Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) On Progressive Goals For The Biden Transition | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) On Progressive Goals For The Biden Transition | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


"We continue to push for more people who are willing to fight for real progress in this country to be included in the transition," Rep Ilhan Omar told Ayman. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) On Progressive Goals For The Biden Transition | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. “People don’t want a revolution. They want results.” – Joe Biden

    Exactly. Progressives don’t exactly have a great record of getting things done since they prefer purity over winning.

    1. @Jon Diebe You are funny… , “people like me” ?? What kind of person do you think I am ? Go on, take a guess & impress me !

    2. @pizzaman5169 No need to. Anyone can tell.

      And I was talking to Mister Sarajevo, not you, thus why you can see your name isn’t included in my post as I didn’t click on your name.

    3. @Jon Diebe What are you smoking? Aside from Iowa, _”Bernie Sanders EDGES Pete Buttigieg in New Hampshire primary”_ – *That’s the first two Primary contests!*
      Go away, Trump Troll.

    4. @Mister Sarajevo You’re likely correct to some degree – Bernie would become a lightning rod, and he couldn’t be put in an important position anyways given his inability to compromise and get legislation enacted.

  2. Biden would be wise ta make sure that the progressives voices are heard and actions taken to get this country back on track

    1. Biden is bringing back the establishment. He’s gonna make the progressives who voted for him walk the plank lol.

  3. I’m a republican and I’m not that worried about Biden since he’s basically already brought back the “establishment” and he’s gonna tell the psycho progressives to walk the plank. Lol

    1. I’ve got news for you… the far right is just if not worse than the far left… I am an independent voter and have been for 50 plus years… trump needed to go along with his trump cult… we don’t need any progressive or extreme conservatives…

    2. Is Medicare for all psycho? Is being against big pharma, wars of adventure, Goldman Sachs, etc, not wanting lobbyists all over his administration psycho in your opinion?

    3. @S EE and yet with thousands of right wing protesters in DC this weekend. How many businesses did they destroy ? How many buildings did they burn ?
      Yet last month thousands of left wing protesters were in DC and millions in damages.

  4. I am an independent moderate… I don’t like the far left anymore than I like the far right… those 2 groups are the very groups that got this country in a mess along with trump

    1. How did being against banker bailouts, being against wars of adventute and big pharma, being for Medicare for all grease the skids for Trump?

  5. I often wonder what it is that makes the term socialism so frightening for people…or maybe they just don’t remember what they learned in kindergarten…how to share…how to work together to solve problems…how to bring compassion and balance to a situation. Proud boys, just what are you so afraid of? What makes you so fearful that you are willing to give over your soul to someone like trump…and the present republicans. Republicans don’t share they protect their wealth…the wealth they mostly achieved on the backs of other Americans.

  6. The people are sick of corporate Dems. The real Democrats are FDR Democrats. Neoliberal economic policies don’t work.

    1. I’m sick of the adjective “corporate” attached to everyone and everything that varies one iota from your rigid dogma. Try a little dialog instead of your constant autocratic attacks

  7. China wants its demands meet for getting joe elected. Now the progressives want their demands meet for getting joe elected. Then the moderates are going to want their demands meet. Oh joe sold himself out to thin to pay everyone back. Hahahaha

  8. We NEED to put the pressure on president joe biden for executive action on student loan forgiveness on day one.  As the law allows.

  9. “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this.”—JOE BIDEN

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Hopefully (!) one is for education. Ask your grandparents how much they paid for their education!

    2. @Margaret Nicol I don’t need to ask my grandparents… I’m a Boomer. It cost me roughly $480 per semester to go to college.

  10. His opening question is pointless, given the fact that Biden hasn’t actually selected any progressives for his cabinet.

  11. An important item on the agenda should be to STOP the horrible and criminal abuse of the elderly at nursing homes and related businesses that service seniors, the elderly and the disabled.

  12. Dear young people, You all are kinda putting the cart before the horse. You’re worrying about things & “stuff” that hasn’t happened & you cannot say, definitely, that it will ! Joe Biden hasn’t even been sworn in & you’re already crying that the sky is falling. You have no idea what he & his administration will be like for real. You have conjecture & hypotheticals about what you fear !! You seem to think that this is all over & that Biden can start effecting change right now. Do you have any idea what it takes to put an administration together ?? You should have some idea after the last 4 years & witnessed what not having a complete administration can do to the country. Try to think of it as this. America is one huge house that we all live in together & it’s been severely damaged by a tornado of greed, anger, hate, incompetence, ignorance & stupidity. That tornado is still in DC & in the WH !! He’s going to try his best to F&*# up the country even more before he leaves. You all know he is a petulant child! If you think trump is done & over, you need a second thought about that!! Haven’t you seen what he does to people that he thinks caused him harm?
    The new administration is going to have their hands full just in trying to rebuild our house & all the people need to do their part, to pitch in to get things started.
    What too many today seem to want is to argue about what the furnishings of the house should be before we even get started hammering the first nail. There are these things called priorities & a time & a place for everything! Let’s at least try to put a roof on our house to keep the most vulnerable protected. Stop adding to the division of our people!! Don’t you know ? Haven’t you heard that united we stand, divided we fall ??

  13. This is Bidens chance to show us all what he stands for. Democrats in the last 30yrs have all strived to be Moderate republicans!! Clinton and Obama both did some good things but they didnt do enough for the people, always seemingly worried about how things will look to the other side. Republicans dont care what anyone thinks… they do what they want and what their base wants!! This Biden/Harris administration needs to be a little Radical in their attempts the rebuild America!! Thats what alot of us voted for…. RADICAL CHANGE!!!

  14. If you are appalled by the Federal executions by trump the last several weeks, you should know that Biden/Harris can commute all the remaining federal death row inmates executions by EXECUTIVE ORDER. You think he’ll do it? Obama had 8yrs to do it and didnt. This is one example of a “Progressive” and Real thing that can change lives instantly. We’ll see what Biden does.

  15. I hope they don’t forget that Progressives pm helped put them there and they need to listen to the future! Corp Dems are DINOS and will be replaced if they can’t or won’t represent the will of the people.

  16. I wish the rank and file progressives were able to engage in the intellectual discourse in which Omar so excels. Their constant whine makes them nearly indistinguishable from Trumpets.

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