Rep. Debbie Dingell: People “Are Desperate To Get Back To Work” | Joshua Johnson | MSNBC

With just 266,000 jobs added last month, April’s jobs report wasn’t as strong as experts and analysts were expecting. Republicans say that the enhanced unemployment benefits from President Biden’s Covid relief bill are disincentivizing people from returning to the workforce. But Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) tells NBC’s Joshua Johnson that “there isn’t one problem” preventing people from going back to work.

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Rep. Debbie Dingell: People “Are Desperate To Get Back To Work” | Joshua Johnson | MSNBC


  1. What’s it say about calling people essential, risking their lives, and saying they’re not worth 💩?! People are getting wise to the transfer of wealth. EAT THE RICH 🐖

  2. I’ve not met but pay people who REFUSE to work McConnell McCarthy $193,000@ all other $173,000@ Gaetz and greene campaigning for Trump against U.S. and we are paying them. Let’s talk about that

    1. What about Fauci? The crooked donkey makes just under $500,000 a year. Only support he has is the TV.

    2. I make $150k/yr in government pension, but that’s after serving 32 years in the USAF and losing half a leg (where DID I put that leg?)! Does that put me in the “bad guy” category? 🙂
      But seriously, the asshats you mentioned? The only “work” they do is blocking legislation that could actually (and SIGNIFICANTLY, I might add) raise the quality of life for so many people!! So, I’m with you!

    3. @Paul Wilson Of course, but the fun is exposing all the stupidity in these comments. Identical account creation days, first page captures from shutterstock for the thumbnails, etc. Like I was saying, it’s all some Indian named Ramesh trying to scam everyone. Remember the old saying “a fool and his money…..”. 🙂

    1. Almost double that, according to the latest estimate from the NIH. It will surprise nobody to learn that the Trump administration massively underreported Covid deaths.

    2. @Google User I dont go off CNN and if someone cant do 560-400, covid deaths under which administration is really the least of your concerns.

    3. @Google User those were literally the numbers posted everywhere dude. Tho I can very clearly see someone of your intelligence isnt worth arguing with so imma just laugh at your stupidity and call it a night.

    4. @Doug I’m also too dumb to get an ID according to you. Glad you think so highly of your own white supremacy. At least you can see the numbers. Shame your not able to interpret them.

  3. GOP deniers do not understand a job is important but taking care of their children is more important.

  4. “We need child care, we need free tuition, we need a living wage, we we we we”. Shyaaadaaap!

  5. So do what you said you would do in your campaign Joe! $15/hrs minimum wage!
    Or was that a lie to get my vote?

    1. Over time. Not the second he takes office. Policy change takes time. $15 minimum wage within 3 years

  6. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off would cut covid-19 spreading
    You could have your country back in 2 to 3 months
    Why because most cases show up in 2 weeks. So we can track how far it is and where to add support to stop it
    Please share this so somebody puts this in action

    1. Minus the fact that literally no one would actually do this. Even if it was implemented people wouldnt follow guidelines making the effort next to useless.

    2. Except that the vast majority of working people couldn’t live on half their usual income and this wouldn’t make the childcare situation any easier for many working parents.

    1. It doesn’t, but it’s still important The major issue is that these lines always leak it would destroy lake MI and Huron ecosystems. And history can tell you when the oil spill happens. Oil companies will dodge responsibility and working people with have to pay for it and most like have negative health issues because of it. Is it a bummer that there is going to be a job loss? Yes. But It seems like there could be even larger economic and environmental impacts when that line inevitably fails and causes an oil spill. Pollution of our fresh water. Fishing industry could be massively harmed as well.

  7. The child care situation is very real. We need to respond to the pandemic situation based on the reality on the ground in each segment of society. So there is bound to be some temporary, less-than-ideal, asymetric solutions. One of those is some businesses “reopening” and requiring workers, while schools and kindergartens in the same region has _not_ yet opened. And most people cannot bring their kids with them to work.

  8. Pre-Covid the jobs report for 2019 was 263,000 and according to the cheeto jesus, it was an excellent job rate. And the gop-groupies were heralding him and their party. April 2020 gave us a negative jobs rates with 515,000 jobs lost. Now we have a jobs rate of 266,000 and the gop is making an uproar. They’re claiming benefits are too high. I wonder 8f they know how many of their voters are receiving the benefits.

  9. Federal Unemployment Benefits coming to a end time to get back to work !! President Biden says that anyone offered a suitable job who is collecting unemployment has to accept the job or they will lose their benefits.

  10. If the pipeline is shut down, that’s jobs lost to the province of Ontario. Unless Biden is going to be able to build his electric car roadway structure along our highways, it would be a massive hit to Ontario. Especially the areas of the province that harvest the resources.

    Yes, I want to see things go electric. But our government is stupid. Let’s leave it at that.

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