Rep. Jordan And Dr. Fauci Clash Over Impact Of Protests On Coronavirus Spread | MSNBC


  1. It’s a political decission, this is a scientist, he can tell you the consequences and advise the government. What does this doctor have to do with some arrests of people in a gym. This Jordan is being thick and is politicising a human crisis that is unfolding. It’s infuriating to just look at this!

    1. @Crystal Giddens you are a sad case for a human being. Go live your brainwashed little life and don’t respond to me

    2. This monument to stupidity and dishonesty is what the American people elect???
      The USA is finished.

  2. Jordan like his failed messiah Trump can never pass up an opportunity to make jackasses of themselves!

    1. @N Gemmiti that’s right and sadly more than once. Males you wonder why. I’ll bet EPSTEIN and his lady friend had a list and I hope they find it

    2. @Gina R Really Gina pathetic is what you and the rest of your deplorable friends keep telling yourselves, ” This is what is real.” When it’s what was said and everyone all over the world sees and hears what is true. So look in the mirror there’s pathetic looking back at you.

  3. IS Jordan so stupid that he doesn’t know that Fauci is a DOCTOR and not a politician! Jordan is a complete slimeball! Can’t believe anyone would vote for him EVER!

    1. @Manuel Fauci was laughing at him. Destroyed? LOL He didn’t admit any thing he just stated the facts.

    2. Think BigPicture He sure will. God doesn’t support baby killing democrats, and certainly no one claiming to be a Christian can!
      Save a baby and America! Vote red ❤️


  4. Is this the REPUBLICANS in office?
    PLEASE VOTE this excuse of man out of the office he represents.

    1. @NKBC 78 Great point, while you people are at it ask your hair stylist to do your surgery because by your logic you want a doctor to decide the matters that should be decided by the commissioner of police.

    2. Dumpty Humpty I’m he contracted the virus at the rally. We all know it deactivates once you enter Walmart.

    3. VOTE the trumpviris45 out!! He’s insane, a Sociopath! Dictator! Vote too Big to Rig! Bury trumpviris45 under All those blue ballots. We can do this together, We have the power together. VOTE the trumpviris45 out!!

  5. Jim jordans approval rating in his distract is sitting at a 20.1% 11/02/2020 say bye Felicia to jimmy 🤣🤣

  6. Jim Jordan who did not care about the boys in his care is now putting everyone’s life at risk.

    1. So your allowed to gather in large crowds, yell at the top of your lungs “Black lives Matter”, spitting your saliva everywhere. throw bricks and bottles at police officers, and burn buildings, and march up and down the street holding hands. But you can’t go to church, or a gym? Shut up CNN and MSNBC, and DR Fauci Y’all are a bunch of disgusting dishonest people.

    2. @supernumery Hold on, are you saying he likes boys and not girls? It all makes sense now, that’s why he wrestled with young boys

  7. I’ve never seen a teacher or coach ignore his students being molested by a coworker.

    Do you understand America’s concerns Jordan?

  8. How come Jordan wasn’t this tough on the school doctor that molested kids he coached ?

    1. @khorshed Jordan is trying to use Fauci to condemn peaceful protest to help his buddy Benito Cheeto, and Fauci is saying, ‘I’m not going to be your new soundbite, Gym.”

    2. Jeffrey Kaufmann protests outdoor while wearing masks is safe? Show me the SCIENTIFIC evidence for that since Fauci, in this video, says he has no scientific data for anything.

    3. @TwiPrime So you are saying spreading virus through the crowd of peaceful protest ( with some looting, vandalizing and shouting from your lungs ) is ok, right? Thats the problem with you Americans, you can become hypocritical very easily to fit your narratives. W bush said that you were taking on terrorist , by terrorizing Iraq and Afgan, and smooth talker Obama brought your so called democracy in our middle-eastern countries by setting fire that is still burning. Both of your Parties are full of hypocrites . Compared to that 2 butchers , in reality dumb trump is much better for us, we and our family feel safe at home, no more drone and regime change wars.

    4. @khorshed I want you and your family to be safe at home, honestly. I hope for that for the rest of your days. However, no, I’m not saying spreading the virus is okay. I’m saying Fauci realized that Gym Jordan was trying to use Fauci’s trusted voice to make it okay to use weapons and secret police tactics against peaceful protesters, and Fauci would not play along and also would not say it’s a good idea for people to gather in crowds. I would also mention that most people on the Left (where these peaceful protesters live and think) will wear masks, because we believe in science and looking out for other people. If you believe the narrative that peaceful protesters aren’t being targeted, then I don’t think you’ve paid attention to the tactics of the strongmen of your home in the Middle East.

  9. Jordon thinks he’s still a wresting coach, where, evidently, yelling the same thing at someone multiple times has some king of impact.

    1. @Pat McCann it was a simple question you loser. Fauci won’t dare put out his opinion on protests spreading covid because we know where his loyalty is.
      16,000 blm march in New york… The heart of the infection. Blm protests in close to 200 cities… But all you idiots can do is point fingers at a trump rally in a state with half the cases of Rhode island and 480 deaths…

    1. Jordan is trying to get Fauci to be consistent. Fauci advocates against churches and singing and close contact businesses. Yet, refuses to day that protests are in the same boat. It’s in the same freaking amendment

  10. Jordan is most definitely a stupidest person…. he doesn’t even know what question to ask. He shouldn’t call himself a congressman, he should resign.

  11. Jim Jordan just wanted an excuse to legitimise Trumps authoritarian power grab – what a pathetic stooge!

  12. Wants to stop protests but send our kids back to school so that the poor and middle class get infected… Bet all the rich kids aren’t returning to school.

  13. This is all political diversion.

    These politicians will soon all equate to used toilet tissue by the ones running them

    c = 3
    o = 15
    r = 18
    o = 15
    n = 14
    a = 1
    6. 66

    corona – crown

    corona 6 letters

    The other numbers are from number place count in the alphabet.

    Strange and interesting indeed!!!

    Operation mockingbird
    Ephesians 6:12

    King James Version

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    1. @Mark Garcia how did he lie in the video? Your response better not disappoint me, I’m planning on some good old fashioned ignorance.

    2. This the difference between a doctor and high school dropout. Jordan went to the school of pants on fire.

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