Rep. Jayapal: Minimum Wage Increase Needed For ‘Unprecedented Crisis That We Face’ | The Last Word 1

Rep. Jayapal: Minimum Wage Increase Needed For ‘Unprecedented Crisis That We Face’ | The Last Word


Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss how the Senate can learn from House Democrats’ fight to include a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour in President Biden’s Covid-19 relief bill. As the Senate prepares to debate its own version of the bill, Rep. Jayapal says Democrats must remember what was promised on the campaign trail and “what we now have to deliver.” Aired on 02/24/2021.
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Rep. Jayapal: Minimum Wage Increase Needed For ‘Unprecedented Crisis That We Face’ | The Last Word


    1. @Ian Cockrell nope, thats infinitely dumber… this isnt “racial” policy…. you guys are just proving my point over and over again….

    2. @Noreb this isn’t, but what was the point of your original reply? OP was making fun of the fact that they advertise this bill for minorities. So I apologize, I thought you were talking more broadly about white privilege.

    3. @Ian Cockrell they arent advertising the bill for minorities they are simply pointing out that it will have a disproportionate positive effect for minority communities who are statistically more likely to work minimum wage jobs. OP is making fun of them for explaining the positives of the legislation as they see it.

    4. @Noreb Maybe we’ll hear from him. I’m curious what you mean by those who are used to privilege, maybe I misinterpreted what you meant.

    1. Especially when they CREATE the crisis, then try to act like the heros by implementing more failed liberal policies, sooner or later this garbage is gonna crash down on top of them

    2. People have been fighting for a higher minimum wage for decades, this has nothing to do with “crisis.” Educate yourself, thanks Aaron!

    1. @Tidbit the idea at one time was that minimum wage is for entry level jobs…not to make a living from. You know, for kids, unskilled etc.

    2. @Tidbit all paying someone $15/hour to flip burgers or be a sandwich artist or fill a box is going to do is make the product more expensive for everyone to buy. Then it’ll need to be $20/hour. Meanwhile our china friends make pennies a day to produce shoes and all the other wonderful stuff people need.

    3. @Kristi Johnson That’s just another way of saying that you think kids labour should be valued less than that of adults, how about you take a shift at a fast-food restaurant and we’ll see if you want to be cheated out of your wages. A job is a job, if you’re going to stand their and flip burgers or press a button in a factory it’s all just work. And if you ever go to a fast food joint you would see that there are always adults that work there as well, in fact more and more of the economy is service industry so these are the jobs of the future. Everyone should be paid a fair wage for their labour.

      And also, no, the minimum wage was always designed and implemented as the lowest wage a person could live on with minimal dignity.

    4. @Kristi Johnson wrong, just wrong, I’m not even going to explain why, just go back to school and learn about the economy and how very wrong you are about it.

  1. It’s going to shut down so many businesses the prices of everything is going to Skyrocket how do you think this is a good decision

    1. @DremYolLok : You are completely missing my point.

      To make broad proclamations associating ethnic background with income is a very slippery slope that is very tempting, but can lead you down a false path.

      It is as ridiculous as assuming that all White folks live on the fancy side of town…..and it does not necessarily work that way.

    2. @Yu phouq : “Mexican” is a proper noun, and should have the first letter capitalized.

      Also, it is customary among educated people to end a sentence; even a stupid one like yours; with a little bitty dot called a “period”.

      It appears that your arrogance is inversely propertional to your sub-remedial grammatical ability.

      Try again, loudmouth.

    3. @Nitro Martini I am aware. I’d never say that all white people/black people/indigenous, etc. all fall under x economic position. The truth is, however, that minority communities are disproportionately impoverished due to past actions and abuses that may or may not still be continuing today.

    4. @Yu phouq we’re not colonizers we are conquerors …don’t forget that dip wad…Learn the difference…like the conquerors they have had in every continent for thousands of years!! Deal with it

  2. Yeah, people are going to really feel rich when they lose their jobs because their employer can no longer afford to keep them. Everyone else who doesn’t get laid off, has to work harder.

  3. The “crisis” imposed on small business” by giving large corporations preferential treatment, the “crisis” that those pesky small businesses are still holding on and haven’t all been killed yet. Well, this will do it.

  4. Them : “No cause everything else will imcrease.”
    Others : “But everything is still rising anyway and making the price of living to high.”
    Them : Crickets….

  5. There will be an “ unprecedented crisis” faster and faster as the Economy Crashes ! Just gives Dems Cover to steal money from our grandkids ! These people are going to get clobbered in 2022 !

    1. Of course they claim they want it help, but they come in with orders that make zero sense. Democrats are the domestic threats don’t forget it!

    1. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. Progressives, socialists(Bernie bro’s), communists, liberal Democrats, and the lame street media destroy everything!! There, I fixed it for you!

    2. @Ker lmao you fixed nothing. My current statement was accurate. Yall proved who is the destructive party January 6th. You have no leg to stand on. Carry-on hop along

    1. Ditto here about For lease signs. You are so right. What I am seeing are small and medium sized businesses go under. Heartbreaking. The minimum wage argument will just accelerate this, I am afraid.

  6. Most should be concerned whenever the Federal Government tries to force their agendas on State Governments. Shouldn’t this be up to the States?

  7. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him.

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