Rep. Demings: The Verdict Was A 'Great Step' In The Right Direction | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Demings: The Verdict Was A ‘Great Step’ In The Right Direction | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., a former Orlando police chief, weighs in on the verdict in the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, saying it was a great step in the right direction but there is more work ahead. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Rep. Demings: The Verdict Was A 'Great Step' In The Right Direction | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Stair force one Big guy ya show Boi jimmy keep pulling at his face mask ; like it was his jock strap, he was a looser in the ring and now is nothing more than a Putin puppet want to be ,

    1. @Brian Feddersen try researching it yourself instead of believing luring media’s n politicians

    2. @turnne stop listening to the hate filled n race-baiting media’s n try to get honest politicians in offices!! I know that won’t happen.too many corrupt commie lawyers in our govmt.

    3. @Linda Bergman Not sure what you mean by ” race-baiting”?
      I believe in reality…be it good news or bad news as long as its is ACTUAL facts
      I also believe in equality in every way and I dont think we there yet as a country.
      Clearly if reality means bad news I think solutions should be found

      But I never ignore what I see as a problem as I dont think kicking the can down the road helps anyone

    4. @Daniel Pickrell and I thought Trump was a stable genius. I guess we’re not supposed to believe our Lying Eyes right?

    5. @Linda Bergman are you saying that you are one of those people that care about the police? Did you care January 6th when your people cause that insurrection. Did you care when Vanilla ISIS fought with police officers on the steps of the Capitol? Did Blue Lives matter then? Christian are you? I’m wondering do you believe that abortion is murder? People like you are such hypocrites.

  1. I salute you Representative Demings. Thank for your strength, courage, intelligence and willingness to fight for the people.

  2. The Children Sing

    In Darkness there’s a pain.
    In silent night.
    A glow of shame seeps through a candle-lite.
    A troubling sense, oh of days to come.

    And where would we be now
    if the world lived in harmony.
    The children smile and sing, 
    “If the world lived in harmony
    where would we be now?”

    But there’s a man of thirst.
    He seek no drink. 
    Divides the world of skin
    and how they think.
    A rising hate, oh and blood will flow.

    And where would we be now 
    if the world lived in harmony.
    The children smile and sing,
    “If the world lived in harmony where would we be now?”

    People stand idle by.
    No thoughts to share.
    A burning rage growing large
    The time is near, oh to make a peace. 

    And where would we be now 
    if the world lived in harmony. 
    The children smile and sing,
    “if the world lived in harmony where would we be now?”

    The choice is ours to make.
    Thy will be done.
    To close our eyes and ignore
    the righteous flight of everyone.
    Soaring so high, in our lives we love.

    We all need to stand 
    and live our lives in peace & harmony.
    The children smile and sing,
    “Live in peace and harmony 
    together hand-in-hand.”

    Peace and Harmony
    We all need to stand
    For Peace & Harmony.
    Peace & Harmony. 

    Humble Driver

  3. Thank you Maxine….. your are what’s needed going forward I hope you stay strong in the face of the moronic opposition

  4. First of all Val thanks for putting Gym Jordan in his place! Second, despite what most people think, there are hundreds of thousands of good cops who serve with honor and are pillars in their communities. Which is why thought it was brilliant of the defense to not only humanize George Floyd but also isolate Chauvin from the police.

  5. Val Demings preach. Get at the root cause: poverty. As a former LEO, I know poverty engenders 80% of our calls for service. Use compassion. We had psych nurses travel w plainclothes officers for mental health calls as well.

  6. Thank you Val for pushing back against back against the Jim jordons of this world . Never back down against these forces. I hope you seek higher office you are a national asset

  7. Even the small Northern Irish town that I’m in here in Northern Ireland – not exactly known as a country of true tolerance and progressiveness – has had BLM and George Floyd protests. Yes indeed, the eyes of the world were transfixed upon this very important case – I’m glad Those verdicts came in, and hope they help to start a new direction for policing, Justice and equality across the pond.

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