Rep. Ilhan Omar On Why The Hate She Receives Isn’t Really About Her

Since taking office in 2017 has been subjected to a near constant stream of hate, vitriol and abuse. She joins NBC’s Mehdi Hasan to speak about her new book and why she believes the goal of the abuse is to try to stop the progress that many Muslims and immigrants are making in America. 

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    1. @T. R. Campbell Many progressive proposals are – in this Democrat’s opinion – not quite ready for prime time, and in many cases are being proposed by the wrong people for the wrong reasons.
      Student loans, for example. The government has no legal authority to simply declare the balances paid in full; the banks and other institutions which made the loans must be paid.
      Merely printing the money to do this will not suffice, since it adds to inflation, which is already eating us alive, economically. Pointing to examples in history where this was done will not suffice. Continuing to do bad things just because someone else has done them is the logic of a child.
      And that’s the bottom line problem with many voters who call themselves progressive – the solutions presented appear to be founded in magical thinking and an illogical and unfounded trust in the good will of humankind.
      The practical way forward is going to necessarily be cautious and slow. Reality is not as malleable as we might hope.

    2. @T. R. Campbell; That is because the Republicans want to be a stick in the mud, Moscow Mitch is working directly against America, and I truly think he works for Putin.

    3. @mike briganti; A political ideology from the WWII era, do you have any gd notion what you are rambling about.

  1. The 🇺🇸USA is living the era of the 50s and 60s, but the world is passing you by. It’s only hurting your competitiveness by making you less efficient and productive.

    1. @Michael Reid so you need to reread my original comment above. Like I said nobody is excusing the .0001% of far right wingers they committed any type of violent act on January 6. And they should be charged appropriately for the actual crime they committed. Which I see very little crimes other than breaking and entering charges. But you are the ultimate communist Democrat hypocrite. The thousands and thousands and thousands of communist Democrats your party that has rioted, looted and actually burned down businesses for two years are not being charged and are not locked up but are actually being bailed out by your fellow communist Democrat politicians. None of them are sitting in jail and the charges are being dropped. But you seem to be fine with that and You have no problem with that. That’s proof we live in a communist society today. Where you Democrat communists go after & jail your political opponents. There’s no equal application of the law today. Look in the mirror, you are a full-blown Communist

    2. @Sandi Harris Yet Again – Again – another diversion from you. I put explicit things to you – Again – and yet again, you wandered off to talk about Anything else under the sun rather than the very clear and explicitly worded matters about your country, and the ideas You support, that I Again put to you. If you’re going to be a moral coward, then I honestly don’t know what on earth you’re criticizing Anyone else about.

    3. @Jesse Watters I dare say you’d have some choice words about us gays as well, or Trans people, or immigrants. For someone raving so much about how much America loves and adores democracy, you don’t seem willing to allow democracy to also allow Communism in America – which would be a democratic choice of the electorate, if so, and proof that democracy works.

      I should say that I’m not remotely a communist, and think communism has been a disastrous, chaotic model that has largely brought little but misery to the nations it’s in – but Communism is not intrinsically evil like Nazism or White Supremacy etc, as it’s been largely the brutal implementation of Communism (typically for the corrupt enrichment of those at the top, and the oppression of the masses underneath) that has been so deplorable, rather than its core tenets. Brutal, power-hungry men have always made Communism so bloody awful, rather than Communism itself. Not quite the same thing, although the starving workers or jailed or exiled enemies of the state have no need to consider such intellectual niceties – a punch in the face hurts just as much regardless of why it was thrown, after all.

      Still, if a tiny handful of Americans want to be Communists, let them. There are Irish Communists too, with an Irish Communist Party, and in a shocking twist, Ireland survived The Commie Menace, who haven’t yet found a way to get a Red under the Bed. They’d be lucky to get a Red in A bed, singular, such is their pitifully small membership, but such would be the case in America too.

      One tiny fringe party isn’t going to destroy America, and its members would at least be exercising the democratic choice that you *say* you value. It’s worth pointing out that Communism is not an illegal political choice, even if it seems like a dumb, harmful one, and it’s certainly less reprehensible than the white supremacy that so many of your citizens seem totally cool with.

    4. @Ver Coda and here’s more proof that YOU & your party & YOUR President China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden are all communists-
      Remember how Democrats always said Trump was an agent of Russia and Putin?

      Russian President Vladimir Putin says he’d work with Biden; says the Democratic Party now shares links with ‘communism’

      Russian President Vladimir Putin recently compared the Democratic Party’s platform with communism and said the shared values could form the “ideological basis” for developing ties between Russia and the U.S.

      He said the Democrat Party holds values he identifies with as a former member of the Soviet Communist Party for 18 years.
      Putin said, “But some things are worth mentioning. First, the Democratic Party is traditionally closer to the so-called liberal values, closer to Social Democratic ideas, if compared to Europe. And it was from the Social Democratic environment that the Communist Party evolved.”

      “I was a member of the Soviet Communist Party for nearly 20 years, or more precisely 18 years,” Putin continued. “I was a rank-and-file member, but it can be said that I believed in the party’s ideas. I still like many of these ‘left-wing’ values.”

      I’ve been telling you the Democrat party is now a ‘communist’ party for a long time. 

  2. SO MEDHI – WHERE’S YOUR SUPPORT OF NINA TURNER? She’s also working her butt off for the American people but the billionaires are throwing money at this election to try to stop her.

    1. @Margaret Nicol geez talk about cherry picked whataboutism. Not doubting the worthiness of your chosen candidate but really, why pick this story which is specific to one district in one state over hundreds of others. Besides, it would be the producers picking the stories not the presenter.

    2. @Richard Moore Simply because it’s happening NOW. If mainstream media had done their job you’d have known that.

    3. @Colin Connelly He could give her some air time, unless she’s been blacklisted. The Young Turks on Youtube have been covering the race, but nobody else. It’s a big one with the Clintons working hard to take her out.

    4. @Richard Moore When the Clintons get involved in trying to take out a Democrat, it’s more than a single district event.

    5. Nina will be fine. She’s a fighter. She’s for the people. All people.. We just have to support her financially and vote. Corporate Dems will always resist outsiders but just like the other Progressives she will earn his place in the Senate. And she knows this she’s been fighting this battle a long time. We, her supporters, must stay focused on the target and Nina Turner will earn her spot! ❤

    1. @Margaret Cassidy wasn’t it a few years? What came out was, two of the years he paid very little and about five years, he paid NOTHING!

    2. @Blake Tyner Illinois case was state taxes on a hotel property. Not his Federal or New York personal taxes.

      Apples and oranges! 🙄🤪

    3. @Minute Meditations it’s true but again a fascist taking facts out of context. Overpay on a hotel property state corporation taxes. Nothing to do with Federal personal taxes!

    4. Probably the same reason Vegetable Biden uses “S” corps to save $millions on his obamacare and ss taxes. The only difference is Biden is anti American.

    5. @David Eby hey Twizzlefuck said saving money on taxes made him smart! Now all of a sudden, it’s wrong of Biden to use a provision of the tax law?

  3. My family has been in the US for 400 years. Know my side of the family that is mixed has been here for about 130 years. My great grandfather was a judge and loved his children. But others will only see you to be different.

    1. @omi god You’re not trying to diminish them, you just object to their elevation. Got it. Look up ‘colony’ or ‘colonist”. It’s hard to have a conversation if you make up your own meaning of words . If I say ‘Colonial Architecture’ , you’ll be thinking of teepees.

    2. @peter baxter The meaning of words is determined by their context. “Colonial furniture” is not the same as “colonial ambitions”, for example. It’s hard having a conversation if you make up your own meaning of words.

    3. @omi god, we have history of our tribe going back for thousands of years. Not just 500 years. How old do you think you have to be in a place to be the longest bloodline in for thousands of years? You surely failed history.

    4. @Jon Watters I’m European. I see you as an American. I don’t see the colour of people’s skin, I see their character. I see their kindness and sence of humour. I value their friendship. You have a great heritage and should be proud of that. I’m so sorry that you are judged by people who are just envious of you. Stay strong friend, you have lots of support around the world. Just remember, we all bleed red.

  4. Smart to recognize this hatred really isn’t about her. These people fear the inevitable and because they don’t want to blame themselves (which they should), they go after who and what they want others to believe is the problem.

    1. @Star Gazer I’m spot on😏. But keep lashing out, if you must. Your low self-esteem projections are all over this thread.😩

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith try reading slower or substituting smaller words for the ones that are confusing you.

    1. @Gunner Patry CRT is only taught in COLLEGE because open minds and “critical thinking” about “theory” exists.

    2. @Geo78 and I believe that’s a false narrative they’re also teaching it in elementary schools in the blue scum States and trying to implement it into the armed services which we Marines ain’t having none of that we are all one family..

  5. “Let New Zealand be a place where there is no tolerance for racism ever.
    And that’s something we can all do”. – J.Adern, New Zealand PM.

    1. Good luck with that, haven’t been to a single country on earth that doesn’t have racism. The best we can do is what the US did, make laws so it can’t limit a person. Although, the Dems and BLM are bringing back racism, and we’re heading towards a far more racist society than ever before.

    2. @Rhetoric, BLM are bringing back racism??? WTF are you talking about. BLM didn’t invent racism, they are responding to the racists who are killing them off and are not being held accountable. There are laws on the books but people don’t always follow those laws. You better educate yourself on BLM. You don’t have a clue.

    3. @Rhetoric Actually the American Right is bringing back racism, and BLM is shouting about the Right’s doing so, which leads you to conclude that BLM is bringing back racism.

    4. @Basil Marasco You should not be involved with BLM since you do not understand the purpose or goal of the organization and will likely be highly influenced by their propoganda. You have been told many lies about the Right, mostly from communists. Break out of the communist sphere of influence to learn what the right is. For example, do you know that prominent neo-Nazi, Richard Spencer, in Aug of 2020, said the Right and GOP sucked, and as a Nazi the Biden and Democrat tickets were more inline with his views on racism therefor as a neo-Nazi he fully supports Biden and the Dems. You were told many lies about the Right.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith When the “person who does a bad thing” is a POTUS, it’s kind of a big deal.

    2. As a three time combat vet I too am going to stand back and stand by… To stop fascist domestic terrorists like the Proud Boys.

    3. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith yes, some people do bad things and in a civilised country, people who break the law will have to take legal responsibility for their actions.. those who have enough evidence against them, will go to jail, get over it!

    4. @Florida Man The majority were violent. Minimizing won,t work . We all saw it. It was horrific. You lie like a rug.

    1. @Michael Reid The word “America” was coined to honor Amerigo Vespucci, and Italian explorer who first suggested the radical idea that the lands discovered by Columbus were, in fact, part of an entirely unknown new continent.

    2. @omi god Then explain this for me, why were their land stolen from them until after Native Americans helped them win the war that led to America’ being what it is today?? If the colonists didn’t steal what they knew wasn’t rightfully theirs, why would they give it back to the Native Americans?? Trust me, my family traced our Ancestry over 35 yrs ago & it wasn’t Mongoloid!! Yes we aren’t full-blooded Native Americans but we do have some, which you would expect to find when you’re tracing lineage from some 100 yrs ago!!

    3. @Arc Decibel I don’t see any communist movement in my travels through America. There’s a lot of confused talk of socialism/ communism related to Biden and Democrats but that’s just political rubbish aimed at the unimformed. As for destroying democracy , native born, white, fundamentalist christian Americans seem to have that lane under lock and don’t need any help. It appears they want a Saudi style theocracy with a permanent leader or ruling family. I don’t worry much, but if I did it would be the last bunch I’d worry about. Is there any chance you were around, and still stuck in the 50’s when communism burying us was the bogeyman of choice ?

  6. I am not beeing killed. I am beeing hopefull. The only way forward is talking and cooperation. Between all.

    1. One of our gov’t parties is trying it’s best to tear down and destroy this country’s status inside it’s self and to the world that it seems that intelligence on that side has gone to one the wayside.

    1. @Armandhammer I’m showing how ridiculous the dork’s argument is.
      But you and your feigned serenity knew that.

    2. @D.A. Oh If you’re playing devil’s advocate I’m not buying it. You’re not going to get me to take a knee. Find someone weaker, I hunt the strong and you don’t measure up. Carry on.

    3. @Armandhammer LOL. OK, troll. It’s not like you added anything to this thread. All you did was get on your knees for the dork.
      Serenity now.

    4. @LLG Gunderson Stop trying to give this ingrate cover. She said what she did and so did the rest of the her moronic, Communist Squad friends. These people are clueless and are going to destroy our country. They don’t know our country’s history nor do they have the intelligence and background to be in charge of leading a great nation. If you don’t see it, you’re just as clueless and ignorant as they are.

  7. Progress toward accomplishment and calm and rational behavior, a.k.a professional behavior, are often seen in tandem with each other. Unprofessional behavior is anywhere from mildly insulting to life threatening and bad results are often produced.

    1. And most of us are hard workers and love this country. A proud First-generation Chinese-born American. All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter

  8. “ You’re not even American”. Yes, indeed.
    To be an American you have to serve your Country by attending a
    hate- filled rally , then participate in a riot that leads to murder , commit Treason ,
    Attack fine Men and Women who served overseas , destroy the Capitol , bring shame and
    dishonor to the Great US of A . Yes , indeed then you are a true American.

    1. @Sandi Harris —— Hi Sandi. Can I ask you a question ? Did you pass grade 8 Math ? I ask this because
      you seem not to be aware that Millions of Republicans voted for Biden. You seem to assume that anyone that
      holds a contrary opinion to you—- must be a Dem. This , of course , is simply not true. It just amazes me the Hypocrisy
      of the GQP who claim to be the party of Law and Order and yet anyone who dares to exercise their right to free speech
      is insulted , verbally or even physically assaulted.

    2. a good amount of the rioters were veterans. Some quite decorated ones as well…..Makes the whole veteran argument kind of irrelevant. Only Americans care about military service. Most countries see it as just another job.

    3. Just a reminder that your intended readers are not very adept at sarcasm. Most of them would just nod in Agreement.

  9. I never thought I would see the day where anti-american people are in congress trying to destroy the country from “within”, but I saw the day sadly.

    1. @Rosaline Lowe make American values great again, it had nothing to do with white people, god you leftists couldn’t even get a clue even it was afforded to you on a silver platter

    2. Thatcher2.0 What values? Watching trumpites, they seem to be “People have the right to do anything they please.” and “Only white men are people.”

    3. @Sophie Robinson your disingenuous and false truths are astounding. Enjoy the cult of the left they must love you 🙂

    4. Sandi Harris There wouldn’t have been two impeachments if your orange god had acted like a president. rather than a mob boss. Trying to be a Hitler clone by stigmatizing non-whites and women.


    1. The problem with questions like “who is more American?” is anyone can answer by imposing their own definition and using adjectives of their subjective choosing. Those who agree with the criteria of the asker are viewed as having given the ‘correct’ answer. Asking “whose actions and speech are consistent with principles of US constitution” at least gives a frame of reference.

  10. We have to remember that there are still good representatives out there, those who do not support liars and haters like Donald Trump; this woman supports humanity and our country, not a party of misinformers like the republicans….

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