Swalwell: ‘The Greatest Enablers Of These Domestic Terrorist Enemies’ Are Within Congress | Deadline 1

Swalwell: ‘The Greatest Enablers Of These Domestic Terrorist Enemies’ Are Within Congress | Deadline


Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) addresses the tensions on Capitol Hill and his concern over those in Congress who continue to repeat the former president’s Big Lie. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Swalwell: ‘The Greatest Enablers Of These Domestic Terrorist Enemies’ Are Within Congress | Deadline


  1. Won’t be surprise Ron Johnson being mixed up. Ron had been cranky over his orange man crush leaving the WH.

    1. *Russian Ron spent July 4th 2018 in MOSCOW with several other Republicans!*

      Don’t take my word for it… look it up

  2. Well, you had three congressmen, two from Arizona, that definitely need to be removed. Then look at Bobert for her text messages on Jan. 6th. Then we need to deal with Nunes and Johnson, who were both distributing Russian propaganda, provided to then by a Russian agent. Lastly, Donald J. Trump must be indicted, tried, convicted and sent to PRISON for this crime, which is only one of many crimes he committed while in office.

    1. Hang them all on live television. And force Trump supporters to watch like in A Clockwork Orange. 😉

    2. @Vic Maz oh I so remember that trip… Lindsey Graham there too… changed his tune toward cheeto in chief after that.. (me thinks several of them became compromised on that trip)…think there were about 7 or 8 repubs on that trip.. like you said on our holiday, Independence day….think vlad had that date set up to show his pull… seems most of these listed here were on trip… I think they should be tried and convicted.. traitors all….or get vlad to turn over the compromising videos of them all so we can understand why they all changed their tune, and send them to prison

    3. Be sure he will do his part. Less just pray for the other. I hate to see him open the gate. But this race must be run. Get them lighting. Watch him strike twice.

  3. Yes, very sad how GOP lawmakers have become hypocryte ,dishonest and feel they are above the Law. By the way, What about those who did ” guided tours” to the Congress before the insurrection?

    1. Lauren Boevert, Marge Green, Mo Brooks, Lindsey Graham are four traitors to start with. Cruz’and Hawley, two more.

    2. @Nancy Ross Which makes them co-conspirators and equally guilty. Whoever it was (cough cough MTG cough) is looking at up to 20 years (congresswomen don’t get Presidential immunity and can be arrested just like you or me).

    3. @Anne Fitz Nancy Pelosi set up the guided tours. That’s why the second phony impeachment collapsed as quickly as it did. She was going to be called to testify on her role in phony “insurrection”. It all comes out soon anyway…

  4. Brilliant perspective at the end from Rep Swalwell. GOP cynicism and disingenuousness is the root of so many of our problems in this country. It goes back generations.

    1. @Phil Groves you voted for ole racist senile Joe then your part of a cult. I don’t discuss anything with racist so just give it up. If you’re bored, go burn down several blocks of your city, maybe volunteer at an abortion clinic, I’m done with you.

    2. @Hill Billy But Mr. Billy, Hill – whatever your name is – seriously, why won’t you HELP me overcome my (alleged) racism, or are you just going to leave me in the dark? I was trusting that if you had noticed something about my behavior that was (allegedly) racist, you would be kind enough to constructively point it out. Then I would have the opportunity of changing my behavior for the better – to be more like you! But, Mr. Billy, you forsake me. Why are you so cruel? Why do you hate me so much?!

    3. Really…we thought you guys been knew this,smh..you mean ppl really didnt know that this was going on?

    4. @Kiab Toom Lauj must be why so many people and businesses are leaving California for red states like Texas and Florida, but I’m sure you have some demented explanation why that’s happening also.

  5. why are “some people” at the top of the Republican party still walking around instead of being arrested for treason??

    1. Posts crawling with trumpnewsnetwork promoting shills, if you hate msnbc, cnn, etc…why spend all your time here? SELLING something? Go back to Russia.

    2. @Lolo Dee Go back to Russia? How original, and how weak SMH. Your Democratic propaganda news outlets are fascinating in a macabre and morbid sort of way, and the number of brainwashed leftist sheep is nothing short of tragic, but it explains a lot. This insane network is good for a laugh at times, though, and feel free to tell this Russian bot that orange man bad (derp).

    3. @Lolo Dee Funny thing is, when you read the comments of the two groups, one is just regurgitating bile, the other is trying to convince the sick ones. Maybe coming over to troll here is the only exposure they get to an alternative point of view. They make it difficult to remain an honest broker.

    1. The FBI has already reported that the attackers were prepared military types. The attack started 20 min before Trump finished his speech at the rally. It was pre-planned and premeditated.

    2. @A / V
      He instigated and organized the thing for months….without his rhetoric and lies what happened on the 6th would not have taken place….

  6. Trump’s racism is like COVID: just because he doesn’t admit it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    1. You have the written wit, vocabulary and grammar of a child. You can’t even repeat your clichés. @Judy Beckner

    2. Donald Trump and his driver were cruising along a country road one night when all of a sudden, they hit a pig. Trump told his driver to go up to the farmhouse and explain to the owners what had happened. An hour later, Trump sees his driver staggering back to the car with a bottle of wine in one hand, a cigar in the other.
      “What happened to you?” asked Trump
      “Well, the Farmer gave me the wine and his wife gave me the cigar.”
      “My God, what did you tell them?” asks Trump.
      The driver replies, “I’m Donald Trump’s driver, and I just hit the pig.”

      @Judy Beckner

    3. @Ann van de Kew can’t wait till ole racist senile socialist child groping Joe, with all his goodness leads us down the right path.

  7. “A house divided will not stand”, so the saying goes making the ‘fall of the American Empire’ similar to the ‘Roman Empire’, history repeating itself …

    1. Their no difference. This is the kingdom Daniel, spoke about. The feet mix with motley clay. Somebody is studying.

  8. Those who attack old people — lately preponderantly senior citizens of Asian descent — should also be labeled as domestic terrorists!

    1. @Seals 1978 Your bs doesn’t get any less bs when you type it over and over and over under every comment, Edgelord McSpammertroll.

    2. Yes you are right. It doesn’t matter what race they are because what they are doing is wrong on so many levels

    3. These are hate crimes and need to be prosecuted as such. Just repulsive that these racists choose to attack the people least likely to be able to defend themselves — such cowards

    1. You see no issues with someone not only in the government but on the Intel committee hooking up with a Chinese spy?

    2. @CJ C Fang got no information out of Swalwell, though she was undoubtedly a spy seeking info. She returned to China empty-handed. It was a failed effort on China’s part.

    3. “The white man’s happiness cannot be purchased by the black man’s misery.” Frederick Douglas. If Douglas had said this today he probably would have included the Asians, Southern Hemisphere groups, Eastern…’the misery of the Other…that’s not white like me.’

    4. @Buff Straw I would agree with you but since she is from Taiwan, they like the Chinese less then we do.

    5. @Soho50 S I learned all about the China-Taiwan rift in high school. Back in 1974. Tell me something I don’t know.

  9. I think if they wants to stop these loonies in Congress they should hold them accountable and charge them and throw some in prison and you’ll see things change

  10. Great point by Swalwell about Repubs regarding their constituents as fans. This is what Trump has brought to Washington. A fan-based political party and they’re all vying for the adoration of the Trump fan base.

    1. It was never about Trump….i will explain….put your dress on and be allowed to play girls gym,pay a fine for refusing service,pay a huge fine because you are flying the American flag,pay a huge fine because the flag pole is too tall,pay 30,000 fine because your grass is too high….get my drift

  11. I’d like to know who gave the “guided tour” to the insurgents in January. Give us the names. They need to be exposed and brought to justice!

    1. @Pol Pot 2024 Her mom has a page for Vladimir Putin listed under her liked pages on Facebook. I couldn’t find any background for her family except that she grew up in FL and moved to CO. No info at all on her bio father.

    2. @mary johnson Proud Antifa soccer mom here (well technically basketball and football mom.) Great grandfather was Antifa too!

    3. @CoconutKev Furthermore, law enforcement including FBI are *typically* majority Republican voters. Trump hired the current FBI director. More meritless claims trying to undermine democracy and the rule of law.

    4. @LB Walker this is the sixth time in history that thus has happened, in fact, in the 1950s 6 congressmen were shot and killed by Puerto Rican nationalists. This was a riot, they weren’t trying to over throw anything, as far as they were concerned, democracy was already overthrown. The dems talk about democracy, nobody talks about freedom.

    1. @Maharajji NKB
      So why is Biden the one sitting in the oval office and flying around on Air Force One? Why is Biden in charge of the military?
      Trump is the #1 Loser, and to pretend otherwise is just delusional. Maybe you should seek professional help.

    2. PS–If Biden does happen to leave office before his term is over, then Kamala Harris will be the President, which is probably the Trump white supremacists followers worst nightmare…a woman President and she isn’t white…hahahahaha!

  12. “The play’s the thing wherein we’ll catch the conscience of the king.” …is the significance of the TrumPublican NO vote.

  13. “They think it’s all a show.”

    Yep that’s why they don’t have a plan besides to vote no on everything.

    1. Yeah, they don’t really have any policy because they have no value system upon which to found those policies. It’s the same with the rightwingers in Sweden. Pretty soon after you start talking with them regarding politics, you’ll only get vapid talking points without any real substance and sometimes not even any connection to the truth. It’s almost as if they don’t believe in their own ideology. It’s weird and sad.

    2. @Johan Nilsson

      It’s why I have found the best approach to be asking people what they want to do policy wise. If they can’t describe what they want to do with legislative power they either Don’t know or they are hiding it because they know it’s unpopular and sounds bad.

  14. Imagine the republican party of 50 years ago seeing the present party, they would freak out, scary.

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