Rep. Jason Crow: ‘I’m Not Going To Work With Folks And Normalize That Behavior’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Rep. Jason Crow: ‘I’m Not Going To Work With Folks And Normalize That Behavior’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Congressman Jason Crow (D-CO) discusses concerns over the potential roles of some members of Congress in the Capitol riot and whether he feels comfortable working with them. Aired on 03/10/2021.
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Rep. Jason Crow: ‘I’m Not Going To Work With Folks And Normalize That Behavior’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. ​@rhonda drop All “protesters” arrested in St. Louis on the night David Dorn was murdered by looters and 4 police were shot in St. Louis were released WITHOUT CHARGE. There was a sustained pattern of violence based on demonstrably false narratives for months all across the country. Peaceful protests during the day, violence and destruction at night. Those arrested at night were released on bail from bail funds that prominent Democrats, including VP Harris, donated to. They went on to participate in more violence. They could have condemned the violence unconditionally, called out the false narratives used to incite mobs and the peaceful protests could have continued. NOBODY interfered with those.

    2. ​@rhonda drop Let me guess, this is the first time you didn’t have a problem with an unarmed protester getting shot by police. Probably the first time you’ve defended police over protesters. I’ve never supported violence or made excuses for it.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx sorry my comment wasnt ment for you I got you mixed up with another person. I’ve got to many windows open on my computer. Again sorry my bad

  1. The best thing that happened on January 6 was that hundreds of domestic terrorists exposed themselves to the entire world. We now have their names and faces.

    1. @Ryan Parker I saw that too, but that just proves how deep the insurrection was rooted. They all need to be in prison.

  2. Get those traitors out of Congress! Merrick Garland just got confirmed so maybe we’ll see some action to take down these horrible people!

    1. @Steve Sh what’s the punishment for online defamation (libel) of a sitting United States Senator….????

    2. billcastorjr, you really must have interesting internal conversations. Casting pearls before swine? Actually it’s more like not being able to mount a logical argument. Everyone has been providing arguments to you, your response has proven they’re the ones casting pearls before swine. Can you mount a defense with facts or logic, or will you continue to prove your stupidity with insults and unsubstantiated claims?

    1. Billy Pardew, state courts have jurisdiction over state election law, the tenth Amendment gives them that right. The only exception is if it violates the Constitutional rights of it’s citizens. Making sure fully enfranchised voters can vote doesn’t violate anyone’s rights.

    2. @John DiGiacomo you’re right state courts have the power to make and change election laws in their states but it requires a vote by their legislators not some crooked governor and crooked Secretary of State making last-minute rule changes in election laws and that’s what happened in this election it won’t happen in the next one there won’t be covid-19 to change election laws illegally the only reason why they got away from it with it this time is because of covid-19 those election laws have been on those states books for a 100 year there’s a reason why they haven’t had the votes to change those election laws and they didn’t have the votes this election either covid-19 caused an exception in the courts eyes it won’t happen again

    3. @John DiGiacomo first off your argument doesn’t change the fact that the rule changes that happen 2 weeks before the election in over 20 States not by legislators but by crooked Governors and secretaries of State who assumed the power to make these rule changes just because the court wouldn’t hear the case doesn’t mean there was no case who wants to be the judge that overturns the election and the Democrats knew this it’s in the Time magazine article how they figured what they figure and how they use the covid-19 to rig this election only they call it for defying the election well look up the definition of election fraud. wiki Wikipedia defines it as election manipulation illegal interference with the process of an election either by increasing the vote share of a favored candidate or depressing the vote share of a rival candidate or both what the Democrats did in this election is that definition to the T now you can talk all the court bulshit you want but that doesn’t change the fact that it happened you can’t hide the fact that it happened because it did happen

    4. And a much simpler way to define it is there are only five states that by law have mail-in voting Oregon Washington Colorado Florida and Utah. If you don’t live in one of those five states by law you have no more right to mail-in voting as I do here in Kansas where we don’t have mail-in voting. And don’t say it will every state has absentee ballots will absentee ballots and mail-in voting are two completely different things an absentee ballot is one person must request one ballot mail-in voting this was a mill out millions of blank ballots to your last five home addresses and then watch the Bellas come rolling in that’s ballot harvesting and that’s what happened in this election and it won’t happen again so you need to thank God for covid-19 because the only reason you won the election was because of a legal Rule and Law changes in the election because of covid-19 and that’s a fact

  3. He’s not working shoulder to shoulder with them. Democrats are working and Republicans are playing dangerous games and just happen to be in the same room.

    1. @old school outlaw What republicans and facts do not go together!!! republicans hate the facts they only love lies lies and lies!!!

    2. Are you actually watching and listening to what is being said in the congress hearings and if so do you understand what is being said

    1. @Robert Sanders That was such a incomplete response. To such a strong allegation. The funny thing is. Thats the natural response when those allegations are made.

    2. @Ace Brockton I’m an American patriot and citizen who pays taxes and believes in the constitution. I’m not in a silly men’s club.

    3. @Robert Sanders glad to know you don’t support these radicalized far-rightwing terrorists including the GOP and the former guy!

    1. She toured and drew up maps for the insurrection sedition violent mob attack & acts of treason. Yet, she still walks & conspiracy talks freely in the halls of Congress?!?!

    2. @Voix de la raison There’s doubts she even went back to get her GED like her website claims. Honestly, Every member of congress needs to be able to fully understand how government works (aka civics education for both state and federal levels) before they should be allowed to run for these offices. These behaviours from these folks shows they lack this very fundamental, and necessary, education that all of our adult citizens should have.

      Boebert, though, wants to do away with the federal dept of education…………..

    3. @Jude1955 Every Republican that continues to push the big lie is a traitor and are attacking America .

    4. So should all those demodevils that promoted violence with their words but oh yeah let’s let that slide

  4. There are traitors presently in congress right now who, by law, need to be expelled and be arrested and charged with insurrection.

    1. If you actually knew what an insurrection and communist takeover would look like you would know it’s the Democrats

    2. @dlee t at least we dont just repeat MSM out right lies and propaganda we have the ability to think and use actual evidence and facts you idiots just blab what the tv tells you to

    3. We have to look at California representative Eric Swalwell. He had very cozy relations with a pretty young Chinese girl who turned out to be a Chinese communist spy. Once she became known, she fled back to China. Eric has been very close mouth about his relationship with this Chinese communist spy. Very likely the Chinese communist knows some very private and disturbing information about him and he has been compromised. He needs to be given a polygraph examination. We need to look into this.

    4. @Laura Young Ben has no answer. He didn’t discover he was right-wing. He was told to be right-wing; by his parents, his “friends”, his local culture, and/or Fox News/OAN/Newsmax. Hence, Ben is unable to articulate to any convincing level of detail why he is the way he is. He is all about insulting fellow citizens who hold differing views, yelling empty slogans that others made up, and repeating Hannity/Carlson’s specious talking points because he has no unique opinions based on self-reflection, insights from literature, and a holistic and empathetic examination of the world around him. Meanwhile Ben is certain he is owning the libs. Ben is, in a word, lost.

    1. @jackk spratt No Treason is possible if you sell out your country’s interests and secrets to foreign power. Its what the spy game is all about, turning people against their country to give away secrets or assist in its downfall.

    2. @jackk spratt treason is betrayal to your country’s constitution. Pretty sure it’s not just possible during time of war.

    3. @jackk spratt Well, not only in a time of war–just teaming up with other governments to overthrow our government.

  5. As long as trump has a grip on the Republican party, there will not be any more peace,trump needs to be prosecuted to the fullest, no one is above the law, isn’t that what they tell us, if another country can prosecute and jail their president why can’t our country do it to,

    1. There is nothing in the constitution that says a setting president can’t be investigated, tried and prosecuted.
      This is just a policy put forth by the right.
      If Biden had been accused of half the things trump did he’d be jailed in the blink of an eye.

    2. @1oldgoat He’d be jailed because democrats hold criminals accountable. Republicans do not and that won’t change.

    1. Since this is the 21st century public execution is barbaric but treason cannot go unpunished. I would be satisfied with expatriation and exile. Take every US penny from the traitors and give the. A one way ticket to St. Petersburg Petersburg since they hate this country the should live some where else under orders if the set foot on American soil they can be shot on sight. Humane, considering what they wanted to do and compared to what our forefathers considered an appropriate ” traitors death” just saying. God bless America and all who love her. Let freedom ring!

  6. That woman they just showed, you know the one who did a video, showing a gun, merick garland needs to investigate her for any crime she committed

    1. Boebert. She should spend less time at the range and more time getting a highschool diploma.

    2. Agree. No doubt an investigation would show a pattern of illegal entitlement. No science there! White supremacy advocates truly believe they are above the law.

  7. Are we gonna let the end of Lord Of The Flies play out again, like it did on 1-6? The description of the Bobert ad with the gunshot sound is absolutely incitement of armed mob violence and it’s got to stop.

    1. Problem solve if they remove everyone that continue the lie of Donald Trump’s out of Congress.

    2. Dems did same when Trump was elected, even states where he won by vast majority. So quit be so Hippocrates.

  8. ISIS is like: “we don’t have to do anything but watch these fools destroy themselves from within”

    1. No that’s Putin, he got the ball started by helping Trump get elected in 2016 and its been rolling so strong ever since to the point that now all he has to do is kick back, watch and pat himself on the back. Didn’t even matter if Trump won 2021, his goal was to disrupt, not necessarily to keep Trump in power, and he accomplished that either way the election went

    1. She needs to EXPELLED, ! She can’t make the tv ads with a fu**king shot gun sound effects trying to scare anybody… LIKE SHE IS SAYING THAT SHES COMING FOR YOU!!!!

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