Rep. Jamie Raskin: I'm not losing my son in 2020 and my country in 2021 1

Rep. Jamie Raskin: I’m not losing my son in 2020 and my country in 2021


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) lost his son to depression in 2020. CNN's Jake Tapper talks with him about having to deal with that tragedy in addition to leading the second impeachment of President Donald Trump. #CNN #News


  1. I read his statement on the death of his son. It is utterly and completely heartbreaking, and yet it also makes clear how goodhearted Rep. Raskin is. I’m glad the people of Maryland elected him.

    1. @NOT SURE I have, again, you’re blinded by your own hate. There’s hate on both sides. You can’t defeat hate with hate.

    2. @Hagg Bisquette FAKE NEWS. Look around you, brainwashed lemming. The republican party is burning as I type this and murdering people based on lies. 60 cases thrown out because they were all lies. Even the right is exiting government out of shame, disassociating themselves from the criminal that is presently our president. Criminal Trumpski and cult are going down bud. Deal with it and move on, or you can join in on the riots, insurrection and destruction that the right is displaying right now and join them in prison simply because you all can’t handle the truth.

    1. @grandma k. He is right but his son was not the main person at fault for this. It was his failures of parents that made him love and save the world before he could even learn to love himself first. They let this poor kid out into the cruel real world which his parents have failed to prepare him for. That is the simple truth, but you will have countless comments with worthless sympathies for the parents that failed him because no one seems to care about the root cause and fixing it so others do not have to have the same fate.

    2. @Lance Wells Luck underpins everything that has happened to us Lance. Take the first piece of luck all of us alive owe to. The luck of being born into this universe against odds so small as to be indistinguishable from zero. Of course you and I are here so it was not zero but ever so close to zero. Luck also plays a part in our successes and failures. Take the impact of Covid-19 as another example. People have lost so much through no fault of their own because of Covid-19, that’s just bad luck despite all their hard work and effort. I am sure if you care to think about luck you will begin to understand how hugely impactful it is in our lives. Good luck Lance.

    1. @Dale Cherry both Trump and China is to blame trump stopped travel from Europe and China I’ll give him that however he didn’t take the disease serious enough even members in his gop refused to wear masks

    2. @Dale Cherry that’s true the Dems were using shutdowns as a political weapon to make Trump look bad. Restaurants aren’t even a hotspot for covid spread

    3. @Beckett Niette well, judging from your yt comments you are quite clearly both. Gtfo troll. You didn’t know Tommy Raskin.

    1. Thank u finally someone with some sense im so tired of hearing about fraud he lost and its all about his ego and not the american people

  2. He is so sad inside. I really feel for this guy. His son sounds like he had a beautiful soul my condolences to him and his family and may his son rest in ever loving peace.

    1. @Stannis Baratheon What check? How much was the check? How much would CNN pay for such a mildly interesting media story? Surely you have these details. You wouldn’t fabricate such a claim would you?

  3. Straight to the heart… such a gift for Rep.Raskin to share his story. May all those in need of help find the strength to reach out. Blessings to all.

  4. What do you do when your worst nightmare come true? He’s in his saddest place but still fighting. That’s the kind of news the world needs right now.

  5. A lot of people struggle with mental health. Just bc someone doesn’t look sick on the outside doesn’t mean they’re not suffering on the inside. Everyone suffering is in my prayers

    1. @keke c I’ve suffered loss too. Only it just so happened to be during the mostly peaceful protests.

      One little mostly peaceful protest by the right and the collective loses it’s mind. All I can say is welcome to the club. No sympathy.

    2. This kid finished his life with a Harvard job, a politician for a dad, and lots of money. There was a reason he was depressed. He didn’t have a relationship with his dad i bet lol . He hated what he represented. I know alot of kids who are broke, without food most days ,opposite of that kid and still aren’t depressed because they are close with their loved ones. It’s obvious that this political figure stayed in the office more than playing catch with his son.

    3. @A Morfus send me some educational links fam. Dont just put me down by telling me i dont know anything. Im starting to question what youve studied. Those tactics made me feel worse about myself.
      Ultimately, your comment made me more sad n depressed. Damn ccuh

  6. *So few truly understand the overwhelming despair that someone can feel with severe depression! No words Rep. Raskin can equal your loss but I offer my sincere condolences for what it’s worth!*

  7. As an activist with lifelong depression Tommy’s story really hit home for me. My deepest empathy to his family and friends and anyone who was touched by his compassion.

    1. @Ellen Setteducati I understand I meant to pin that comment to silver wolves comment I am sorry. I also agree with you. Just wanted to make sure the comments did not get to negative.

    2. @Silver Wolf Oh Silver Wolf, you have no idea how wrong you are. Finding a cause one believes in CAN help one deal with depression.

      I too have suffered from depression my entire life. I have been hospitalized because of it and have been medicated for it. There is no cure. However, I have found rescuing animals and fighting for the environment have given tremendous meaning to my life. Do not tell people to give up their activism. That is not your call. Sometimes taking care of oneself is focusing on something greater than oneself. And many causes are worth fighting for regardless of one’s mental state. By suggesting someone give up activism to take care of themself, you suggest that their activism somehow contributes to their illness or inability to handle it. It does not.

    3. Sometimes depression is due to diet, what nutrients you are missing in your diet, especially if you are on caffeine all day long. Other times, depression is due to how you see the world, and it depresses you that the world doesn’t go the way you want it to. Times like that, I just step back listen to positive music, watch comedy movies, read a good book, take care of myself first.

    1. @Ezra Brooks I know, he made that perfectly clear himself. The big bold banner saying it for ten minutes under his face helped, too. He’s exploiting the death of his own kid. It’s fucking disgusting. He’s going straight to hell.

    2. @Ezra Brooks I don’t care what you think of me bro. God’s gonna sort out people like you and him.

    1. Of Miniature, Agreed, if something happened to my son I would be crumpled up in a ball in a corner. Jamie Raskin is indeed a wonderful courageous man, Bless him and his family.

    2. It is so hard. I lost my son to heart failure, 11 years this Year August 4th, 2021 it’s a pain that never dulls.. Every day my first thoughts are of Him, to talk about him in the past tense still hurts immensely. At certain times of the year I become even more depressed, he was my only child. There I’ve said it again. I feel for all parents who have lost their children, it is never supposed to be, though it happens so often.

    3. he does only because he was never around for his son that much. He bought his sons love with money, gave him a harvard role, but it wasn’t enough….. It’s obvious that the son didn’t like the ideals that his dad made money on. They never had a bond, it was all for TV fam

  8. My heart breaks to hear Rep. Raskins story. Just know that you, and your wife, raised a good and decent man, full of compassion, as you are. My sympathy goes out to you and your family and may his memory bring a smile to your lips and a glow to your hearts.

    1. His father barely had any role in his life
      This whole story is just for tv dude
      You guys have to stop trusting politicians and media, for real. You have to. You’re killing literally the entire planet with your idiocy.

  9. So sorry for your loss, Representative Raskin. Your son sounds like a kind and wonderful person. May he rest in peace.

    1. I feel bad for the guy but I never understood why Americans are so shocked by death. Death can happen to anybody at anytime.

    2. @Robert Lind We´re talking about the suicide of a young man, not the soft slipping away of an elderly or sick person.

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