‘Historic’: Secretary Buttigieg Talks Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal 1

‘Historic’: Secretary Buttigieg Talks Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg talks to Chris Hayes about the infrastructure deal that survived a key vote in the Senate on Wednesday night: “Every transportation decision is also a climate decision.”
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  1. There should be a law stating you can’t hold a business that creates waste without having ways to recycle the waste for whatever purpose

    1. all these comments saying “everyone creates waste therefore it can’t be a problem!” Y’all really are comedians with that logic

    2. Let’s start with our worthless government and The Fed as they are a complete joke and biggest waste there is

    3. Or how about a law that says Congress can’t spend more this year than the treasury collected in taxes last year. No deficit spending ever, for any reason, ever again.

  2. The infrastructure is JUST OLD! It is not from climate change! Some of the infrastructure in many cities goes back to the late 1800s!

    1. so youre telling me burning fossil fuels and exacerbating green house gas is “just old” and that its not climate change? hmm maybe you should have paid a little more attention instead of trying to date your cousin.

    2. You should really watch a documentary on climate change or read a scientific assessment. Politicians serve companies that have an interest in destroying our world. This is serious and the ocean is going to lose all of it’s fish due to loss of coral reefs. It is a spiral and will speed up and get worse. This is about survival.

  3. these people go on vacation more than anybody I know.. anybody else know of a job where you get over 100 days of vacation in a year?

    1. @Keith Murphy I know enough to realize how bratty you are, imagine putting down teachers because they “only work 187 days”
      Totally forgetting all the stress tbat cones with dealing with children all day long, all the out of pocket expenses teachers go through to keep their class engaged, all the worksheets, slides, books, notes, recorded lectures, homeworks, exams and so much more they have to write up that isn’t from 8-5pm and they don’t get paid for a majority of that because?? They’re not doing it during their work hours
      Stop trying to divert the topic from corrupt politicians to teachers barely surviving
      Fyi majority of teachers are barely making enough to survive much less “enjoy” their holidays

    2. @Idk what to Put here Can teachers obtain the same government benefit as a politician to only work for five years then retire for the remainder of their Natural Life?

    3. @Every Time Some folk doesn’t seem to realize they’re wearing a thick blinder that covers over their eyes. All these crooked misinformation statesmen including Buttigieg think we are not fully informed that our country is under a siege of catastrophe crisis.

    4. for educational purposes FDR didn’t have any hi-tech nor billionaire donors (correct?) he was competent to accomplish his expectation (right). Let us be truthful here these ineffective politicians only respond to their donor’s agenda.

      The truth is, as everyone already recognizes that Joe Biden donors had chosen not to ratify any of these national security measures of upholding by blocked bills. Joe Biden had revoked his campaign pledge to America this is Biden true path of policy by Illustrated every day in real-time.

      It has zero to do with Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and not even the crooked Congress Parliament. Everybody needs to stop thinking we’re living in the normal time we are not…

      Another solid evidence that people need to quickly catch onto,. at the end of Ronald Reagan second term is when people had founded out Reagan had stage 3 dementia. How long will it take people to realize that’s what’s going on right now?

    1. They don’t know what it is to work like we the people,that’s why they are always against helping make good decisions on behalf of the American people.All they are good at is arguing and filling thier pockets at tax payers expense.

    2. @Cheddar Urchin FDR didn’t have any hi-tech nor billionaire donors he was competent to accomplish his expectation. Let us be truthful here these ineffective politicians only respond to their donors’ agenda.

      The truth is Joe Biden donors choose not to ratify any of these national security measures. Joe Biden had abandoned his campaign pledge to America this is Biden’s true path by Illustrated every day in real-time.

      It has zero to do with Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and not even the crooked Congress Parliament. You need to stop thinking we’re living in normal time we are not…

    1. @Mathias Like what? And be specific as to what he’s doing that is in concordance with the Constitution.

    2. @Mike Darren this bill specifically. Do you think that he didn’t have a hand in forming this infrastructure bill that could get passed in this political climate? If so, you’re naive.

    1. Yes, indeed, the billionaires will get richer if there are no tax cuts taken from them to pay for everything.

    2. @A LT wealthy people are taxed much more than they should be. The same as good earners. Some very wealthy people are in bed with the government and get tax breaks which aren’t right. Just because Buffet and Gates say something, it doesn’t make it true. Gates is a POS anyway.

  4. We all know most of that infrastructure spending will end up squandered by irresponsible budgeting, cronyism, and bad contracting.

    1. I suspect alot of it will go overseas to be “laundered” back to these same disgusting politicians.

    1. Man did we have forgotten they also received millions of dollars of donations?

      They’re enabled to have M4A but not us and they’re able to work for five years, then quit and get a pension for life.

      We never had a real democracy these billionaire corporations run this country and the two party system has always been a one party system.

      The joke is on us and poverty is the mother of crime and Joe Biden has a bill that would fix 60-70% of this problem and Biden won’t pass it.

    2. @AwesomeBlackDude Let me correct you on one very important issue concerning the ‘Joe Biden has a bill that would fix 60-70% of this problem’ statement. No, he doesn’t have any bill in front of him to sign into law currently that would fix our problems. The bill is currently being negotiated and fought over in the Senate between the Democrats and the Republicans. Nothing can be done until they get their acts together and send the final bill over to Joe to review and sign if he agrees with the way the bill is worded. Considering how the Republicans have been dragging their collective feet for months now to get anything done I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe reads the final bill and is not happy with what he sees. The original proposed infrastructure bill was for a little over 6 trillion dollars and that has been reduced thru BS negotiations with the Republicans who don’t want to spend that much on our entire nation’s problems. So stop blaming Joe for the problem. This isn’t his fault currently. It is on the Republicans and their stalling tactics due to the upcoming midterm elections next year.

    3. @Nathan Watson Let me stop you that’s completely nonsense Biden chooses to,.. Once again Joe Biden chooses not to pass this bill.

      I understand if we were living in normal times we are not living in normal times. This is an emergency crisis situation those days that you speak of are now gone.

      You were living in the past and not speaking what actually is happening on the grounds. It does not have anything to do with the Parliament, Joe Manchin nor Kyrsten Sinema, it’s always has been Joe Biden.

      MSNBC and CNN are both government propaganda their product is to push out normative influence and you my friend have been caught in their cross fires.

      Start being a free thinker and stop selling their hot garbage. Joe Biden as of right now can pass this bill and the voting right protection act.

    4. @AwesomeBlackDude He won’t pass it because that’a not what he elected to do. The people elected him solely because their hatred of another man overtook all else.

      But hey, hatred led to suffering after all!

    5. @What’s His Name? Let us start with your first line I seriously doubt that you fully grasp the understanding of National Security.

      There’s no ifs, ands or butts about it, our country is under 3 major crisis as I speak. Biden immediately need to pass these emergency criteria under the guidelines of National Emergencies Act.

      Again, like I said centrist establishment Joe Biden choose not to pass these bills.

      Once again You guys need to stop with this normative influence of selling MSnbc, CNN, and Mccarthyism, y’all are continuing to push their nonchalant boat load of bullchips.

  5. Is it me, or dose Congress get too much vacation and time off.
    I feel they get paid way too much as it is. Isn’t it considered abuse of power to vote to give yourselves raises and bonus, and more time off.

    1. It’s just you.
      Congress spends way too much time in session and shouldn’t be paid anything.

  6. I work all over the world and almost every other country is constantly improving their infrastructure. We used to lead the world in having the best infrastructure, now we have one of the worst. We need to catch up.

    1. It’s why I question the GOP’s stance on this as a lot of their own states needs these improvements. They are against it just because they want to stall any legislation going forward in Biden’s administration. They play politics while America needs them! The GOP stated that they will stop this administration, until the midterms in 2022, so that they can win seats in Congress and do what THEY want! The majority of America WANTS these changes!

    2. @mrs.Lilian Fetters You don’t even know what you are talking about, States don’t have this kind of money. Why don’t you send back all those stimulus checks, let your state give that to you.

  7. Two key terms in this infrastructure bill are ” public-private partnership” and
    “asset recycling”. is pretty much the same policies that the Trump administration advocated for. Massive giveaways to huge corporations.

    1. You’re ignorant, the money big corporations get is money they already own ,and they only get it by KEEPING MORE OF THEIR OWN MONEY. Corporations aren’t taking anyone’s money or any taxpayers money .

  8. The electric car part of that bill is a complete boondoggle that will exacerbate the environmental problems rather than help. My opinion

  9. The infrastructure bill turns all the roads into private roads run by corporations. Toll booths at the end of your drive way and a 200 dollar commute to work and back. Thanks politicians.

  10. Found this conversation interesting with pete as with most politicians they have no problem spending other people’s money and pete was very good at it as South Bend In. used to be a good place but like a lot of midwest towns and cities a lot of business closed or left because of higher operating costs and taxes but pete left South Bend in a mess but it’s everybody’s else’s fault not his and the last time I checked the transportation systems of every state is their problem that’s why the states collect tax money at the gas and diesel pump and the trucking industry also pays a highway road tax for every mile that’s traveled which begs the question what do the states do with all that money? And pete made the comment about Portland’s cable cars stating with the higher temperatures the electric wires were sagging ahhh isn’t that Portland’s problem as they charge money to ride sooo what are they doing with the money? Why should people in this country pay for things in other states that they most likely never use because politicians haven’t got a clue on how to run a business and until people understand that running a state, county, town or city it’s a business plain and simple

  11. The Pentagon shapes all news of any importance before it is released. You do not get clean, truthful news. It is shaped!

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