Rep. Debbie Dingell Says ‘It Hurt’ After Trump Insulted Late Husband And Congressman | MSNBC

Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., joins MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell after President Trump remarked at a Michigan rally last night that the late Rep. John Dingell was “looking up” from hell.
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Rep. Debbie Dingell Says ‘It Hurt’ After Trump Insulted Late Husband And Congressman | MSNBC


  1. In that same rally he went into details of murders, what sick individual does that when clearly he has children at the rally.

    1. Jefryt 67 keep trying clown. Another moron that you can only respond by saying WTF are you talking about. What a useless tool.

    2. Just look at those dumb supporters laughing at his cruelness. I BET half of them if not majority have loved ones in the military and yet they stand there and give him the energy he wants by laughing at a deceased war veteran.

    1. From the point of an outsider, knowing how much Debbie and her late husband have done for the working class of Michigan, it was sickening to see them all applaud for such a show of disrespect shown by the man child to Debbie. What is wrong with you people in Michigan? Turning on one of your own?

    1. Dave Schultz Schultzy the low iq tool is back on shift. Man you guys should spread it out .you all come at once and it is so obvious. Keep trying little Schultzy

    2. I wouldn’t call any MULTI -BILLIONAIRE a failure you JEALOUS DEMORAT… Go eat your cheese and count up all the innocent babies you and your DEMONIC DEMOCRAT PARTY MURDERED TODAY.. You’re all SICK DERANGED INHUMANE TRASH..

  2. it still stuns me that he has that level of personal hatred and cruelty, this is not something that normal human beings do to other human beings. it is part of his narcissistic sociopathy. the most disturbing part is that his behavior is being normalized and even emulated by his base.

    1. mary jones And embraced by Moscow Mitch and GOPs and, yes, Putin.

      I am waiting on God. Like Tolstoy said, “God sees, but waits.” God’s timing is perfect.

    2. Live Free or Die look at delusional little Livey using those caps. The laughable continues on from a useless inbred tool. Keep trying little Livey

    3. @cindy clarke Speaking of FAKE organizations I hear the Clinton Foundation is in legal trouble. Shall we talk about Monica lewinsky? I’ll be damned if I couldn’t keep my Doctor. GO FIGURE.

    4. Strange I read this before by someone else. Strange how it makes it to CNN ABC CBS NBC MSNBC. Strange when you talk to people on the street. NO ONE talks like this. How odd.. keep going. It helped in 2016 so PLEASE keep posting here.. where NO ONE in Washington or 330mil other people wont see it

    1. Cindy C4 the man has no shame he is totally Disgusting! The Republican Party has no integrity and his followers have no respect for anyone. They enjoy listening to this very sick man #Sad

    2. @Dave Schultz – It’s also very tame compared to calling all latino’s drug addicts and rapists. Spin that Trump comment.

    1. Why do you insist on making the argument personal. Williams is talking about a president that you have no relation to and you make it about his entire family. Did you learn this from your favorite president?

    2. @padseven You’re absolutely correct! The Democrats are destroying America, vote them out of office! TRUMP2020!

    3. @Jo Sherrill Hahahahahaha same goes for you and your family!!!!!!! Your life is miserable and you think ours should be too! The PEOPLE are taking this country back…… go be politically correct some place else!!!

    4. Live Free or Die here she blows again. The ramblings of a mentally challenged individual. Laughable at best little Livey

  3. This is the behaviour of a psychopath, not a narcissist, a psychopath! This is a seriously disturbed man, a dangerous man, and the monsters in Congress who have sold their souls to him are purely evil.

    1. @Live Free or Die That’s exactly correct— Live Free.

      These ridiculous idiots lose their freaking minds over a tiny joke.

      Trump has given Dingle a lot of $$$$$$ to help her campaigns many years BEFORE he became president.

      All he wants is FAIRNESS.

      DEBBIE couldn’t even give him that. Tulsi was brave enough to do it.

    2. @Keith C Really??? Extremely liberal colleges teach those CORRUPT psychs & therapists.

      They make huge $$$$ off drugging patients & lying to them. What a crooked profession.

    3. @Stifled Voice The Liberals starting with truly stupid celebrities like Madonna, Cher, Snoop Dogg etc…….

      Attacked our president from day 1.

      It’s the horrid nasty Dem Liberals who began this entire dangerous mess ……their evil drips daily.

      Conservatives have no choice but to blast back.

      Things will normalize as soon as the DURHAM REPORT is out.

      Looks to me like most Liberals have not read the IG REPORT.

      Watch OANN & theyll lay out the entire story. They are NOT MSM.

  4. Can The Republicans Really Stands Up For 45 In The Way They’re Doing Now, Known He’s A President Who Demoralized The Citizens Of The United States Of America. How Low Can They Go Has Leaders Of The Next Generation.

  5. Trump is an irredeemable botched human being, with the heart of a jackal, and every character flaw known to mankind.

    1. @Memento Mori used to in the eighties till I woke up in ’87. Now I don’t nor will again. Still a believer though😇

    2. David J So says the man who participates in the SLAUGHTER of MILLIONS of BABIES….. You BABY KILLERS are irredeemable One day all you MURDERERS will have to answer for your DEMONIC MURDERING DEEDS before your Maker..Hope you like it HOT…You EVIL NEANDERTHALS have no conscience ..


    1. Add; Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John J. 🇺🇸❤

  7. Bone spurs has zero dignity and and respect even for a dead person, shame on all of them for not standing up and doing the right thing.

    1. He’s a classless vile weasel…….always has been……always will be. We deserve so much better. So did Debbie.

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