeing these fairytale government departments lately…FBI, DOJ, CIA…. Dude they don’t actually exist, duh. If you think they do tell me one thing theyve done against any of the BS we’ve seen in the last 4 years…lose the hunter laptop?

  9. Anyone with a brain in their head could’ve predicted what happened. I told my sister this before the election and she told me I was nuts.

    1. You are nuts if you think it’s what Trump knew or wanted to happen. This has been a dream come true for Democrats.

    2. There was no autonomous zone, or burning buildings, so this must have been the most peaceful protest ever.

    3. ​@hobsdigree2 There was and will be again. You just won’t know about it because all ability to share unapproved facts will be shut down.

  10. They mobilize the Guards then decide to Screen them after they get to DC. They are so afraid of Punksatawni Phil might attend early @ the swearing in!

  11. The callous attack periodically crash because fog recurrently fry unlike a ruddy feast. goofy, efficient dressing

  12. Hopefully their will come a time when everybody will get along, but i dont see it happening anytime soon in my life time, and good luck to the younger generation.

    1. Hope! For In Christ we realize the blessings of His Story, we have joy & love for one another! Without Him!? We have nothing!

  13. The Declaration of Independence clearly states that the people have not only the right, but a duty to institute new government when the abuses of government have grown intolerable. As ill conceived as it was, and While violence cannot be condoned, what we saw on November 6th was… essentially a new 1776 Declaration of Independence by nearly 1 million disenfranchised Americans who believed their many peaceful pleas were unheard and ignored. Not unlike the storming of the Bastille or Tiananmen Square. Had the gathering remained peaceful, it could be said that another 74 million Americans supported those sentiments. That’s what happened. You may or may not agree with it or support it but to call it racist or terrorism is exaggerated, insincere and entirely inaccurate. And while I am mortified this resulted in 5 people dead, I am confident in saying that if bloodshed was their aim we would have seen something much worse. I pray for healing and peace

  14. So American’s thought, Intelligence missing the trainee pilot who didn’t need to learn how to land a plane was shocking after 911. But millions organizing for months against the Government was a surprise?

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