Rep. John Lewis’ Honor Guard Appears To Faint During U.S. Capitol Ceremony | MSNBC

A member of Rep. John Lewis' honor guard appeared to faint while waiting to bring in the congressman's casket into the U.S. Capitol. The civil rights hero and 17-term representative will lie in state at the Capitol's rotunda in Washington, D.C. Aired on 07/27/2020.
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Rep. John Lewis' Honor Guard Appears To Faint During U.S. Capitol Ceremony | MSNBC


  1. Well, at least he just fainted and wasn’t gassed or rubber-bulleted by Trumps imperial gestapo forces.. but I guess that’s coming isn’t it.

  2. This is not unusual to anyone who has served, and participated in official ceremonies where you’re standing for long periods of time, especially in the summer. He should be fine, probably just dehydrated.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Seriously? He isn’t even a sitting president and you are already talking about what? Impeachment? Are you serious right now? Just get out to breath some fresh air because you clearly don’t think straight to say something about Biden without any proof of anything and at the same time when Trump was already almost impeached with serious acusations standing at his side. It’s like saing Trump can’t get impeached but Biden can because … If that is US liberty and democracy I don’t want to live in world with your crooked ideals. It’s same idea like “whataboutism” what Trump using so often. Gues what. It was created like a part of soviet propaganda. Learn some basic stuff before you start talking this nonsens! (By the way: I’m from EU and we here have better rights and freedoms in post-communistic country then you right now in the US ffs so wake up).

  3. I have been a pallbearer, and as it happens, that was for a Viet Nam veteran, but it wasn’t a military service. In any event, that’s a world apart from the duties of an honor guard.

    1. Wearing a heavy wool dress uniform and it’s probably 98 degrees out with 98% humidity doesn’t help either!

  4. If he is new to this, he probably stood with locked knees and that will do it, specially if they have been standing there for hours.

    1. over 100 degree weather at attention for over an hour at least in their military suit and it got this much attention. he’ll be reminded of it because it was in national tv. hopefully he is fine and feeling better.

  5. Gotta love the live feeds with anchors talking over each other. Talking at the same time, then silent at the same time.

  6. Probably one of the warmest years on record. No wonder this man fainted. Trump will cook the books on climate just like Covid.

  7. Best wishes for the poor fellow who fell down. Speculation on cause is silly and disrespectful.

  8. I want to know are the honor guards Navy seals or the member of US marines. I look up to them so much because, of their tremendous ability of taking all the heats of life. They never show the pain they take. The steps of the capitol hill are infinite in number and most unsmooth.

    1. Not Navy seals. As far as I can tell for state funerals like this they will typically have 2 people from each of the five branches of the U.S. Armed Services (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard). However, they are all specially trained for the honor guard.

  9. Respect the greatness of this man. I definitely will carry his idea forward to my kids. (Hope that guard is alright. In that mask have to be pretty hard to breath. Hope it’s not corona).

  10. godspeed to that sailor. i’ve been on that type of detail on post and they always warned us not to lock our knees and stay hydrated.

  11. 20 years of service, and that never happened to me…and I thank the heavens! It happens far more than non-military people might realize. Aside from a bruised ego, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

  12. so glad he passed out before he started moving up the stairs. It’s incredible the things these bearers do up stairs. It’s a marvel to watch, but with the weather and the uniforms it can be very physically stressful.

  13. I was in the military. I saw this time and time again – soldiers fainting in the heat while standing in formation. That explains why the other soldiers just stood there. He’ll be fine. Believe me – the butt-chewing he is going to get from his commander will hurt a lot worse than when he hit the floor. God bless the troops!

    1. exactly what I was thinking. though, I’m pretty sure anti-maskers will make it into a ‘look what these communist masks are doing to our heroes’ issue in 5…4…3…2..

  14. BROKE MY HEART how long he had to lay there ! before the man ran over to help him God Bless and keep you Thank you for your service Sir. Salute

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