Rep. Hank Johnson: Rep. Gaetz ‘Pot Calling Kettle Black’ Bringing Up Hunter Biden’s DUI | MSNBC

Rep. Hank Johnson: Rep. Gaetz 'Pot Calling Kettle Black' Bringing Up Hunter Biden's DUI | MSNBC 1


Following Rep. Matt Gaetz' statements regarding an article about Hunter Biden in the New Yorker regarding his alleged substance abuse, Rep. Hank Johnson says "the pot calling the kettle black is not something we should do." Aired on 12/12/19.
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Rep. Hank Johnson: Rep. Gaetz 'Pot Calling Kettle Black' Bringing Up Hunter Biden's DUI | MSNBC

89 Comments on "Rep. Hank Johnson: Rep. Gaetz ‘Pot Calling Kettle Black’ Bringing Up Hunter Biden’s DUI | MSNBC"

  1. Alexander Cartier | December 12, 2019 at 1:08 PM | Reply

    Didnt Gaetz get two DUIs?

  2. The Republican party is the enemy of the truth. how can they live with themselves

    • @Matthew Cantu why are you even on MSNBC’s channel?

    • OceanFragments | December 12, 2019 at 7:56 PM | Reply

      @Jeremy Backup Well we could only hope they would. They functionally are the enemy of American way of life, as their only aims are to subvert the law, usurp power slowly, like creeping poison, and to undermine one entire half of the government. I cite Mitch and his practice of piling up any bills submitted by Democrats solely on the principle it’s a democratic bill, and not on the substance of the bill itself, ONLY to undermine their authority and ability to work.
      This new color of Russian fascism is a new one added to the mix though. They basically exist only to cause problems for REAL politicians trying to actually make the government work. We should be rid of them entirely, and establish progressives as ‘the other party’ instead, since Democrats tend to be more conservative these days.

    • OceanFragments | December 12, 2019 at 8:08 PM | Reply

      ​@Matthew Cantu This is incorrect. “Emotional appeals,” “Ad hominem,” Appeal to paranoia, and appeal to violence are not factual arguments. And I’ve VERY rarely met a GOP supporter who will actually have an intelligent conversation with someone they disagree with. It’s usually:
      >Blatantly saying the opposite of the common sense provided by a group of commentors for the sole purpose of inciting a reaction with no actual evidence to back it up.
      >Blaming liberals and democrats of the exact things the democrats blame republicans for, but without actually citing any reporting that demonstrates it.

      >Attacking the character of Obama, Hillary, or anyone on the radar that week with juvenile insults or rearrangements of their name.
      >Attacking their dissenters by going “LOL LIB TEARS” or such similar blowing-off of the subject, and smugly sitting upon what they believe is their moral highhorse (funny enough.)
      >Repeating the most recent talking points of Fox News or Trump’s twitter page, again, without providing any factual evidence or reporting to back it up outside of ‘the people who said it.’
      >Being engaged by any particular republican acting out, speaking loudly, or insulting someone, but not actually having an intelligent conversation on the actual beats and reporting of the story.
      >Resorting to vague generalities like “DEMS ARE EVIL” or “LIBS IS FASCIST” or “OBAMA DESTROYED AMERICA.”
      >Agreeing with a comment’s point, but pretending as if they were talking about Hillary or Obama, instead of the obvious inferred subject (Usually Trump.) Again, another juvenile tactic.
      >Ranting about some conspiracy theory like “MSNBC ARE ALL ALIEN LIZARD JEWISH NAZI PEDOPHILE MURDERERS WHO FORNICATE WITH LIES AND FEAST ON ABORTED FETUSES AS THEY LAY IN THE CORPSE OF GOD!” especially when it has nothing to do with the story in the video, making them look like raving lunatics and not worth the effort to talk too.
      >Just outright insulting Obama or Hillary, regardless of the video context.
      >Ignoring the entire response given to them by dissenters, and basically replying with “Lol ok lib.” Which again, is not arguing with facts. It’s just being a child.

      Beyond these various tactics, I never see you bring facts to a table. Speaking of fun facts, I asked one such individual to explain in plain english how they thought Obama was tearing apart the country. His response resorted to at least 5 of these tactics, and didn’t provide a single solitary answer using reporting, or citable resources, to my question. By the way, what I cite as “conspiracy theories” are aggressively hard to believe stories peddled by only one or two sources, usually people of low credibility in general, without any way to verify, demonstrate, or back up the information within the story, and usually rely on pure character assassination.
      Now can you disprove any of this?

      Check out ​@​Evan Heaphy ‘s response for a fine example. It’s a nice “lol ok lib” type reply.

    • thegigisupsee Right on

  3. Rep Johnson has my respect. Rather than follow the smoke and mirrors he is asking us to focus on the real issue. Hunter Biden is an adult. His decisions in life have nothing to do with his father’s viability as a candidate. I have 3 adult sons and I don’t get to make decisions for them either. The issue at hand is Donald Trump’s scandalous actions in office. Everything else is just a distraction.

    • S O Gaez chose to get drunk while sober…

    • @S O Wrong, he made a bad choice when he decided to drink despite knowing he had to drive; he *chose* to not drink responsibly then he *chose* to not take responsibility for his actions when he was caught, instead relying on his daddy’s political clout to get the charges dropped. The bad choice happened before Gaetz got drunk.

    • yankees double header | December 13, 2019 at 10:03 PM | Reply

      @S O driving drunk can get someone killed, that’s more than just a bad choice.

  4. Matt “I drive better when I’m drunk” Gaetz is going to need 1 or 2, or maybe even 10 drinks after this.😂

  5. How is Jim Jordan also in this commitee ?

    • @James Ricker unfortunately, the voters in his district seem to ignore the issue of the wrestlers being abused. That happened 25-30 years ago. Jordan’s been reelected to Congress many times. Guess they don’t care.

    • @tuberholic Well nobody ever said people in Ohio were smart

    • William Kirksey | December 12, 2019 at 6:33 PM | Reply

      @cj Wait a minute I’m in Ohio Jordan is a outliner we don’t take showers with teenage boys on the Ohio State wrestling team

    • @cj That’s a low blow, dude. It’s bad enough to have to keep a roof over Baker Mayfield’s head too…

    • I usually don’t correct spelling mistakes, but it’s Gym Jordan thx

  6. I didn’t know hunter Biden was running for president

  7. Geatz your Kettle is black. Remember Daddy had to help you out of DUI situations a grow man in running to Daddy hello.

  8. The GOP is all about party over country. Just ask Moscow Mitch.

  9. Only time republicans don’t want to interrupt and shout out to that question 😂 😂 😂

  10. Gaetz looked like he took a nice swig of somethin before this hearing. Guy is a joke.

    • @Vikki Herald Trumps kid got jobs working for TRUMP towers.. I am ok with that. Its his personal company.. I am not ok with Hunter getting a job because daddy works for the government.. There are millions of people more qualified than crack head who was just kicked out of the marines for drug use and scores an 80k per month gig in the most corrupt country in the world, thanks to daddy who is the VP and btw running foreign policy for the Ukraine

    • Adam Alvarado he’s always barking with no directions 😬

    • @Real Deal I don’t know Ivanka and Jared make 15 million per month doing what???

    • 😂🤣😅

  11. Gaetz is such an arrogant, immature, obnoxious putz. He deserves to be brought down a few pegs. I just wonder if he has the intelligence to realize he just got slammed.

    • Real Deal you think the trump family are saints…they are mobsters…

    • John O I am waiting for a 🌊 come 11/2020…and if not then Americans deserves what they get…because it will be worst the next term…only the rich will survive…

    • @Xavier Bacon Actually alot of people care. Did you miss the whole impeachment inquiry and investigation that is currently happening? Do you understand how it is all connected to the Bidens??? Do you any clue about US foreign policy under the Obama Administration connected to corruption in the Ukraine????

    • The point, if any, that this Gaetz was making was that his daddy has abused power (to get him out of his DUI problem and into the public office), while Hunter Biden couldn’t even get his dad to settle any problem he had with Hertz? A brain-dead bunch of losers that this criminal president always surrounds himself with

  12. GOP= The Party of Putin’s hate against our Democracy

  13. I wish the camera was on gaetz’s face when he got verbally smacked down

  14. Why does anyone care about what Hunter does? Use valid arguments!

    • @Raging Monk MY LORD!!! WTF are you talking about?? The story that was allegedly debunked was that Joe Biden demanded a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Buresma be fired or else the US would NOT release aid.. Had nothing to do with Hunter.. YOU MORON!!!!

    • @Real Deal You want to call me a moron when Republicans are still trying to tie Hunters drug issue and his job to the very false flag “Biden Corruption” debunked theory. They use the same tactic they did with Hillary. They talk about “Biden corruption” then they venture off onto Hunter and Burisma. Then they drop back and talk about Joe and the “Biden corruption” then off onto Hunter’s substance abuse then back to Joe, etc…
      Republicans try to link it all together by twist talking points. There was no “Biden Corruption” and they need to keep Hunter out of their foul mouths because he has nothing to do with this election and Trump’s extortion.

    • Pete Kondolios | December 13, 2019 at 6:55 PM | Reply

      Great question.
      Did you not see the video where Quid PRO JOE brazenly boasted about bouncing the barrister at barisma for his bungling , blow snorting boy???
      THAT is the CORRUPTION that TRUMP wanted investigated.
      Do the bidens get a pass for what they did in 2016 because creepy joe is running in 2019?

    • Pete Kondolios | December 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Reply

      @Raging Monk

      There was no biden corruption and hunter isnt a crackhead and Joe isn’t a creepy old senile politician.
      Say it as much as you want.
      It wont change the FACTS

  15. President of the Virgin Islands | December 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM | Reply

    Gaetz has done his share of coke.

  16. This would be as hypocritical as trump mocking Page and Strzok for having an extramarital affair. Wait…what?

  17. Laurette LaLiberte | December 12, 2019 at 2:23 PM | Reply

    Boy, he has a lot of nerve. How many DUIs did his daddy get him out of? Seven that I can recall.

  18. Gaetz is a goof and the folks in Florida need so much better. Vote him out.

  19. stickyfingaz745 | December 12, 2019 at 2:56 PM | Reply

    I didn’t know Hunter Biden was President of the United States of America

  20. Matt Gaetz was convicted of DUI and his Daddy got him off. Hypocrites.

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