Rep. Dean: It’s Impossible To Govern With Someone Like Jan. 6 Denier Rep. Clyde 1

Rep. Dean: It’s Impossible To Govern With Someone Like Jan. 6 Denier Rep. Clyde


The emotional testimony of officers who were attacked while defending the Capitol on Jan. 6 is being downplayed and even mocked by many conservative figures. Rep. Madeleine Dean and Republican strategist Susan Del Percio join The ReidOut to discuss.
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    1. @Gary Campbell Good morning delusional fascist. When I was stationed in West Germany in the 80’s, I truly could not understand how the people could have ever fallen in with Hitler’s crap. Thanks for helping me to understand.

    1. @aurora_occidentalis Facts First: Biden’s approval rating is/has been fairly stable/consistent since he took office at ~55% (which is 30% higher than Mr. Trump’s HIGHEST approval rating). In other words, most people are quite happy with the performance of President Biden.

    2. @Joe Friday I wasn’t comparing him to Trump. Biden’s overall disapproval numbers are up ~8 points since Jan. I will say Trump was subject to overwhelmingly negative coverage by media. Biden is not being covered in any meaningful way by CNN and MSNBC. They are still reporting on Trump, largely ignoring Biden except for occasional Dear Leader style reporting.

    3. @M D The leader is on tape Jan 5 stating plainly that they will be wearing all black and black masks so as to appear to be Antifa.

    4. Really?
      Starting January 28th, 2020, President Trump:
      Took early action to cut off travel from China
      Built the world’s leading testing system from nothing
      Enacted mitigation measures to slow the spread
      Mobilized public and private sectors to secure needed supplies
      Took action to protect vulnerable Americans
      Launched effort to deliver a vaccine and therapeutics in record time
      Provided support to workers and businesses
      Paved way for reopening to get America working again
      Surged resources to hot spots as they arose
      Confronted China as origin of the virus while Democrats and media cowered
      While Democrats were focused on their impeachment sham, President Trump took swift and decisive action to stop travel from China in January and enhanced airport screenings to help stop cases from coming into the United States as long as possible.
      In his February 4th State of the Union address, President Trump pledged to “take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from the virus,” while the Democrats’ response made not a single mention of the virus or even the threat of China.
      In order to accurately trace and combat this virus, President Trump set out to build the world’s best testing system, and that’s exactly what he did.
      We have already conducted more than 65 million tests, far outpacing any other country.
      As soon as cases began to rise, President Trump released guidance to slow the spread.
      President Trump released guidance recommending mitigation measures critical to slowing the spread of the virus, and the American people stepped up to do their part.
      Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have attested to the fact that President Trump took action as soon as the scientific was sen to him, and said this saved tens of thousands of lives.
      In order to secure the supplies needed to confront the surge in coronavirus we faced, President Trump led the largest mobilization of public and private sector resources since WWII.
      The President directed his Administration to secure and distribute needed medical supplies to states in need – resulting in billions of PPE delivered so far.
      At the President’s urging, private companies shifted production to supplying masks, ventilators, hand sanitizer, testing supplies, and more.
      The President has acted under the Defense Production Act more than 30 times to ensure we have the supplies we need.
      When we faced a potentially catastrophic shortage of ventilators, President Trump took action to produce 100,000 ventilators and ensure no patient who needs one goes without a ventilator.
      President Trump moved swiftly to protect vulnerable communities.
      The Administration quickly established guidelines for nursing homes and expanded telehealth opportunities to protect our vulnerable seniors.
      The President took action to ensure that uninsured Americans are able to get the COVID-19 care and testing they need.
      President Trump directed Secretary Carson to focus the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council on underserved communities impacted by COVID-19.
      The Administration is investing approximately $2 billion in community health centers, helping their 28 million patients in medically underserved areas receive the care and testing they need.
      Early in the fight against the virus, President Trump launched a historic effort to develop a vaccine and therapeutics in record time.
      President Trump understood early on that in order to defeat this virus once and for all and protect Americans, we need a vaccine and therapeutics.
      President Trump revolutionized the clinical trial process to ensure Americans get a safe vaccine as quickly as possible, by providing unprecedented investments in leading vaccine candidates to simultaneously produce them as they are tested and developed.
      Thanks to President Trump’s efforts, coronavirus vaccine trials have progressed at record speeds, with multiple candidates already in or near the final stage of clinical trials.
      President Trump responded to the devastating toll the virus took on our businesses and workers and secured unprecedented financial support.
      The President negotiated and launched the Paycheck Protection Program – helping save 51 million American jobs.
      President Trump secured direct payments to help the countless Americans who are hurting due to the pandemic.
      President Trump took executive action to give tax relief to workers, ensure unemployment benefits for those out of work, prevent families from losing their homes to eviction or foreclosure, and provide student debt relief for Americans already hurting due to the virus.
      Understanding the harmful toll a never-ending shutdown would have on our Nation, President Trump provided support to help states safely reopen as soon as they were able.
      As we built out our critical medical supplies, flattened the curve, and rapidly expanded testing, states across the country were able to safely move towards reopening.
      President Trump ensured they had the data and resources to reopen on the correct timeframe.
      As hot spots have emerged, President Trump has surged resources to impacted areas while enabling us to prevent another nationwide shutdown.
      The President has provided support to states facing new emergencies of the virus, including surging testing sites, deploying medical personnel, and advising on mitigation strategies.
      While the media and Democrats refuse to do so, President Trump has called out China for its actions to ensure we prevent a similar threat from arising again.
      President Trump has rightly called out China’s handling of the virus for refusing to be transparent and failing to contain the virus before it spread.
      The President held the WHO accountable for its egregious bias towards China that jeopardizes the safety of Americans.

    1. But he absolutely won’t be, nor will any other colluding politician. Half of the country supports this wickedness.

    2. @PugglesMcWardog He’s a proven conman, a fraudster, a proven liar, who intentionally committed treason against his nation and broke his oath of office, while inciting the gullible to believe in a fake “steal” and an equally fake chance of overturning a legitimate election. God willing that man will be in Gitmo for life eating cold mush and prison meatloaf, with his allies and supporters in the cells next to him.

    3. Unfortunately strange, DON the LEMON will be ready to defend “the ORANGE traitor…just as he did for TUCKER CARLSON. I cannot perceive the defense of that Lemon to protect the poisonous Tucker. I have lost all my tolerance for Miss Don Lemon!

    1. @Paul there is a rule. every right winger is required to mention BLM anytime the jan 6 insurrection is mentioned.
      it is designed to deflect from the insurrection on Jan by getting ppl to defend the other.
      instead I just mention the jan 6 insurrection in reply.
      Mentioning the riots when talking about Jan 6 is like mentioning the Berkely protests when talking about the Civil War.

    2. @Troy Cote if there was massive voter fraud the Dems would have taken control of the Senate.
      they didn’t. so no fraud.
      case closed.

    3. @Troy Cote there is a rule. every right winger is required to mention BLM anytime the jan 6 insurrection is mentioned.
      it is designed to deflect from the insurrection on Jan by getting ppl to defend the other.
      instead I just mention the jan 6 insurrection in reply.
      Mentioning the riots when talking about Jan 6 is like mentioning the Berkely protests when talking about the Civil War.

      be better.

    4. @V for Wombat defend them all you want evidently didn’t watch TV all last summer when people sitting trying to have a nice peaceful lunch on the street were harassed beaten by black lives matter. You have trumped arrangements syndrome and you think every Republican is just like Trump cannot be further from the truth but that’s what you always say you get no sympathy from me when you whine about people talking about black lives matter! 2000 police officers were beaten had Frozen bottles of water rocks hammers throwing at them laser pointers by black lives matter truth hurts but deal with it. Of course you liberals that’s just fine because you’re screwed up brains can’t think any differently.

  1. Fox can’t handle the truth, shame on them!!!God help those officers, they are heroes for sure!

    1. @John Legg “the KKK was a creation of the Democratic Party right?”
      “Republicans, the Party of friggin Lincoln, woke up one morning and decided to be racist?”
      That’s a crude short breakdown of history, but yeah, the roles of Republicans and Democrats have reversed.
      Mind you, these are generalizations, not to say that All Republicans or All Democrats fit into these molds.
      You should study American history. I think you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot.

    2. The UK kicked Murdoch out during one of their Fox Hunts. The USA should have their Fox Hunt… Tally Ho…

    3. @John Legg you do know that it is the hallmark of a Russian troll to not know what a Dixiecrat is? Muting you now.

    4. @Johnnyerm I actually have a degree in American historical studies, and crudely, that’s incorrect. In diagnostically “Barney” rendition, Democrats during the 60’s realized their party was at risk of extinction, and needed to make a drastic change in their political structure in order to maintain any form of power. They created Affirmative action out of a belief that people of color were less capable “educationally” than those with white skin, welfare that had special incentives if you were a person of color, with additional benefits if the families were broken apart, and developed planned parenthood with a Nazi Eugenicist leading the program, and then stuck 90% of those clinics in Red Tape districts Democrats created to force people of color into specific regions of their jurisdictions they intended on depriving of economic opportunity…. Of which, we still complain about today with struggling inner city schools. When Republicans spoke out against this, Democrats began crying that Republicans were racist for not wanting to give special interest opportunities to people of color, that made whole communities dependent upon…..drum roll please…… Democrat Masters…. It didn’t take them long to discover the benefits they enjoyed most, don’t have to draw lines at simplistic manners such as skin tone…. This is why Democrats today are quick to remind you, “they are not the same party,” yet stand 0 ground in suggesting the Republican Party has changed. In fact, their primary argument surrounding “the big switch” revolves around political strategy of house and senate representatives changing sides… if I was a house Democrat during that time, I’d have become a Republican also… mainly because I believe in equal rights for ALL under Equal Economic opportunity…. Something Democrats have never believed in.

    5. @Sarah F. 4.2 there you have it ladies and gentlemen, “Russia” was just mentioned… next we’ll hear to word “racist” and “Fox News talking points,” from Sarah…… who can’t manage to share a conversation, or simple debate with factual context…

  2. If the right honestly think Antifa was responsible (or whatever the ridiculous claims are), then they should be eager for an investigation. Hmmm…

    1. Ahh, youtube redirecting my comments I see. Why are you censoring opposing views? Are you that afraid of truth.

    2. @Steven L Emerson I’m not the one suddenly blaming Pelosi for the assault on the Capitol. The same people not wanting an investigation are now claiming she’s the cause. Why won’t they go after her then, in an investigation?

      Did that simplify it enough for you, nimrod?

    3. @Random Internet User I think your playing a little dumb with me sir. That sound s like the like the Trumpers. “There’s no such thing as a Qanon”.
      Rose City Antifa Portland

    4. Except for one thing: “evidence” has not been on their radar for the past twenty years; it tends to get in the way of what they want.

  3. Gym Bag Jordan doesn’t seem to recall when he spoke to his dear leader. No problem, I am sure the committee will pull his phone records when he gets called to testify.

    1. @Mervyn Greene Yeah, right. I talked to the most powerful man in the country but I forgot when.
      Sure Gym, sure. Gym Bag Jordon is a good name.

    2. Jordan can’t recall being told about a pedifile he worked with in wrestling either maybe he needs to take Trump’s memory test. Lol

  4. Those MAGA tourists sure got mad at their tour guide Jan. 6 for actually mentioning to them that Biden was our next president lol

    1. If it was just a tour then why we’re all these GOP cowards hiding from these wonderful happy pepole.

  5. It’s almost as if Ingraham, Carlson and Banks _want_ the patriots of the Capitol Police to quit in disgust, so that the insurrectionists can win next time. After all, those heroes were the only thing that stopped them.

    1. With this round of lies it will only lead to another round of lies saying that while I was misinterpreted I did that isn’t what I said the public doesn’t know anything etc you know the routine. Yep take some Dramamine just to get through these hearings.

    2. @Simon Fairall Well they’re protecting cowards that don’t seem to want to do their jobs or the right thing

    3. To bad for FOX because these pundits don’t have an ounce of love for this country and those of us who are real Patriots find them to be incredibly stupid disgusting traitors. Lock them up!

    4. You would think that Pence would speak out against the mob that wanted (and probably still wants) to hang him.

    5. @PIPE DOWN That would certainly give the Republicans something to whine about that actually happened.

  6. Representative Andrew Clyde will be a despicable congressman all on his own, without TFG45. Clyde is a horrible human

    1. Hey he did barricade the door to the chambers with officers, guns drawn. I guess it was after visiting hours right?

    2. I absolutely disagree with Andrew Clyde being a horrible human. Clyde is not human. That thing is one of the antichrist’s pawn.

    3. I prefer the term grotesquely inhuman and cruel. Clyde a a snake that was run over on a hot Georgia backroad, died, rotted, had pus ooze from every pore, then was brought back life to serve as a congressman.

    1. Then where have you been for the last 6 + years? It has been telegraphed by Republicans every step of the way!

    2. @Sue Howie But you must understand. We’re a young country going through change. Our Constitution is not set in stone. We might have another war before all this is over.

  7. OMG I can’t believe the lies being told by Fake News and the Repugnant party. Holy KRAP! . Trump is THE most failed president in American history!!

    1. @zappafan11 From Snopes: *Did Trump Administration Fire the US Pandemic Response Team?* (in 2018) Rating TRUE.

      Trump FIRED the pandemic response team in 2018. Explain to me how that is good?

    2. @zappafan11 *”Ha ha ha… believe what you wish. it doesn’t change history or facts.”*

      Indeed it doesn’t. Trump FIRED the pandemic response team in 2018. Please explain how that helped America’s pandemic response.

    3. You are so right….but, there is some thing great that will come of his treacherous presidency….the masse s that are realizing this lately, the young people of the world, are getting an example of exactly what HATE does…especially in a country that has a taste of what kindness and respect for all, true liberty, is really the target of THE PEOPLE! It will teach them good over bad! Hallelujah!!!

    4. Typical Republicans reply to what you said: Well how about Benghazi? Trump could be caught shooting children and that would be the Republican reply …..What about Benghazi? Total tools.

  8. I say you put up billboards of clide pushing desks against the doore so the rioters couldn’t get in, with the terrified look on his face. He was scared to death!

    1. Look at that thick vein in his hair line. That guy was having heart palpitations in that hearing. Meltdown is funny.

  9. Why are these people even still allowed to be on the floor of congress? This is beyond blatant opposition to our govt by them and many more!

    1. I agree, but they were elected by U.S. citizens. It would cause even more riots if they were removed from office. We need to vote them out. Of course, the plan is to put so much doubt in everyone’s mind that they’ll never believe the results of any fair election.

    2. A similar situation occurred in Congress after the Civil War, when legislators from the former Confederate states were re-admitted to Congress and tried to undo things from within that body. Eventually, Congress cleaned that up and moved on.

    3. @Lotta Sunshine I understand them being voted in, but they violated their oath of office with their actions which is grounds for immediate dismissal regardless of how they obtained their position!

  10. Clyde’s mode of “governing” is sticking to what he has scripted out for himself. If scraped off the wall of lies and self-delusion (“I stand to what I said…”) Clyde will crumble like a month-old cookie.

  11. The person that left that voice-mail message needs to be TRACED by the authorities and ARRESTED…..ASAP!

    1. I listened to that voicemail. Horrible, vile, vicious. Trump supporters. Banks, Jordan all the rest , I wouldn’t use their carcasses to fertilize my lawn. They are scum of the earth.

    2. They sounded like Ted Cruz….not saying it was Ted Cruz, but the person on the VM definitely sounded like him.

    1. @Combee Bowlin very true, and carlson’s defence: he shouldn’t be taken seriously as news, he’s just spewing his own opinion. Yet, the murdock network, aka fox, is the only place retrumplicans get their information from. THAT’S WHY THEY DON’T SEE THE TRUTH BEFORE OUR EYES – THEY NEVER HEAR THE TRUTH, THEY HEAR WHAT murdock wants them to hear – lies,lies and nothing but lies. God Help us

    2. Yes those on Fox are not Christian they do not have anything religious or spiritual about them in what they are doing. The people must hold them accountable, they enabled 650,000 people to die because they politicized the needs to stop a pandemic. Personally I do not see why there is not already a lawsuit being brought against the fox corporation for allowing this disinformation to continue to cause death to Americans.

  12. I dont know what footage he watched because we were shocked and horrified all the way over in Australia.

    1. Correction: they are desperately trying to make people stop thinking, or get so confused they throw up their hands and accept any pabulum they’re offered by a (mysteriously trusted) familiar face.

    2. Yesterday they held a press conference about inflation and federal spending so desperate. Like trump or bush did everything but be financially conservative

  13. America your “lawmakers” are a global embarrassment. That shining “Beacon on the Hill” is nothing but a bloody tiki torch.

    1. The sad thing is, most of us agree with you. But, our electoral process is so rigged & backwards, along with 1/3 of the country buying into this propaganda, that it’s next to impossible to get rid of these traitors in office. I’m so embarrassed to be an American. Smh.

    2. I agree…and our TRE45ONOUS President should have been led out in handcuff’s the day he moved out of the United States White House!! Failing to show strength in defending our Capital and Democracy with Sedition Charges or Terrorist charges, whether foreign OR domestic, IMMEDIATELY, has failed us as a country within but even worse is how weak we look to our adversaries and ill willed foreign actors!! So embarrassing!!

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