Rep. Gomez On Attacks Against Asian-Americans, Immigration Reform | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) comments on President Biden’s trip to Georgia, attacks against Asian-Americans, immigration reform, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Rep. Gomez On Attacks Against Asian-Americans, Immigration Reform | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. Ask asian Americans if this just started during the pandemic or if it’s been happening for years

    1. Asians!… Black folks!…Latinos!!!…and Immigrants!!! We love you all!!! ✌️🇺🇸
      Come be apart of the Republicans acceptance and love for one another. Abandon Democrats overt racist bigoted Nazi ideology and war on Democracy.

    2. Every one is so caught up in racism that they don’t care to fix the problem. Yes racism exists! Yes Asians have always been attacked! Dummy! But what are we gonna do to fix it. And yes these hate crimes have increased. Just because they were treated badly before doesn’t mean they have to now! We were supposed to be moving forward with racism but we went backwards and yes there was someone who lit the fire. Why deny it?????

    3. @Alex Supertramp Looks like that the stupidity of Bidentardism is spreading faster than the Chinese virus 😄 you know that nazi Germany allied with Japan during the WW2

    1. What is this a reference to? The commercial where the old lady fell on the kitchen floor and can’t get up? 😅

  2. Why won’t you do a story about the white disabled man that was burned alive by two bk teens? Isn’t that a racist attack.

    1. Yeah, and Whites make up 90 percent of the victim pool in interracial violence between Black and white. Yet, it is never presented as a societal problem; never. And that is not just a few incidents here and there. That is over half a million attacks’ every year.

    1. If they truly want to address racial discrimination against Asians in the US, they’ll get rid of affirmative action. That’s the biggest form of racism that we Asians face. Of course Democrats will never do that because they’re not serious about ending racism or racial discrimination. They love it.

  3. Oh please, there are attacks on blacks, Latinos, whites, Indians, etc., etc. every day. Yes, it’s tragic, but for the media to sensationalize this particular attack is just stirring the pot of discord in America.

  4. Maybe these politicians can start focusing on why the current administration is getting publicly humiliated by the CCP?💁‍♂️

    1. @David & Melissa Aguilar Oh yeah, right, becuase all you nuts are out here critizing every not-trump’s every move with no proof. Like come on, if you want to have a serious debate, link me some sources to back up your claims. But please, do it from a trust worthy one.

    2. @MrColz hahahahha. Trustworthy? By trustworthy you must mean liberal rags that confirm your bias. That’s the problem with you yahoos. Y’all only believe things that make you feel good.

    3. @MrColz basically these democrat strong hold cities that are run by democrats are SISTER CITIES OF CHINA! In my opinion, some of these politicians and officials leaders are probably complicit. Look Into Chinese foreign investment in our American infrastructure. They’ve bought out houses lands, business, using their “hedgefunds” and exerting their economic and political influence

    4. @Da Vinxi Illinois and Chicago, at least, are not corrupted by China, our politicans corrupted themselves. Also China has absolutely no control over us besides trade. So stop

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